FIFA 2017: Game Review (4.8 out of 5)


Another year, another new FIFA game, FIFA 2017 to be exact and at Brainstain we can proudly say that we have bought and played every FIFA game since its first release in 1993, on the Sega Mega Drive. And wow! How far they’ve come with every release since. In 1993, with its induction release in you pretending that one of the little Brazilian forwards was in fact, “Romario or Bebeto” to enjoying the realism of Wayne Rooney’s amazing hair plug surgery in FIFA 2017 (buy here). You PES fans finally have to succumb to what we knew all along, FIFA is way better and anything else said is nothing more than just sour grapes at this point. First some sales stats, after week one FIFA 17 sales is up by 18% over FIFA 16, enjoying its biggest launch week for a FIFA game ever, beating the previous record held by FIFA 13. With most sales of FIFA 17 coming on the PS4, because Sony is obviously superior to XBOX, please debate this as much as you like. What’s new and improved in FIFA 2017? Let’s break it down.

FIFA 1993

FIFA 1993 Screenshot

Undoubtedly, apart from the improved gameplay in tackles, more facial recognition, shooting and close contact struggle for the ball, one of the main inclusions is the career story mode where you play as Alex Hunter, with shades of a Marcus Rashford’s rise to stardom with Manchester United. This career journey plays out with cut scenes of non-gameplay chronicling Alex Hunter’s rise to the top of the limelight in your chosen team. Will he love to score on his debut like Rashford? This is all good fun for those that are tired of the regular career mode where you might be taking Aston Villa to the top of the Championship and winning the league for automatic promotion to the Premier League. Haha! As if that will ever happen in real life, so you can tell realism isn’t always what people want, so the Alex Hunter mode is a welcomed addition in FIFA 17. Another improvement seems to be the more functional Online Seasons mode, where at least you can battle someone online as your chosen team, matching you up against level opponents, perhaps Liverpool vs. Tottenham, rather than in Ultimate Team, where you play as Brainstain FC vs Wankers United. All this is a refreshing and more functional system for those people with more real friends, than online friends.

Of course, Ultimate Team is there, where you collect coins and spend real money for real FIFA points and you stare your rare player from a gold pack back in the face as you realize its only Aaron Cresswell. Next one, seriously! Although, your Ultimate Team will catch up in time, I don’t think it’s wrong to ask for simple Online Head to Head versus mode play like in the old days, without playing Online Seasons mode. If it’s there and I haven’t found it yet, then please put it in the comments below.

For sure, as the dire realization of a cold winter hits us, we need games like FIFA 2017 to keep us occupied in the evenings and on weekends, much to your girlfriends’, fiancé’s and spouse’s displeasure as she moans about a second television and the next impending cringeworthy X-Factor installment, as if we hadn’t seen that a thousand times already. What’s great about FIFA 17 is the gameplay that makes everything uniquely different, as no two matches or goals are ever the same, like some terrible wannabe singer on the X-Factor.

We can’t recommend FIFA 17 enough and we know that we will be heading out onto the pitch with complete concentration, ignoring our phones, our relatives and any calls for dinner time as we play online, for a at least a year to come, until FIFA 18 is released at least.

We give FIFA 17 a 4.8 out of 5, so go to Amazon and order your copy right now. Check our little video out, where Balotelli finally gets back to scoring ways for Nice. “It’s Nice”.  Buy your PS4 here.


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