“Surviving R Kelly” documentary Sparks Rise in Sexual Abuse Hotline calls

American singer and songwriter R Kelly was arrested on charges of child pornography after his ex-girlfriend Lisa Van Allen leaked a sex tape showing the singer allegedly raping a 14-year-old girl. The infamous underage sex tape is the focus of the second… Continue Reading

Kim Kardashian was High on Ecstasy During infamous Sex Tape

Never one to mince her words or undermine the overall truth, the other day on KUWTK, Kim Kardashian revealed that she was high on Ecstasy (MDMA) aka Molly, aka X, when she partook in that infamous sex tape with former… Continue Reading

Blac Chyna Dating 18 Year Old Year After Sex Tape Leak

It seems you can’t flick through Twitter or casually browse PornHub looking for a quick wank these days without seeing Rob Kardashian’s ex-girlfriend and everyone’s friendly neighbourhood reality TV whore, Blac Chyna, in some compromised position of indecency.  Blac Chyna (Angela… Continue Reading

Did Blac Chyna Leak Her Own Sex Tape?

In a world of trashy celebrity sex tapes, up steps an illegitimate Kardashian. Well, it worked for Kim, right? According to many Twitter conspiracy theorists, the ex-girlfriend of Rob Kardashian and everyone’s favourite neighbourhood opportunist pole dancer and stripper, Blac Chyna,… Continue Reading

Judge Denies Mel B’s Request To Keep Divorce Records Sealed Over Sex Tapes

With so many natural disasters currently happening with Hurricane Maria, Hurricane Jose, a 6.1 magnitude Earthquake near Wellington, New Zealand, and a 7.1 Earthquake killing hundreds of people in Mexico, we were unable to cover any of those tragedies in… Continue Reading

Mel B Begs Judge to Seal Divorce Case Amidst Fears of Sex Tapes Being Played in Court

Things are heating up in the Mel B (aka Scary Spice) divorce case against Stephen Belafonte in court as seemingly Stephen is willing to introduce sexual video tapes, indicating that he was not the perpetrator or instigator of said sexual… Continue Reading

Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape Grosses $100 Million after Ten Years

What sells? Sex sells! As they say and this can be no more evident than with the recent revelations that Kim Kardashian’s famous sex tape with Ray J, which was released in 2007, has netted $100 million since it’s release… Continue Reading

Mel B Furious About Victoria’s Carpool Karaoke (Amidst Marriage Problems)

So, what’s been happening in the Spice World, lately? Spice Girls, Spice world, well, Victoria Beckham was on The Late Late Show with James Corden and they performed a Spice Girls’ song, “Spice Up Your Life”, which pissed off Mel… Continue Reading

WWE Superstar Paige Nude Photos and Sex Tapes Released

If you have been living under a rock like a complete and utter hermit, or are very far away from the Twittersphere, Paige, the English professional wrestler and WWE Superstar recently had her phone stolen and hacked and as a… Continue Reading

Mischa Barton Has Sex Tape Shopped Around Hollywood

It’s been a strange year for former ‘The O.C.’ star Mischa Barton, 31, this year, in terms of both publicity and for incidents such as being caught by her former neighbor, sitting a top of her backyard fence, screaming random phrases… Continue Reading