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Very rarely in this day and age do we hear an artist, that’s track for track, a complete original. Originating from the shores of the United Kingdom, Brighton Town’s own Ocean Wisdom is signed to High Focus Records and he delivers his 17-track masterpiece, entitled ‘Chaos ’93’ (buy here). The album has quickly become the soundtrack to many people’s lives in the year of 2016. With unlimited double time raps, wicked wordplay and with a unique aura as an artist that transcends time and talent by taking skills on the mic to a whole new level. His own level, it’s Ocean’s level, his own watermark.

From the opening song, “Walkin” (buy here) which has over 2.4million Youtube views released in late July 2014, starts the album off in fine form as Ocean stomps through Dirty Dike’s beat like a lyrical beast. This is unlike anything we’ve seen before. It is clear that High Focus Records have an unearthed a completely new lyrical hybrid in Ocean Wisdom. This is something that the music scene needs and which is evident by the iTunes album rating of ‘Chaos ‘93’ with 5 Stars. Also, the album was listed recently on the Top 10 Albums on iTunes in the UK. Here at Brainstain, we’d like to give the album a 5 Star rating as well, but let’s break it down and tell you why Ocean is the most exciting MC in the game right now. Hands down!


Ocean Wisdom’s ability to rap and write clever lyrics and hooks over Hip-hop beats and unusual bass lines, with a tinge of UK grimyness to his overall performance, he is blending the genres of Hip-hop, Rap and Grime with a contemporary new age urban darkness. This darkness is so befitting of what the past 20 years of Rap and Hip-hop music needs and thus it has ultimately spawned this talented musical artist.

With tracks like “High Street”, Ocean epitomizes UK life, full-circle, with a well-rounded experience of his neck of the woods by giving us a lyrical glimpse of his unapologetic wordplay in a uniquely British swagger. In the song, “One Take” with it’s melodic beat, he flows like the ocean with a smooth delivery, as its video is set to the backdrop of trip in Amsterdam. Lean flows and lean beats makes “One Take” one of the most chilled out tracks on the album. In the song, “Snakes and Blaggers” he shows wisdom beyond his years, mastering a haunting bass line by educating his listeners to the dangers of backstabbers and free loaders against very macabre strings.   On “4U”, Ocean serenades us with a nice chorus and communicates raw emotion to his fans, with levels of humility and maturity rarely seen in so called ‘urban artists’ today, apart from in passed greats, can’t think of many, but maybe Tupac Shakur. The track “Real Smooth” featuring The Four Owls, also of High Focus Records, became the gliding anthem to many people’s summers’, whilst walking down the street repeating “real smooth, real icy” listening off their iPhone’s.  The album with additional futuristic beats and matchless rhyme patterns in songs like “Devilish”, “O Kiddi K” and “Mazin’Hazin”, Ocean manages to reel in listeners born post 1978 through to the new generation of millennials, with a seal of approval all around.  In the album, ‘Chaos ’93’, Ocean Wisdom encapsulates the right balance of style, ability and lyrical prowess to keep everybody hooked and waiting for more, perhaps, a sophomore album soon? In the song “Freeze”, the vibe is horse tranquilizer wavy and in the song “Gone” featuring Lunar C, he encourages us to “watch him go” until he’s “gone”. Don’t go just yet, mate, we want to hear more here at Brainstain.

We know that there’s much more to come and we have our ears peeled for any word of a sophomore album. We will be there on the day to pay for another classic. One thing is for sure, “Chaos ‘93” is a classic and we are clearly far happier with this album purchase, than Dr. Dre’s ‘Compton’ released in late 2015. Ocean Wisdom’s ‘Chaos ‘93’ was released on February 22nd 2016, but it really started catching wind in the spring of 2016. In early August, Ocean Wisdom’s “Walkin’” took its claim to surpass Eminem in ‘The Guinness World Book of Records’ for ‘Most Words in a Hit Single” from “Rap God”, with an impressive 4.45 words per second over Eminem’s 4.31 words per second. Guinness are yet to respond, but one thing is for sure, there’s a new rap god in town.

Check out Ocean Wisdom tearing MC’s a new one in “Fire in the Booth”, right here. Peep the last verse there, “Oh, my days!”


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