Creepy Clown Sightings: P. Diddy isn’t Happy!

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Due to the recent spat of persistent creepy clown sightings across America and the United Kingdom, leading up to the favourite family holiday for Pagan’s and Satanist’s in Halloween on October 31st, we thought it would only be right to give our two cents on these clowns and also to give our two cents on Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, Sean John or whatever he calls himself these days? Why you might ask? Well, Diddy has the notoriously rare but common fear of clowns, clinically known as “Clownophobia.”

No, we weren’t referencing his complete clown like sell out of the music industry post 1996 (buy here), or his clown like dancing in old “Bad Boy” music videos.  But, rather his condition of “Clownophobia”, defined as:

“The rational fear of clowns. Commonly and justifiably used to describe one’s fear and disgust with yellow- or green-toothed humans, hiding behind white face paint and other heavy makeup.” (Urban Dictionary)

Puff Daddy doesn't like clowns. Ironic, you could say.

Puff Daddy doesn’t like clowns. Quite ironic, don’t ya’ think? Clownophobia is real.

Truly terrifying events have passed this last month, with plenty of screw loosed people dressing up as creepy clowns, standing around with balloons waving at passer by’s or holding baseball bats, trying to entice people with cotton candy and all sorts of other creepy stuff. Due to these bizarre individuals, it has now been worldly accepted that you can and you probably should knock them out and at least give them a beating, but refraining from giving them a completely fatal one. Take a look at some street justice here from the streets of London, which happened just last week. This guy does deserve his YouTube stardom and we wonder who’s this clown in the mask? He’s standing on a busy London street corner, trying to terrify people. What an imbecil! Or check out this clown, getting his ass beat here in the USA and rightly so, don’t you think? What are these clowns thinking ?

Back to Puff Diddy now, the most famous celebrity with diagnosed “Clownophobia” as revealed in the TV program ‘101 Best Kept Hollywood Secrets’ which first aired in 2005.  P. Diddy is so terrified of clowns that he apparently even has a contractual agreement that states that no clowns can be inside a room where he is performing or when he is making a public appearance. We are not sure if balloons are also struck off or listed as banned on his green room demands?

“Clownophobia” is a relatively rare condition and hopefully Diddy will do his best to stay away from people in creepy clown outfits. Although, with more clown sightings on the rise and with Halloween just around the corner, the risk of this chance encounter has grown exponentially and shows no signs of dying down. Here’s a few things that “The Diddy” presumably wouldn’t appreciate, ‘Pennywise’ from Stephen King’s “IT(buy here), Killer Clowns from Outer Space (buy here), Insane Clown Posse (buy here) and Damon Wayans’s ‘In Living Color’s’ “Homey The Clown” (buy here).

From clowning around in the music industry to actually having a real fear of clowns, P. Diddy does in fact share some human characteristic, despite his rumored pimping off of the Hip-Hop and Rap music genre and industry back in late 1996 and mid the1997 era, under the presidency of Bill Clinton, thus changing the course and direction of the most popular music genre by collating with the powers that be, selling out like a clown. Tupac R.I.P. Notorious BIG, R.I.P.

Stephen King, the critically acclaimed horror author of “IT”(buy here) released a statement to the media on Twitter over a week ago, telling people to “cool the clown hysteria—most of em are good, cheer up kiddies, make people laugh”.

Creepy Clowns

We think we completely disagree with Stephen King here and I think the “Diddy” is with us on this one, right? We do look forward to seeing the plausible terrible re-make of Stephen King’s “IT”, set for cinema release on September 8th 2017. As nothing does quite beat the classic, with dialogue lines like, “SS Georgie!” and “when you’re down here, with me, you’ll float, too!”

At Brainstain, we like to clown around, but never, ever like that. And, we don’t sell out like Diddy or dance around like a clown and we definitely don’t ever dress up like clowns either! So, don’t be afraid of us and do come back for more interesting news.


“Stop now before I kill you, a word to the wise from your friend. PENNYWISE ” – Pennywise “IT”

Watch that famous “IT” scene here.


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