FIFA17 FUAX PAS: “Where the F*** is Jesus?!”

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Here at Brainstain, we do enjoy perfection and we also enjoy games, gaming of all kinds to be frank. One of our favorite things in every calendar year is the annual release of the EA SPORTS FIFA series on PS4 (buy) and Xbox (buy), usually released at the end of every September. So, just a couple of weeks ago saw the release of FIFA17 (buy), which broke opening weekends sales’ records for the new slim line PS4 console and with the new game release combined in a bundle. In playing the game, we have very much enjoyed FIFA17 so far, just go and see our article on the game review from last week.

However, in attempting to add Gabriel Jesus to our frontline for Brainstain FC in Ultimate Team, we were baffled as the Brazilian forward currently signed to Manchester City, due for arrival in the January transfer window in 2017, is not even on the squad roster for SE Palmeiras Futebol Club either.   “Excuse me, but is this a FIFA17 fuax pas?!”

Gabriel Jesus in FIFA16

Gabriel Jesus in FIFA16

It definitely seems like it, as one of the most talented young rising stars of Brazilian football seems to have been completely forgotten in the game, but yet, players are able to find fictional character “Alex Hunter”. “Where the f*** is Jesus?” Who would you rather have in the game, a fictional character or the necessity of ‘Gabriel Jesus’, the leading scorer in Brazil Serie A and the undoubted wingman to all of Neymar Jnr’s (buy here) escapades for the Brazilian National team? We think you’d prefer Gabriel Jesus as well and we are calling FIFA17 out on this utter and massive mistake. Although, the FIFA 17 game is almost faultless, once again mopping the floor with the rival PES 17 game, they have made a critical error in not including Gabriel Jesus on the roster for either Manchester City or Palmeiras.

Will FIFA 17 wake up and change this mistake in a squad download for gamers? You would at least hope so, however, it’s hardly as bad as the 2k17 basketball game, which lists Caucasian Basketball player Rudy Fernandez as an Afro-American, along with an incorrect last name. Read here. Oh, when gaming companies get it wrong with hilarious blunders, haha.  For the amount of money gamers’ pay and queuing in a line on the release dates, the least you’d expect is for them to do, is to get it all perfect. Not so apparently, as we believe all gamers should file a complaint to EA Sports to rectify this FIFA 17 issue. I mean if you’re playing as Brazil, you’re running around with Neymar with nobody to pass to, not even to Gabriel Jesus?!

Neymar Jnr.

Neymar doesn’t look too impressed either.

WTF! Or you’re playing as Palmeiras and you have no way of scoring with Jesus! Please sort it out EA, as we’d really like to enjoy having ‘Gabriel Jesus’ inside the game, as he should be! No, not in January, but now! How can they forget such a talent and also somebody at 19 years old, who cost Manchester city 27millon pounds sterling?

If you want to spend significantly less money than Manchester City did and buy a PS4, click here, or here for an XBOX bundle with FIFA17.


Watch our latest goal on our Youtube channel here. Why always Balotelli?

Find Gabriel Jesus on Wikipedia here.

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