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The greatest ‘Hip-Hop’ and ‘Rap’ phenomenon ever, Tupac Amaru Shakur, has been listed to be inducted into ‘The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2017’ next year and rightly so. Who else embodies the rock and roll lifestyle more than the godlike artist of 2Pac? Not many, hence his coming induction into the Hall of Fame, joining these other legends in music history. This follows three years after receiving his “Star” on “The Hollywood Walk of Fame” for his achievements in the recording industry and in film acting.

Tupac was shot and eventually died after sustaining gunshot wounds in a drive-by shooting on the intersection of Koval Lane and Flamingo Rd, in Las Vegas on September 7th, 1996, on the night of the ‘Mike Tyson Vs. Bruce Seldon’ fight at the MGM Hotel & Casino. However, events of that night are still shrouded in mystery, with a murder case that seemingly no one was interested to solve and those who did, were met with mysterious challenges and endings? If that’s not rock and roll than we don’t know what is? Actually, that’s probably more than likely, called “murder”.

Tupac emerged onto the music scene in 1990 as a roadie and back-up dancer for the Bay Area group ‘The Digital Underground’ led by Shock-G with popular tracks like “Humpty Dance” (buy here), which took them on world tour to places like Japan in the year 1990. Whilst on tour, Tupac seized every opportunity to showcase his solo talents, after being apart of the ‘Strictly Dope’ with Ray Luv, a little known rap group from Oakland, CA. His demo tape later caught the ear of Ted Field’s fifteen year-old daughter, around the same time when Mr. Field formed Interscope Records in the year of 1990 and then by 1991; a legend was signed and fully launched onto the music scene in “2Pac” with his album, entitled “2Pacalypse Now”. Descending from a family upbringing of ‘The Black Panther’ mentality since his mother was an active member in the early 1970’s in NYC, it molded a very intelligent mind within an artist that had never ever been seen before, or ever seen since then. Very early after “2Pacalypse Now” (buy here) was released, Tupac was beat up Police Officer’s in Oakland for jaywalking and Tupac filed a lawsuit against the Police. Then later, the then ‘Vice President’ Dan Quayle described his album as having “no place in society”, after a 19 year old had incited Tupac’s music as an inspiration for killing a police officer. This however, just seems like another political hack, one of many to stop him on his whooshing trajectory to super stardom. However, Quayle was also blaming Warner Entertainment for backing Interscope Records in releasing this music that later formed the campaigns that were calling a lot of rap music, the term “gangster rap”. Tupac on his next album ‘Strictly 4 My Niggaz’ (buy here) released in 1992, offended by Quayle’s comments in not understanding his musical output, Tupac performed a vocal diatribe towards Quayle on songs, like “Peep Game” where he tells Dan Quayle to “e*t a d**k up” and on “Last Wordz”, where he tells Dan Quayle that he needs his “ass kicked, where was you when it was n****z in the caskets?”

There was a clear political opposition to Tupac from the get go, but his sophomore album went on to sell even more than his debut album and this was followed by his third album, the critically acclaimed “Me Against The World” (buy here), released in March, 1995, after a busy last few years, starring in films and also being caught up in a media smear campaign post trusting undercover government agents that had befriended him in NYC, while filming ‘Above The Rim’ (buy here) and basically they set him up to fall down on a supposed rape charge, which he was vilified for a whole year in the press, being called a “rapist” everyday, before they could only press ‘Sexual Abuse’ charges on him, relating to touching a woman’s posterior. Basically, Ayanna Jackson was nothing more than a pawn in an evil game to stop and incarcerate Tupac Shakur.

Puff Daddy. Guilty or just speculation?

Puff Daddy: Guilty of involvement in Tupac’s 1994 Quad Studios shooting or just pure speculation?

The evening prior to the sentencing in November of 1994, Tupac was shot five times at Quad Studios in Times Square outside the elevator, when two supposed robbers, beat him and shot him from point blank range. Miraculously, he survived and took the elevator up, where he saw the unforgettably guilty face of Puff Daddy, who always claimed his innocence in the attack. However, what was interesting is that these same perceived undercover government agents’, were actually also on the Bad Boy Records (buy here) payroll of Puff Daddy and later were not even charged for their major involvement in the set-up of this ‘fake rape’ and ‘sexual assault’ charge, which was not done by Tupac Shakur in a NYC hotel room suite, but by these two mysterious men.  Tupac later called out these names of suspected undercover agents on his “7Day Theory” album (buy here), after his death in November of 1996. Tupac served eight to nine months for a sexual abuse charge related to touching Ayanna Jackson’s buttocks, from February 14th 1995 until October 1995. Can you see the devil at work here? We can see foul play at work, for sure.

Tupac was bailed out by Marion “Suge” Knight to the tune of $1million and signed to Death Row Records (buy here) in October 1995, releasing his double album “All Eyez on Me” (buy here) on February 13th 1996. This album went on to beat ‘The Beatles’ by being the fastest selling double album ever in music history. Tupac was out on bail, pending a civil re-trial on the sexual abuse charges that had been served and set him up whilst he spent time in NYC. Let’s just say that whilst being up against all the odds, Tupac still shone like an unapologetic star and he succeeded in all his goals, showing great resilience in the face of the evils of the entertainment industry and the federal government, that were out to get him, not to mention the jealousy thrown onto him from lesser rappers’ and lesser stars’ that clearly envied his talent, his looks and his self assuredness in being himself, a true soul, a true artist and a relentless musical recording legend.

So all in all, does Tupac deserve to be inducted into the ‘Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2017? Yes, he sure does and he will be joining Janet Jackson (buy here) and Pearl Jam (buy here) who will also be inducted at the same time next year. However, did those other artists in the Hall of Fame, have to put up even with a fraction of all the unwarranted troubles that Tupac had faced whilst in the public eye. The answer is “No”. Here at Brainstain, we would like to send out our eternal love to Tupac Shakur, for his charisma, his true stance in the face of evil opposition and for his music. We also look forward to see this new biopic film, “All Eyez on Me” and we hope this film does his story justice, even the lesser-known story of his life, if you know what we mean? Buy the movie ‘2Pac Resurrection’ here.


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