Julian Assange: More WikiLeaks’ out on Hillary & Pamela Anderson delivers deadly Vegan Sandwich from Pret A Manger

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Here at Brainstain, we like to cover important current affairs news amidst the fragile world that we now live in, approaching some serious news with a touch of humor backed by facts and verified events.  Julian Assange, the creator of Wikileaks (buy book here), much to the dismay of the government attempting to keep many dark secrets about their political wrongdoings swept underneath the “political carpet”, has been pushing out so many secrets on Hillary Clinton recently, that we think that the final nail in the coffin may have been served many times over already. But, Hillary is fighting back amidst the clear foul play on her part in various dubious secrets being revealed from Wikileaks.   Most recently, a few days ago, emails were released indicating that “wet work”, the code word used for “assassinations” was uncovered by Wikileaks and released into the public domain, showing that Supreme Court Justice, Antonin Scalia was likely, 100% assassinated, whilst out on a ranch in Texas. R.I.P Scalia.  (Buy here)

Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta’s email correspondence with somebody named “Elmendorf” references the assassination just days prior to his death, with the comment “Didn’t think wet works meant pool parties at the Vineyard”. Funnily enough, Scalia was found on a bed, with a pillow over his face, in a room, on a ranch in Texas, where’s there’s a pool and a vineyard on the location. Sounds suspicious, doesn’t it (Hmmm)?

Anyway, this past weekend saw Pamela Anderson smiling and walking on her way to visit her friend Julian Assange, whom she said she admired after meeting him sometime ago.   We thought how nice of her it was to visit Julian, who is currently shacked up at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London’s Mayfair for the past few years, due to an “apparent and seemingly fabricated rape charge” from Sweden.

Assange on balcony of Ecuador Embassy

Assange on balcony of Ecuador Embassy

Also, you could say he is definitely a main target for Hillary to get rid of due to his persistent releases on her amazing disregard of honesty in all the foul play that she has been apart of throughout the years as Obama’s ‘Secretary of State’. We thought Pamela liked Julian, maybe she does, but maybe she was sent out Hillary? Who knows?

However, the Pret A Manger bag that she was carrying contained their Vegan sandwich range and we all know how bad those sandwiches are, so firstly, we are surprised to hear that Julian Assange has apparently even eaten one.  It is concerning news, to be fair and we hope he is okay.

Today the news broke, that Assange felt that he might have been poisoned after feeling sick after eating the sandwich. In saying this, this may just be because Pret A Manger sandwiches make most people just feel a little bit sick after eating them. Not surprisingly, McDonald’s owns Pret A Manger, so this may be the reason, why their sandwiches are not of the freshest produce. We do hope that Julian Assange got nothing more than a slight case of food poisoning, which is to be almost expected after eating a Pret A Manger Vegan concoction inside two pieces of bread. We recall the days, way back when, on film shoots, Pret A Manger donated their food before expiry date for free, so that people could feed their cast and crew, whilst saving money on their budget. But, were these sandwiches a joy to consume? No, the answer is no, and utter and complete, no!

Additionally, in today’s news on Julian Assange’s captivity within the Ecuadorian Embassy, it is rumored that all internet access has been systematically shut down there, over the last 24 hours. This would of course, seem to be a strategic offensive in stopping Assange from releasing any more secret files or emails on Hillary’s dubious tactics over the years, working for Obama and for big time lobbyist and corporate funders’, such as George Soros, pushing their agenda, whilst, left field media like CNN perpetrate a clear smear campaign on Donald Trump by creating false stories and general hocus pocus to swing the vote in her direction, during the upcoming US Presidential election.

It's Trump vs. Hillary

It’s Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton

We are not saying that Donald Trump (buy book here) doesn’t have a strong speech and a direct rhetoric, but we are saying that the smear campaign against him is so ridiculous, with most of the women coming forward claiming some form of sexism or kissing, to be no more than complete lies in a smear campaign against him. These women are being uncovered by the day, as women who actually have sent emails to Trump, praising him for everything that he is and has done for them. However, they were not happy that he seemingly ignored their emails. These women could just be paid to make stories up or feel they need some form of media attention due to Trump not having anytime to respond to their prior friendly emails. Last weeks “Pussy Gate” aside, with presenter Billy Bush, with those old audio recordings in 2005, bares nothing in comparison to the horrors’ and criminal acts done by Hillary Clinton with 33,000 deleted emails from her private server, which apparently she claimed were only about “Yoga”, to even worse her shunning of those who died when calling for help in the ‘Benghazi Scandal’. Additionally, now there’s the blood of Supreme Court Justice, Antonin Scalia on her hands, after an email by her campaign manager, John Podesta.

In conclusion, we can’t say either way whether Pamela entered as a Barb Wire (buy here) style assassin with an out of date sandwich from Pret A Manger, but according to rumors, this may be the case. If not? Then it is merely because Pret A Manger sandwiches make you feel a bit sick, which we have come to learn through visiting Europe through the years.

Pamela Anderson's 'Barb Wire' Tattoo

Pamela Anderson’s ‘Barb Wire’ Tattoo

One thing is amazing is the way many major news networks keep bashing Donald Trump, but then try to hide all of the incriminating files on Hillary released by Wikileaks. We find this amusing and one thing is for sure, that this is a pivotal time for the world and we wish the candidates and voters would just focus on the issues to help make the world a better place, rather than trying to put each other down. Although, at this stage it seems like neither have a choice but to spin fake news and or hide their wrongdoings released by Wikileaks.

During all this, we feel sympathy for Julian Assange in perhaps being fooled by Pamela Anderson and we hope that he feels better soon, even as we are writing this, we’re thinking of how horrible sandwiches from Pret A Manger really are and we suddenly feel a bit stomach sick. We wish everyone happy-voting with open eyes come Election Day, on November 8th 2016, as well as don’t eat sandwiches from Pret. Ugh! We are feeling sick at the mere thought of it.


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