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Here at Brainstain, we like to keep our ears wide open for the fresh and undoubtedly talented artists’, that we feel are on the rise that you should be watching out for and today it’s none other than, Duckwrth, from San Francisco, CA. However, his affiliation is as close to the “city of angels” Los Angeles and we first saw him murder the microphone four years ago in a cypher on Team Backpack, please visit and watch the link here, at 02:12 seconds in. Duckwrth made everyone in the background slightly envious, right? Since then, we have followed to see what he has been up to, leading up to today’s ‘Fresh Artist Review’ on this new breed of ‘Hip-Hop’ artist and  we have been impressed by his  original approach in his musical art. He’s seemingly as comfortable on hard a ‘Hip-Hop’ beat, to a super wavy tranquilizer type sound, to even being able to service rhymes backed by a full rock band. Versatility is clearly not a problem here as many of his songs will flip sounds and our appreciation for Duckwrth has grown exponentially over the last few months. He definitely is a “rare panther” type of artist.

Let’s break it down with some songs for you to check out buy in order to support this up and coming artist. On the track, “Travel” (2014), the video shot in San Francisco, he rides around on a low rider bicycle rapping over a beat with a hard and infectious bass line, which later changes to a wavier sound, taking us into the red woods parks of the bay area, sounding very similar to the legendary ‘Outkast’ from Atlanta for a minute, then only to switch back to the original beat, which we feel fits well with the title of “Travel”, then finishing off with a completely different space age beat for his final sixteen.

In 2015, he made an album with The Kickdrums whom we’ve heard of through our previous music video work with NYC artists’ in Hip-Hop and we were pleased to see them working with Duckwrth. The album called ‘Nowhere’ Duckwrth and the Kickdrums is available on here. The leading single, “Psycho” (buy here) is an intense full drum beat percussion and synthesizer track, with an all consuming bass line which will soon have you singing along to Duckwrth’s chorus “You’re simply wonderful, next minute you’re complicated”, which clearly explains the occasional experience one might have with their significant other, even perhaps someone you may know right now whilst reading this?

Photo Source Credit - SmoothWavesOnline

Photo Source Credit – SmoothWavesOnline

In 2016, “Bernal Heights” sees Duckwrth skating down an LA neighborhood in the music video with a karaoke text running underneath, for you to sing along to, whilst he serenades his singing and lyrics over a chilled, melodic and jazzy beat that will probably have you head nodding next to the right type of girlfriend this time, after the track “Psycho”, whilst lighting something up and relaxing and sharing, right? Watch the video here.   It’s clear that Duckwrth isn’t just a so-called ‘Hip-Hop’ artist, NO, he’s an original artist and he can’t be categorized in any such category. After all, isn’t it all about being yourself creatively and making music from your inner soul? We feel that this is what the artist “Duckwrth” is all about.

Furthermore, on his new album “I’m Uugly” released on September 23rd 2016, we want to highlight the wonderful single, “Rare Panther” (buy here) with the funkiest beat and most body-move inducing sound, that we have heard all year and sometimes we get a little carried away popping our shoulder to this song. His lyrics are clearly talking about a completely stunning woman, “You remind of the rainforest, you got something of a jungle vibe, let me take you to the rainforest, I want to see your wilder side”.

Wow! Genius! At Brainstain, we can’t wait to play this purchase to our next fine lady, perhaps at the finale of one of our dates. Ha! As Tupac Shakur once told the Notorious BIG, “Don’t rap for the n*****, rap for the b******. The b****** will buy your records, and the n***** want what the b****** want”.

Fast-forward 21 years, it’s a different time & era and we see Duckwrth to be an original artist that’s capturing his own style and genre. We will definitely be following and purchasing his future music. Basically, both women and men will enjoy his music, if you have a penchant for good music in general.


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