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At Brainstain, we know the importance of laughter to lift up and brighten up your day. Today we take a closer look at the hilarious stand up comedy talents of Sebastian Maniscalco (profile), who is rapidly becoming one of the top and most sought after comedians in action today. Born on July 8th 1973, he got his first big shot at showcasing his comedy routine on ‘Vince Vaughan’s’ ‘Wild West Comedy Show: 30 Days and 30 Nights – Hollywood to the Heartland’ (buy here) which premiered September 8, 2006 at the Toronto International Film Festival. Later opening on wide release in the United States on February 8, 2008. He featured as one of many comedians, along with Vince Vaughan and Jon Favreau, from “Swingers” fame.

The Chicago born native has earned many plaudits for his wide reaching comedy routine, striking a chord with his act relying heavily on the way he was raised in an American-Italian family with a strict and almost stereotypical Italian father. His comedy also reflects hugely on his openness to voice his disbelief of the typical average persons actions in today’s society with hilarious effect. His ability to joke about the sorts of people that we see daily and even sometimes recognize ourselves in, continues to baffle his train of thought, which forms a huge part of his stand-up routine. Maniscalco’s first special ‘Sebastian Live’ was released on 2nd of June 2009, before his next two popular specials aired on Showtime in 2012 and 2014, entitled “What’s Wrong With People?” (buy here) and “Aren’t You Embarrassed?” (buy here) which was taped in Chicago. His animated facial expressions and physical gesturing adds to his talent as whole and it is not just enough to hear him, but you have to see this guy perform.

Highlights in his sets include his jokes about the Airline Industry with the unsurprising and bizarre reality of excess baggage, which they love to charge you for, making you open up your suitcase in the check-in area in front of everyone and then attempting to stuff socks and shoes into your carry-on bag. “But, it’s still going on the plane?” To comparing how people have changed in society with the sound of a knock at your front door today, as opposed to 20-years ago with hilarious re-enactments, proving that it used to be a joy to receive unexpected company at your house, but not today, not anymore and this is so true, which makes us laugh out loud. Sebastian continues to strike a chord with his pure comedy and most recently in his latest special, called “Why Would You Do That?” (buy here) also first aired on Showtime, on October 1st 2016, to a sold out theatre, opening up his set with the curious jokes on the existence of new forms of transportation, like ‘Uber’, calling it “Hitchhiking with your phone”. As he expertly continues with the standard out play of your typical conversation with your ‘Uber’ driver on the way to the airport, based on some weird fake rating system of behavioral dynamics, where candy is offered and you have to ask them, “How long have you been doing Uber?” to which the response usually results in the following, “No, come on! Hihi! I do this twelve hours a week, but eh, my real business, I got discotheque in Istanbul”.

This gives us a flashback to our experience using Uber from Sunset Blvd. to LAX, with an over friendly driver who talks and talks, and talks, being so-so nice just because he really wants his 5 Star rating and he will even bribe you with candy. Not long after, Sebastian Maniscalco also pokes fun at AirBnB with hilarious effect, questioning whether you’d really want somebody potentially psychotic sleeping overnight in your guest room for an extra $100 a night? Is it really worth it?

At Brainstain, we class Sebastian Maniscalco as the “rising” comedian of the moment, apart from the very funny Dave Chappelle, Louis CK and Kevin Hart, who have all been dominating the art of stand up for years. However, Sebastian is a new breed of comedian and we wouldn’t be surprised to see Sebastian starring in some future comedy films  coming out of Hollywood very soon. Watch this space and make sure that you buy your Sebastian Maniscalco DVDs (here).


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