Demi Lovato on Magic Mushrooms: Not the First, but definitely the Last Time

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Demi Lovato has brought much attention to mental health disorders in her career, such as bulimia, bi-polar disorder and also to self-harm, which at Brainstain, we find to be very honorable as a young celebrity figure with droves of impressionable young fans. Admittedly, this attention has been definitely more beneficial than her pursuit in making music, e.g. music that is considered to be actual good music, so to speak. We are unclear on if Demi Lovato represents good music, but we’d like to say, “Probably not”. Judge for yourself and buy some here.  However, maybe it’s not to our taste but she seems like a good advocate to communicate to today’s young people. So, we salute you, but not before delving into your latest comments on psychedelics.

Demi has recently admitted that she first met her personal development coach, Mike Bayer, after a really bad magic mushroom trip. In the words of Jefferson Airplane, “And, you’ve just had some kind of mushroom and your mind is moving low. Go ask Alice, I think she’ll know”. Mike Bayer said, “We met after a bad mushroom trip. She asked for help”.

In Hollywood, like anywhere, drugs are readily available, but are magic mushrooms considered a drug? Actually no, as it comes from the earth and it is formed in natural fungi spores, which undoubtedly possesses mind adjusting qualities for either good or even extremely bad results. Mike Bayer has revealed that after a particularly strong mushroom trip, Demi had decided to turn her life around and so she called him. In the words of Dr. Gonzo, “You took too much, man, you took too much, too much”.

This is presumably what happened and who knows how much she took on her final trip? Did she meet Alice in Wonderland? Or did she encounter Mickey Mouse, her unofficial boss as of 2008, since her career launched in a big way with the Disney film, “Camp Rock” (buy here). Nobody knows the exact occurrences during this life-changing trip for Demi and only Mike Bayer knows the exact details for sure. One thing is clear, a magic mushroom trip can either be a life changing experience for good or for bad, by the sounds of it she may have had a bad experience.

Demi Lovato looking Fabulous

Demi Lovato looking Fabulous

Demi has also spoken out about drugs and her tribulations with them. Mike Bayer, stated, “We treat addiction, psychiatric disorders, anxiety, depression, and in a different program we help people who just want to be better”. Who want to do better in their job, they may be struggling in their marriage, and so we help a wide range.”

Mike also admits that he sees Demi as a “miracle” for overcoming her challenges with mental health disorders and is able to speak out about them publically. Mike Bayer added, “Demi has done a complete 180. She’s the biggest pop star on the planet that talks about her issues in a public way. That is a miracle in the entertainment biz”.

We’d have to agree with Mike there, that this is both brave and somewhat educational for those not in the know of magic mushrooms, but it is curious that Disney’s Alice in Wonderland (buy here) is often times used and seen as an image of monarch programming. Yes, Alice’s imagery is often times used in conjunction with magic mushrooms in the animated film classic and in the classic book by the same name. Monarch programming has been rumored to be a very useful mind control experiment of sorts, that even some suggest, may have been used to mold Hollywood stars. We are not saying in anyway, that this is related to Disney or Demi Lovato in this instance, but it is curiously almost running in likeminded rumor mills with MK ultra or Monarch programming. However, recreational mushroom use is not a rare occurrence either for some celebrities. That Disney image Alice in Wonderland, sitting on a mushroom somewhere deep inside Wonderland.

From personal experiences of magic mushrooms of those close to Brainstain, a good magic mushroom trip can leave you waking up with an epiphany of how wonderful life is, whilst, a bad mushroom trip can leave you thinking that a Killer Whale like “Free Willy” is outside knocking on your door, after escaping from Sea World. The key matter with magic mushrooms is to first know what you are doing. Secondly, be aware of how much you are taking and then be sure to plan your trip in comfortable surroundings, with only close friends not strangers, definitely not strangers. Also, not out in a public place, but rather, in a private and beautiful place where you can avoid any terrible manifestations of a bad trip ever forming.

Interestingly enough, Scientists have begun using low doses of magic mushrooms to treat depression, for people quitting smoking, to helping those dying from terminal diseases to realize and accept their next journey with a sense of acceptance. More and more beneficial traits of Psilocybin are being researched and should not be dismissed as it can also treat sufferers of PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder very well. However, it can be used in the wrong way by your recreational trip seeker and to the average person without a clue, this can have devastating effects in the event of taking way too much of it in the wrong environment.

Here at Brainstain we are not condoning taking magic mushrooms, but we are condoning people to use their best judgment and to take care in the event of deciding to take magic mushrooms. So, that you can have a beneficial life changing experience, rather than one where you end up like a basket case and having terrible trip.  Imagine, not knowing you were on a trip, being given it unknowingly for the first time and then being handled or having your mind manipulated during such a psychedelic experience? Some conspiracy theorists know that this is the case, in textbook mind control experiments.

If you’re going to take magic mushrooms (buy book), please be aware and know what you’re doing and what you are planning to do if you intend to take them. Always be safe and don’t go and pull a Demi, because it is safer to stay away from it and or also to take it responsibly. Of course, your mental health and life situation before any trip will have an effect on the outcome of your trip. So, make sure you are safe, comfortable and in a happy place if you are going to do so. Respect to Demi Lovato for sharing her pitfalls with magic mushrooms, as this has surely happened to many people doing the eating of the fungus in completely the wrong way. As Eminem once sang, in 1999, “I never meant to give you mushrooms girl”.


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