Hillary Clinton’s ‘IT’ Team Pleads the 5th on 90 Questions

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Here at Brainstain, we really enjoy when people are exposed for their wrongdoings, when cross-examined in the face of righteousness, which brings us to former State Department’s information technology staffer John Bentel’s commentary on October 24th, 2016, in front of a Judicial Watch deposition. He was asked no less than ninety questions regarding Hillary Clinton’s private email server and other questions relating to whether Clinton was paying his legal fees or even if the Democratic nominee had offered him a new job.

Let’s just say that Bentel performed an unforgettable ninety responses in asserting his respectful choice of using a fifth amendment right to keep his mouth shut on the matter of Hillary’s private email server. Just like the drug trafficker kingpin character in “The Dave Chappelle Show” whom you can watch here, in juxtaposition with some of Clinton’s IT people responding to questions about cleaning up Hillary Clinton’s email server to hide scandals, in what’s called “acid washing”.   Perhaps, we should use Hillary Clinton’s “Fact Checker”, too? Just to confirm that this is all true, right? Well, FBI investigations and Judicial Watch depositions, should be all the fire you need, where there’s that smoke, if you know what we mean? As the old saying goes, “where there’s smoke, there’s fire”.  And, we think they need to call the Fire Department on this one because the fire is out of control.

U.S. District Court Judge Emmet G. Sullivan granted Judicial Watch’s request to overthrow Bentel’s discrepancies in a sworn testimony before the House Benghazi Committee. Mr. Bentel had also earlier claimed that he was unaware of then Secretary Clinton’s email account being hosted on a private server, until media reports exposed it in 2005. However, leaked emails show that Bentel knew about the private email server as of 2009, when Clinton (buy T-Shirt here) took the reigns of the State Department after President Obama was elected. The media as of yesterday released content on Obama’s reaction to Clinton’s server being exposed, saying “this is bad”. It could be entirely possible that Obama thought that it was safe to correspond with Secretary of State Clinton via email in this way, with POTUS using an alias. However, these communications have also been compromised. Let’s get this straight, here we believe Obama to be charming,  but he has done a terrible job and done some terrible things, subsequently, caught up in the in-between, as a “puppet“, who in his last years, has been trying to pass through any laws or deals benefiting his people (not America’s people) and perhaps also exercising the wishes of those special interest groups, that Clinton is so tied in with, that may have invested so heavily, that Obama simply has had no choice either.

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But, just recently, he has been re-integrating known terrorists back into the world, releasing them from Guantanamo Bay.  Mashur Abdallah Ahmed al Sabri has just been released, a man murdered 17 American Sailors in October 2000 during a terrorist attack on the USS Cole, off the coast of Yemen. So, who’s side is he on? He is obsessed with releasing these Jihadi’s from Guantanamo. Surely, release those that were imprisoned by mistake or error (Bush regime), not somebody who has killed 17 U.S. soldiers, right?

Donald Trump today suggested that there may be an investigation into Obama’s knowledge of Hillary’s private email server, as well.  Why not? As he was aware and communicating with Clinton on it. Julian Assange has also stated previously that if Donald Trump was corrupt, Wikileaks would have been active in that area also.

Anyway, U.S. District Court Judge Sullivan cited an inspector generals report in May 2015, which found that Bentel had told employees in his office that the Clinton email server had been approved by the legal department staff at the State Department. So, knowing but all the time denying under oath and then using the “FIFTH!” in Dave Chappelle comedy like moments afterwards, when pushed for the truth.

Yes, we do enjoy to laugh here at Brainstain and this one is sure to amuse you, if not having you chuckle yourself to death. One of the good things about them pleading the “fifth” is that their lives may be spared after we’ve heard about the no-less than 40+ people who had some form of dirty information on Hillary Clinton, had mysteriously died as recently as this year and throughout her career in politics. Or was it much closer to 50 people, we think it was? The tally is so big, that sometimes we’re not sure. Make sure you go out and vote and exercise your right as an American Citizen and perhaps this time for some real “changes”.  The establishment of corrupt politicians and the bought mass media, are all frightened of when Trump comes in and cleans house.


Brainstain, over and out.

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