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Joanna Lumley is a breath of fresh air as always and in a recent interview with The Daily Mirror, she has spoken her mind on “cat-calling” and “wolf-whistles”, seeing them as a form of loud compliment.   Joanna who forever owned her role as Patsy in the “Absoluetly Fabulous” sitcom as the chain smoking, white wine swigging and coke sniffing socialite of Chelsea and Kensington, alongside Jennifer Saunders. It was and always will be comedy gold, even spawning their latest film together, “Absolutely Fabulous – The Movie”  (Buy here).

Anyhow, society needs more of this mentality in pulling yourself together by the bootstraps in the face of political correctness gone mad, that we all seemingly have to abide by in this day and age.

The actress, campaigner and television presenter said that people have become “sensitive flowers” that are easily “offended by everything”. In other words, everyone has become a bit of a “politically correct nancy boy” and or a “full blown feminist” who hasn’t been laid in eons. Joanna remarked: “Corr, you look all right darlin’!” frowning eyebrows, “What’s wrong with that?”

The 70-year-old makes a fair point, here at Brainstain, if we were wolf whistled at, we would take it on board like “we lookin’ alright today, fam!” We think that people need to stop reading too much into these  politically correct fathoms in everything, sometimes you just carry-on, as long as nothing untoward or criminal has happened. Political correctness within in reason, always.

Joanna is a valid spokeswoman

Nottinghamshire Police were said to be considering making wolf-whistles, a hate crime. Hmm, (thinking for a moment) imagine the legal precedent as this, then soon enough you wouldn’t be allowed to say anything anymore, everything you say could be a potential hate crime. Even something as innocent as trying out your newest pick up line at the bar, right? You walk up slowly to her and rest your elbow on the bar and say “Hey, can I buy you a drink? ‘Cause you look like an alcoholic.”

Is that also then some form of hate crime? In Worcester, in April last year, a young woman reported cat-calling to the Police coming from a nearby building site, however, rightly the Police dismissed this as something for their employers to deal with and admitted it was nothing more than “a bit of banter”. Sounds absolutely right to us.

Unless you are being stalked and verbally abused in a persistent manner and you are in physical and or mental danger, you can’t make whistling at a woman, a hate crime. The world needs to get a grip on itself and Joanna Lumley should continue to be a spokeswoman against ridiculous political correctness in society. We would subscribe to that any day of the week, even weekends.

In the interview, Joanna added that in the 1960’s people were more thick-skinned and basically less impressionable, as a whole. We can only imagine the swinging sixties and sometimes we wish we were secretly there. At least there was no crap society forming dating app like Tinder, encouraging us to swipe left or right on a screen rather than meeting people in the old fashioned way. Dating in the big cities these days (covers eyes and shakes head).

Joanna said, “When I was modelling, photographers were much ruder,” she added “They’d say, ‘You look frightful, what’s the matter with you?’ “It was good-natured banter. You kind of got on with it, it didn’t upset you.” – Joanna Lumley.

Joanna Lumley is absolutely fabulous and always will be, so whenever she says something you have to align with what the boss lady has just said. What she is basically saying is that political correctness has gone too far and people need to start manning up before all our rights are gone, within reason, of course.  We raise our glass to you, Joanna. “Cheers luv, you lookin’ like a bit of alright, ain’t ya?” – Brainstain Team

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