Khloe Kardashian: O.J. “The Juice” is My Daddy

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Have you ever been made to sit through a marathon of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” (buy here)  everyone’s favorite dysfunctional, mammoth celebrity family? So have we, succumbed to the mind numbing endless re-runs on E! Entertainments, whilst wondering about the mid-nineties when Robert Kardashian Senior and the now infamous jailed O.J Simpson, were the best of friends. We’d sit back and ponder given the history of the O.J. Simpson trial (buy book here), when he was eventually acquitted of murdering his wife, Nicole Brown and waiter Ron Goldman, whilst being very close to the now notorious Kardashian family.   Who was O.J. Simpson’s closest confidant during the most publicized criminal trial in American history, from January 24, 1995, to the verdict on October 3, 1995? None other than, Robert Kardashian, father of Kourtney, Kim, Robert Junior and also Khloe Kardashian, right? Wrong!

The latter born on June 27th, in 1994, miss Khloe Kardashian, everyone’s favorite feisty Kardahsian sister, has since made a statement as recently as last week, hinting that O.J. Simpson is in fact her father.

High Cheek Bones and Tall like O.J.

High cheek bones and tall like O.J.

This makes us think that O.J. and Robert Kardashian Senior were quite close in the 80s, sharing friendship, sharing the love of tennis, sharing and hosting parties together and possibly even playing golf, forward thinking to even sharing Kris Kardashian herself, the mother and the mastermind in the now Kardashian media empire.  O.J. Simpson currently in jail for robbing a sports memorabilia dealer in Nevada at gunpoint, in a hotel room with masked men, recently said this about the topic of his relations with Kris Kardashian in the 80s:

“Man, I really don’t give a f**k anymore, I’m in jail for god knows how long, might as well say it. I am Khloe Kardashian’s biological father, I have nothing to hide”.

After Khloe was confronted on social media by celebrity pariahs’ like Amber Rose, saying she’s the daughter of O.J. as recent as this summer, Khloe has since spoken to O.J. on the phone from within his prison unit, begging for him to take a paternity test. Now in October 2016, we are unclear as to whether this ever happened, but it is safe to say that now even Khloe Kardashian is quite certain given her latest revelation on social media, hinting that O.J. is in fact, her “daddy”.

At Brainstain we were surprised, not by Kris Kardashian having sex with O.J. Simpson, whilst being married and not even surprised that she had an affair , but we were surprised that nobody caught onto this much sooner. In all honesty, look at the physical frame difference from Kourtney to Kim and then to Khloe, who definitely has more of the body structure of an NFL running back.

O.J. "The Juice" looking like he got it in, for sure.

O.J. “The Juice” looking like he got it in, no doubt.

However, in saying that, Khloe is looking strikingly fabulous these days and she has that strong athletic look going for her. Then take a look at Khloe’s nose and compare the middle straight nose line downwards to O.J., a very nice inherited nose, indeed identical to O.J. Simpson’s in genetic talk. Then take a look at a photo of Kris Kardashian with O.J. Simpson, surely there was a lot going on behind the scene’s and let’s not forget that O.J. was envied by men and lusted for by many women.

So, put two and two together and then realize that Kris Kardashian also wanted some of that famous “Juice” all to herself, on the sidelines, whilst her marriage to Robert Kardashian Snr. was crumbling to pieces, finally divorcing in 1991. Perhaps, the divorce has something to do with this, however, in Robert being so supportive of O.J. in his murder trial, we don’t really believe he knew until much later, that Khloe was in fact the produce of his best friend, O.J. Simpson (buy here). Is this a scandal or just a plain obvious occurrence in this modern day society of celebrity, marriage and sex? This is what sometimes  in marriages and so you can only commend them for keeping this fascinating family secret for such a long time.

Also, we have to give our sincere applause to Khloe because underneath it all, she is the more head strong, outspoken and definitely strongest sister in the Kardashian clan. We find it a bit sad though that she was not able to really enjoy the company of her father more and we feel sad for O.J. for completely screwing up his life. Also, we’d like to say he’s a shitty friend for sleeping with his supposed best friend’s wife. This is the mark of a fake man, so, great football player aside, it doesn’t mean you are safe away from being discovered as an egotistical maniac and asshole who kills his wife and sleeps with other people’s wive’s. This is the vile markings of a psychotic, weak and pretentious soul of a disrespectful mindset in any type of human. Although, we are glad to say that it seems that Khloe surely inherited most of her personality traits from Kris, her biological mother.

We do enjoy “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” because there’s a huge element of entertainment there and despite all the craziness; they maintain a steady distraction for celebrity-obsessed junkies across the world. While at the same time, they maintain some substance of real life, they have sex scandals, relationship problems, husbands and boyfriends with drug problems and they have Kanye West (buy here), a self-running entertainment engine all on his own. Haha, that guy is nuts!

Also, remember that Kris Kardashian might look awfully good today for her age, clever, cunning and charming as she is, but imagine her back in the 80s, looking hot, with disco music and cocaine everywhere in Los Angeles, in a failing marriage, then add some O.J. to the mix and just general hanky-panky ensues all over the place. If that doesn’t sell well, than nothing ever will. Brainstain over and out!


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