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Part of our job here at Brainstain is to watch garbage television and we were going to just relax last night, take that “crap in” and not really think about anything work related. Just doze off, perhaps? Much to our disturbance, we found the OMG! Golddigger & Proud documentary on a channel called ‘MTV’, which we believe we remember, before all that crap music of the last decade, was seemingly replaced with really crap reality TV programs. Yes, MTV still exists and to our horror we’re wondering what their target audience is and who actually watched this at home last night or will be watching on any other night, when it repeats on their channel?

Yes, the U.K. premiere of ‘OMG! Golddigger & Proud’ from Channel 5’s documentary season, was first shown this summer and later snapped up by MTV’s broadcasting channel, although, they barely scratched the surface with this documentary, what concerns us is the message this sends out to teenagers that might have been watching this program? Watershed or no watershed, teens do stay up late these days.

The message here is clear, that being a ‘Gold-digger’ is now somewhat socially acceptable in the eyes of the Instagram & the social media generation. Instagram has made many women their own focus of risqué modeling photos, with half clothed photos in order to accrue likes and followers. Some of them love to show off their own designer brand collections and there is nothing wrong with any of this, from modeling to being slightly vane and enjoying these brands. Of course, this is to gain a following, making your page desirable for potential product advertisers, that would wish to reach your audience, depending on how many followers you have. However, if this didn’t exist already, then this new warped ideology of gold-digging shown on the TV show so loosely, in a fun and chirpy reality format, could be asserted to the type of mentality that was running in line with a soulless high-class hooker. However, Instagram has helped to spawn out into the open and perhaps they have made the bed, for such TV shows to be broadcast, just after the watershed at 9pm.

Either way, the documentary featured some women, that we wouldn’t even touch with a “selfie stick”, but that’s besides the point, as we heard equivocally from the women that they felt exactly the same way about the older men that they were dating, solely for them designer gifts and fancy dinners. Stopping short at money for sex, which would be a little old fashioned and direct to the point and just a tiny bit more honest. Of course, they couldn’t include that part in the TV show. Especially, with all the confusion on modern dating apps and websites like with ‘Tinder’ and ‘SugarDaddy.com’; “you just don’t know, what’s what anymore?” This could be attributed to TV programs like this or to a whole decade or generation of those growing up in the naughty’s (00’s) where glamour modeling and reality TV had warped young women’s morality, leading the way for Instagram type modeling, which now perhaps, leads the way to your textbook gold-digging scam woman, preying on mostly older men. Ah, bless them! Somebody has to do it!

Laura Boyle, a self confessed "golddigger".

Laura Boyle, a self confessed “golddigger”.

As long as everybody is happy, then it’s “all good”. But, as we saw in the documentary, not everyone was, as 56-Year-old DJ Mark showed after spending lots of money on a rather average looking hairdresser for twelve months, without even getting so much as a kiss her. Immediately, we began “scratching our heads” and thought of this woman, who basically led a man on, to receive expensive gifts and free perks, whilst at the same time we knew that her gold-digging days were also soon to be over. To none of our surprise, the man had had enough. She later told him that she was not interested in him anymore, because he had wanted physical contact and at the same time, we also felt that he was no longer interested in her bullshit, either.

Well, that’s completely his own fault for miscalculating her lies and deceit. But, who does she really think she is? And, how is this sending out a good message to any impressionable young teenager that’s more than likely watching this TV program?

Calculating or calculating? Two of the same word, with similar usages.

Calculating or calculating? Two of the same word, with similar usages.

It basically encouraging viewers to become future gold-diggers, teaching them to lie, to cheat people’s perception on your promises, to ultimately scheme, to scam and to basically be a future fake professional escort (prostitute) with no value, instead only be a totally deplorable-troll like characteristic of money grabbing behavioral human being. Indeed, this is what it encourages as well as, lighting the fire for future people of the same kind, that have decided to scheme their way through life for their very own good financial reasons. Which is naturally their own choice and perhaps, rightly so? But, perhaps not.

What this TV show failed to realize was the dishonesty and scheming behavior that they were ultimately promoting. A prostitute should definitely be respected, but how about someone who would rinse a man’s bank account for nothing in return, whatsoever, whilst giving also them false promises? Sure, time’s can be hard out on the Boulevard and we understand this, but you didn’t need to go and make a TV documentary that glamorizes dishonesty and the scheming nature of these women who want only designer goods, like some sort of brain dead floozy from the sickly college of the ‘Half Prostitution Learning Centre of Life‘.

If they were smart, instead of just wanting manufactured designer brands and expensive clothing, they would put the money into a savings account, pay for college, pay their mortgage, give a down payment on their new car, save money for their child or get on the housing ladder, domestically or abroad and or invest that money into actual gold.  It’s important to be who you are, but just at least show some old fashioned decency and respect whilst doing it. Not for the man, but for themselves, self-respect  for their own time vested in such a scheme, because surely there’s a much better financial investment than these designer retail items? WTF?!

It seems that these gold-diggers were some of the dumbest we would ever encounter, but of course, there’s “smart and dumb” and “good and bad” wherever we look in life. But, this truly was promoted to the “stupid” and we just couldn’t help ourselves but to throw in our two cents into the wishing well. Whilst, wishing these sorts of women, “well”. Honestly.

But, don’t teach the youth to be even more “morally-void” and utterly “brainless”, than the 2000’s already had done. We feel that they’ve had to take enough “crap in” already, so please MTV and Channel 5, come on! It reflects very badly on the both of you, as the least you could’ve done was to have found some smart gold-diggers.

A pretty gift of a necklace.

A pretty gift of a necklace.

In conclusion, we never did say that Instagram had started a worldwide phenomenon of women showing some sexy photos for a lot of followers, in exchange for money and income, but this could be quite smart if you wanted to do that, especially if you’re a social media marketing whizz. Some of these women that have over 500k followers, can be banking some serious money monthly, but what sort of message has it sent out to a whole new generation of teenagers, along with reality TV programs like this?

Yes, Channel 5’s ‘OMG! Golddigger & Proud’s most used subject, admitted to working off of Instagram, mostly. And, we are sure that in the U.S.A. there have already been many identical types of reality TV documentaries shown that also highlight this same type of  “gold-digging”. So, in conclusion, if you’re gonna’ be a “gold-digger” be a good one and just don’t do it on TV and always remember that hardly anything in this world is for “free”.  Please do keep up with us here at Brainstain, as we continue to find the “Worst of Television”.


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