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Hello readers! If you came here expecting to see some hot news pieces today, then you might be in for a spell of disappointment. Today, we’ve decided to stow away our typing fingers for now, be it because of a national holiday that we are observing, a bank holiday, some technical difficulties, or just because we felt like it. It’s definitely down to one of those reasons (check your calendars), but we’re postponing today’s news day for a bit to take some time out from the never-ending news landscape…

However, the good news is that we will indeed be back up and running again soon, ready to bring you the news in our very own special, unique manner, that serves you up your daily dose of sliced satirical commentary, in-between-the-lines, whilst also pointing out the idiosyncrasies of the mainstream news media. Indeed, we’re known to deliver the “R” in refreshing, and we’ll soon be back to bring you more of that passion for pop culture!

Again, we’re sorry that we don’t have anything new to show you today, but we’ll make it up to you going forwards, with more material at your leisure. In the meantime, why don’t you search around our earlier work and you’re bound to learn something new, or simply follow us on social media for some sides of entertainment.


Sincerely yours,

The Brainstain Team

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