Leo Dicaprio’s Fight Against Climate Change: Stunning and Brave

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Witness “Di Caprio” the crusader in his element, riding fearlessly in his fossil-fueled chartered helicopter to capture action shots of deadly carbon criminals.  Cows farting methane, mostly.  Then there’s the evil carbon-emitting oceans and volcanoes, teeming with that earth-hating devil gas, carbon dioxide.  Also known as, DUN-DUN-DUN… An essential building block of all life on earth.  No matter where you are on this subject, Leonardo Dicaprio’s new documentary, “Before The Flood,” premiering October 30th on National Geographic, is sure to entertain. Directed by Fisher Stevens (“The Cove“), and with Martin Scorsese credited as executive producer, the film is promising on it’s face, including Leo’s interviews with President Obama, Pope Francis, and a host of whiskered academics to give it an authoritative feel.  Mostly though, It’s Leo.  In every scene. Reminding you how much Leo cares and that he’s even sexier than Al Gore (buy here).

Brace yourself for the very beginning, where he arrives (via private jet) to a UN summit on climate change to guilt everyone into emitting less carbon, presumably to make up for his personal consumption that would rival the collective energy usage of Zimbabwe. With no sense of irony, he explains how the changing climate is the foremost humanitarian crisis on earth to a bunch of  member state delegates hand-picked by the world’s foremost child sex traffickers, executioners of political prisoners,  and news censorers.  If it seems a bit over the top, consider this: Saudi Arabia has served as the chair of the UN Committee on Human Rights. Think about that for a second, a country where it’s illegal to simply be outwardly gay or convert to Christianity, as chair of its human rights committee?!  No matter, their check to the Clinton Foundation cleared, so we’ll say they are a “bastion of stability in a very volatile region,” as pundits love to pund.  But, I degrease.

As with all other “Greensploitation” films, expect to be inundated by such sentiments as “the debate is over,” the phrase that has come to typify how much the pseudo-scientific climate hustlers love to engage in rigorous debate, discussion, and free inquiry.  Moreover, “Before the Flood” plays into this thoroughly dumbed down narrative and psychology of scarcity. Playing on the deep-seated human fear that always presupposes we are running out of stuff. “We’re running out of time! We’re running out of oil! We’re running out of toothpaste!” All these dishes served up by self-important morons to make themselves look like unheeded prophets and you look like pathetic laymen.  Two camps profited greatly from the period people in the late 90’s referred to as “peak oil.”  Environmentalists and the oil companies.  Two forces supposedly at odds with each other. Another cottage industry that has popped up are what I like to call environmental bean counters.  The folks who grabbed an arbitrary number of a particular species out of thin air and decided that many of those species are too little.  The same types of claims are made in “Before the Flood.”

Leonardo Di Caprio, slow clapping.

Leonardo Di Caprio, slow clapping.

Did Leo decide to go to Ecuador where scientists recently found 29 new species in 30 days? Na, that’s not a story that bean counters want to hear. It’s doesn’t allow someone to profit off of over-hyped scarcity.  There’s also this thing called the “Medieval Warm Period” that the film can’t explain. It was the warmest prolonged period of rising temperatures, and yet took place before any industry, and when the population of the earth was a fraction of today’s.

Leo loves to point out the sinister corporate interests that populate the basket of deplorables now known as “climate deniers,” a group that champagne socialists are hoping to push to the same level of social exclusion as holocaust deniers.  But, when these same forces get together and create a carbon trading scheme, a system of “pay to pollute,” then guess who enters the fold? Big banks.  That’s right.  They can guilt poor people into paying Wall Street institutions to shrink their own carbon footprint, not to mention possibly stunting their own children’s literal footprint due to malnurishment. Even the most well-intentioned, likeable environmentalists fall into this corporate category.  Thomas Linzey at the ‘Earth At Risk Summit’ spoke very convincingly about protecting the environment, then  proceeded to quote ‘World Bank’ figures predicting the rising sea levels. No climatologists or oceanographers. He based his entire doomsday scenario on numbers given to him by the ‘World Bank’, an institution that has made it’s entire existance possible by fleecing underdeveloped countries.  Expect the carbon trading scheme to do the very same thing.  If there wasn’t a real motive there for them to stoke hysteria, I would have passed it off as just a joke, like getting a colonoscopy from your butcher or going to a Catholic confession to check your cholesterol levels.  As for “Before the Flood,” this is no Al Gore power point presentation. This will be the sexiest PR for predatory banking we’ve ever seen.  This will be Leonardo Dicaprio’s feature-length infomercial for the ‘World Bank’.

There is one thing to look forward to, that’s for sure, an original score from Trent ReznorAtticus RossMogwai, and Gustavo Santaolalla.

<Story by Bjorn Vader>

Featured photo credit by Neupaddy Pixbay.

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