Hotel Hell: Mourinho & Pogba Still Shacked-Up in There?


Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United’s side go into tonight’s EFL League Cup crunch match against fierce rivals ‘Manchester City’, following some really poor Premier League form after losing 4-0 to Chelsea at the weekend. Why you might ask, are they so devoid of form? Is it because Jose still doesn’t know his best eleven or even his best formation, it seems? It very well could be after switching in-between Ander Herrera or Moraune Fellaini in partnering Paul Pogba in central midfield, whilst, sometimes even pushing Pogba into the number “ten” role.

You need a home, sir.

You need a home, sir.

Simultaneously, continuing to leave Wayne Rooney sitting on the bench, when in actuality all these players could be accommodated in a 4-4-2 variation of tighter positioning.

To be honest, we feel that Zlatan Ibrahimovic needs someone making runs forward to feed off of his “target man” role. That’s where a second striker would come in (Rashford) with pace or perhaps even a late arriving midfielder in Wayne Rooney storming into the 25 yard box right on time?

Surely, the restaurants in this hotel and the room service have become uninspiring for Mourinho, who definitely also misses his family back in London. We suggest sending out Gordon Ramsay with his series “Hotel Hell” to investigate everything at ‘The Lowry Hotel’, seeing whether they make the cut of Ramsay excellence. Don’t you also love Gordon Ramsay? Here at Brainstain, we do too! Nobody reaches the levels that he reaches in perfection and in general critique.

We hope Gordon Ramsay does a special celeb episode with Mourinho at The Lowry.

We hope Gordon Ramsay does a special celeb episode with Mourinho at The Lowry.

We could just imagine Gordon Ramsay and Jose Mourinho walking around ‘The Lowry Hotel’ openly slaying all standards of everything in their path by analysing plausible under cooked potatoes at  the hotel buffet, to even inspecting bed sheets for unswept pubic hairs,  to also doing a hidden camera investigation into seeing whether those hotel room mugs are actually ever cleaned properly? Or are they simply wiped with only a relatively dirty cloth for your morning mug of broth?

The media have asked Mourinho if he will buy a house in Manchester? His response was a whimsical “No” and we don’t blame him, but at least sort out a better residence for yourself, right?

With his daughter nearing 21-years-old, his son 17, is signed to Fulham, they’re all settled down in London, but still couldn’t Mourinho at least just spend his millions on a nice flat and or at least a good rental. Maybe, staff at Manchester United should check out AIRBNB for one of these? As well, Pogba might do well to just spend his cash and throw down on any sort of mansion, don’t you think? They don’t even need a mortgage, just arrive with counted cash money in bags, if need be. So, why is there this stalling in settling this housing dilemma? It is definitely having an affect on the whole team and at least having a comfortable place to call home for ‘Mourinho’, would have been just what the doctor had ordered way back in August.

This is not The Lowry Hotel, but it's comical to think of them staying in here. :)

This is not The Lowry Hotel, but it’s comical to think of them staying in here if Man U were in the ol’ Conference League 🙂

Sure, hotel robes, inclusive breakfast, fresh towels and your ability to throw things like hangers onto the floor when you’re in a complete rush, can feel appealing at times, but definitely not for three months. Sort it out United?!

So, what will happen during tonight’s League Cup clash, between Manchester United vs. Manchester City?  We can thoroughly recommend the football tip of ‘Both Teams to Score’YES x 1.57 your stake. So, with a bet of 100gbp, your return is a healthy 57gbp.

It will be interesting to see the starting line-ups tonight, as with most sides in the Premier League when playing in the League Cup, they usually field a weaker side, but with a Manchester “derby” at stake, we’re expecting to see a strong contest with the best players out on the pitch. The game kicks-off at 8pm Live on Sky Sports and you know that we will be watching closely and also be wishing for a good game of football.


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