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At Brainstain, we love to point out idiosyncrasies within society and within public perception in general. There is no one that quite matches the barely walking contradiction of Michael Moore, the supposed poster boy of the working class people, whilst being an obviously abhorrent purveyor of saying one thing and then doing the complete other. Should an obese 350lb+ man counsel us on the dangers of over-consumption? Should a man that is a lifelong member of the NRA, also make a film like ‘Bowling for Columbine’ released in 2002, touching on gun control in the wake of the Columbine High school shootings in 1999? The answer is, “No”. Should a man that complains about the erosion of the U.S. middle class, which is true, after eight years of the Democratic party with Obama at the helm, in making trade deals that lost U.S.A’s factory production to foreign countries, be allowed to call Republican supporters for Trump, as being “legal terrorists”? The answer is “No”.

But, he said this over the weekend to try to gain support for his latest documentary, “Trumpland”. However, his analysis and comments were not well received by all the American public. Go figure, because it is another lie and it fits in well with his body of work, which is mostly biased based propaganda, used to suit his current purpose.

Twitter Comments

Twitter Comments

This sort of money grabbing troll like behavior, whilst hanging onto some form of morale high ground is seemingly rife inside the minds of the DNC and within all their champagne swigging celebrity endorsements to date. Yes, the lard lord of the deplorable term “double standard” is trying to promote a new documentary, called “Trumpland” where he will once again try to use his contradictions to squeeze out any interest in his already faltering public persona and image, that only caters to the most impressionable idiot in reverse. Just the thought of “Michael Moore” makes us feel a little unwell this morning, like a queasy type of morning sickness, worsening as we look into the hypocrisy of this overweight man.  He was all for Bernie Sanders, a far left “Gargamel” looking guy that was so nice, he thought he could turn America into a communist version of a socialist Sweden.

Gargamel was a sucker for gold.

Gargamel was always a sucker for gold. Poor Smurfs. Photo Source Credit.

But, he didn’t get the nomination. Also, shortly after this he received a massive payday from the Clinton campaign to make his supporters change their minds to a Hillary vote. Michael Moore is now publically endorsing Hillary, regurgitating fake poll numbers and being a left wing “pariah” of the establishment & those special interest owned news media networks, like CNN. How much was Moore serviced with funds for his newest hot air blowing documentary called “Trumpland”? We are not sure, but this remains to be seen, what Moore really saw was an opportunity to cash in, so that he could line his pockets again, just like the Clinton’s do.

Bill and Hillary Clinton recently released their tax returns, in 2015, the Clinton’s wrote off $1,042.00 in charitable contributions. Out of that sum, $1million went to the Clinton Family Foundation. So, 96% of the Clinton’s charity money went back to themselves, so you see they control the flow of all that charity money. The rest of the money that year, in charitable donations was roughly $700,000, the Clinton’s donated this to an establishment charity, but later that same year, the $700,000 was donated back to the Clinton Foundation and they thus got a massive tax deductible. “Keep it in the family – Class 101” for charity fund spinners.

In 2014, the Clintons donated $3million to the Clinton Foundation, getting a huge tax deduction once again and this is how they complete their “circle of refining greed” by sending it around in a short circle of charities back to themselves. Since 2001, the Clinton’s have made $150million in speeches at huge establishment gatherings for big corporations, mostly big banks, who have paid them thirty nine times and then they donate that money back to their friends, then themselves and spin it around with each other, making all that money back in the beautiful name of “charity”?

Voting for Obama does not make you predisposed to vote for Hillary, just because they served together in the White House, preferring to avoid real political issues, instead wanting you to focus on gender neutral toilets in schools and besides the good news of the legalisation of gay marriage and marijuana in some states.  Meanwhile, paying no attention to the overriding importance of terrible trade deals conducted, killing the working class of the U.S.A for special interest groups and also paying out no less than $1.5billion to Iran in a deal for hostage releases, delivered in cash aboard an airplane runway in Tehran. Don’t pay any mind either to Saudi Arabia, who has been a particularly generous benefactor to the Clinton Foundation, already donating between $10 million and $25 million to the Clinton Foundation for no doubt, special interest purposes. Sometimes we wish we had such generous friends.  More than likely, this money will have been siphoned back to? Yep, you guessed it. Where else? Whilst at the same time, LGBT rights are not recognized in the Saudi kingdom and executing homosexuals seems to be one of their favorite pastimes. Cross-dressing and loving a person of the same gender is also punishable by death. It isn’t hypocritical in the least, right, to say one thing, then support the other?  This has become the well known stereotype of career politicians.  What do they do? They lie.

Do you think it’s hypocritical of the Clinton’s, Obama’s and their Hollywood hacks to push this agenda of double standards in the face of the US presidential election, whilst spewing out lies about Trump in a smear campaign on mainstream media, trying to pin old women that are coming out of the woodwork claiming some form of sexual harassment? Doesn’t this seem suspicious that it would come at a time like this, less than two weeks before voting day? In trying to dig up a smear campaign on the rival party candidate in the election on bought news networks, when they should be really focused on the issues to bring America out of a financial ditch. The real reason, of course, is that they feel threatened and they fear there will be no more “champagne”, as Donald Trump will come in and clean house of the corrupt power structure that the country is currently stuck inside. Don’t you think it is hypocritical for “Black Lives Matter” campaigners that are paid for and funded by George Soros, (Hillary’s ally) some being paid as much as $1,500 each, to incite violence and disrupt Trump rallies, as leaked DNC emails confirmed in Assange’s ‘Wikileaks‘ drop just the other week. Creating violence and duping people, then calling out the other candidate as “racist”, while funding a compartmentalized race war from within, with one of your parties’ biggest financial donors in George Soros? We think that it’s much worse than just “hypocrisy” it is in fact, the “criminal” and “scandalous” tactics of dirty politics gone awry.

So, is it hypocritical of Michael Moore to now come out and endorse Hillary and make a documentary film, called “Trumpland”?

Moore, doing his best Walrus and Seal impersonation here. Uncanny.

Michael Moore, doing his best walrus and seal impersonation here. Uncanny, isn’t it?

Is it hypocritical to condone, then later un-condone Obamacare? When we know it to be one of the first things that does need immediate reform in America. We believe so. We also believe that the man should be referred to as a “champagne socialist” with his net worth of over $50 million, for dilly-dallying back and forth on everything he ever stood for. He is now a true “left wing limousine” rider in the face of a media smear campaign against Donald Trump, to keep up this façade of fair government in the hope of your return of a Hillary vote on November 8th, 2016.

A common baseline in Michael Moore’s work is the word “deception”, because of how he fixes up any views and his plot alignments to fit his fluctuating stance on the topics of his films. Often times inverting fiction for truth, to line his pockets for the benefit of whatever he feels will strike a chord with a largely unknowing public out there, in America today. This is a “fake” person; fake is defined here from Google listings:

Fakeadjective – 1. 
not genuine; imitation or counterfeit.” (E.G. – “she got on the plane with a fake passport”)

This fat liar is the biggest walking contradiction we can come up with at this time, apart from Hillary Clinton and the seemingly unaware workers for the DNC. In order for us to hold in our lunch today, we must move on and stop looking into this propaganda specialist. Michael Moore spews out any jargon to line his pockets, claiming to be for the working class, complaining about the 1% who hold all the world’s wealth, then snarls on about his personal wealth in his free time and then tries to suggest that Hillary is the solution, after eight catastrophic years with Barack Obama inside the White House, during a time in which his home state of Michigan has fallen to completely new lows of statewide poverty and general decay. Talking about General Motors, big banks, “give us a break and go eat a big hamburger, you lord of the lard”.

What a philanthropist he is, in his completely “objective” body of work! “Give us a break”. What a remarkable man who spins lies, talks about his support for the common people, complains about big banks, yet supports and endorses a candidate under investigation by the FBI, who is all for the big banks, then barks on about his new documentary, “Trumpland” and he thinks that he can really “fool all the people, all of the time”. His fat, smug smile and abhorrent personality in stances on any issue that does not completely contradict itself is non-existent in his body of work. A true “champagne socialist” and an obese hypocrite on the issues that he claims to be against, only wanting to brainwash the impressionable people for his own financial gain. No more, Michael Moore!

We do not endorse fake here at Brainstain and you will find this to be a re-occurring trend in our body of work and Michael Moore is undoubtedly one of the most fake men in America today. None of the candidates are saints, but one side is surely revealing itself to be full of sinners and to be down right anti-American at the core. We will not be voting, but, we do enjoy the sweet words of justice journalism in the face of “champagne socialism”, “liars”, “smear campaigns” and “Hollywood hypocrites”.


UPDATE Oct. 25th, 2016, watch Michael Moore retract his endorsement of Hillary here, perhaps, after we personally sent him our article? Who knows, but he is singing a totally different song now.  Salute to you, sir!


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