‘The Heartbreak Kid’ – “Uncle Tito”: Brainstain’s Favorite Characters

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Many great things happened in 2007, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Romania joined the EU (hmmm?), plus our head chief at Brainstain got a divorce. The first part may seem insignificant in retrospect and the latter might seem sad, but how could one dwell on something so trivialized, when in the same year, it saw the release of the film, The Heartbreak Kid (buy here) starring Ben Stiller? Which makes this film extra poignant and memorable for us, as this comedic gem is often overlooked and forgotten due to its release during an era of mostly crap comedy movies. Ben Stiller is back at his natural best, delivering the kind of performance we come to expect after his defining role as a nervous nurse wanting his girlfriends hand in marriage in ‘Meet The Parents’, facing his future spouses’ strict father, undercover ex-CIA agent played by Robert De Niro.

In ‘The Heartbreak Kid’, Stiller plays “Eddie”, a forty year old sports shop owner, single in San Francisco after just watching his ex-fiancé get married and being made to sit at the kids table at their wedding. However, by a rare off chance occurrence he bumps into an unbelievably sexy blonde woman on the street, played by Malin Akerman “Lila”, that’s quite unbelievable to happen anywhere in the world. We’ve been to San Francisco many times and let’s just say that it’s even difficult to just trek up those hills, let alone to meet a single sexy (Swedish) siren of a woman right on the street. Unbelievable, but these things happen in the movies. They later get caught up in a fast whirlwind romance, after Eddie’s brother and father encourage him to finally take the plunge and get married. He didn’t take much convincing after living by the motto, “It’s just the idea of marriage, it’s just so permanent” for many years.

So, they tie the knot and decide to honeymoon via a road trip down to a luxurious resort in Cabo, Mexico, which was recommended to him by his own brother, “Mac”, the forever “p**** whipped” standard husband of modern times, played expertly by Rob Corddry. His brother tells Eddie to deliver a suspicious package to his contact at the hotel, so that he will be extra well taken care of during his stay. He has to simply deliver the package to a man by the name of “Tito”, “Uncle Tito” to be exact. Eddie agrees and after a painstaking road trip with his new bride, where she sings the whole way and reveals some tell tale signs of immediate reasons to divorce her, they arrive at the hotel. This is where another one of Brainstain’s favorite characters comes in, as Eddie meets “Uncle Tito” at check-in and immediately realizes that the man has a strange sense of humor. Eddie gives Tito the package from his brother, Tito smiles excitedly unwrapping the present whilst Eddie’s bewilderment becomes all the more clearer as he sees the back of what looks a pornographic VHS tape (old school), called ‘Remembering The Tight One’s’ to which Tito responds “Oh, mamacita. Que linda!” just as two other hotel guests arrive and see the videotape, played by Michelle Monaghan and Danny Mcbride. Tito rapidly puts on his helpful hotel persona, “Here is the adult sex tape you ordered Senor. I will bill it to your room. Would you like me to bring up anymore?” to which Eddie replies “No, thank you”, “Perfecto! You will have a fun night tonight” says Tito enthusiastically.

Saskia Clauss Image Credit

Saskia Clauss Image Credit

It becomes clear that Tito isn’t your average hotel employee when he feels barriers have been lifted by his annual holiday friendship with his brother, ‘Mac’. However, Eddie whilst on his honeymoon realizes that his wife is completely wrong for him, after she gets third degree sunburn from the beach after refusing Eddie’s offer and suggestion of using sunblock. Remember, sometimes you can’t tell a woman what to do, even if it’s just putting on sunblock. We know this from personal experience, which is why it’s so funny to us.

Therefore, she is locked up in the air-con room for most of the trip and this is where the plot turns and Eddie meets ‘Miranda’, the women from check-in. They hit if off and Eddie fails to tell her he is on his honeymoon, which unravels with hilarious effect throughout the rest of the film, with Mariachi band interuptions a plenty.   When Miranda finds out, she abandons her interest for Eddie and leaves him all set for his disaster break up from Lila. The main reasons for the divorce could have been that they are polar opposites, she likes sun tanning, he likes adventures, she has no job, plus she has a cocaine debt in excess of $30,000+, which he had no clue about and she enjoys questionably rough sex (which sounds not so bad, after all, right?). We suppose some people are just not made for each other. Haha!

Despite all the hilarious moments and comedic talent in the film, the best movie performance is hit out of the park by “Uncle Tito”, played by Carlos Mencia, with his famous one liner, “Screw off! I’m joking, man!” which he hear numerous times during the flick, much to our enjoyment. If you haven’t already seen the film, then do so, but only if you enjoy light-hearted fun and laughter and you don’t take life too seriously. Please enjoy and have a good weekend. Catch up on some of Uncle Tito’s best moments here.


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