Call of Duty: INFINITE WARFARE. Nov. 4th “All You Need to Know” (Preview)

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On November 4th, “remember, remember, the fourth of November” because that is the day when ‘Call of Duty’s latest release is set to hit stores, entitled “Infinite Warfare” (buy here) and it promises to be something epic, yet again from makers ‘Infinity Ward’. At Brainstain, it’s our job to get into these sorts of things and to find out what the kids are playing these days (I mean, over 18+ only) Heheh! So, what can we expect from this new monumental game in the series that’s so revered by gamers across the globe? Let’s break it down for ya’, as we’ve been at this COD series since 2003, when they first began ‘Call of Duty’.

We’ve played ‘COD’, ‘Modern Warfare’, ‘Ghosts’ and our fair share of ‘Black Op’s’, but since ‘Black Op’s III‘, it seems like this one is going even further into the futuristic war piece for you to sink your robot like trigger finger onto. Some of us still prefer the realistic prominence of Multiplayer in ‘Black Op’s II’, but, when the gameplays is always so good, then who the hell cares if you’re using an AK-47 or a Super Space Gun to annihilate your enemies, as long as you can drop a bomb on somebody’s grave and then shoot them in the face, for good measure, that’s all anyone should really be concerned with. In news about the game, of course it will only cater to PS4 and Xbox One, so if you still have a PS3 or an Xbox 360, it’s time to throw that “sh*t” out the window and upgrade, otherwise, you won’t be playing ‘Infinite Warfare’, unless of course, you work for the hopeful ‘Clinton Presidential Campaign‘. Then, you might well be caught up or we might all be caught up, in some form of ‘Infinite Warfare’, for at least 8 years to come. We much prefer the game, as well, and we are hoping for this to quench everyone’s thirst for war.

The game is set in a future where Earth has been exhausted of all its natural resources, forcing the planet to get their energy from asteroids and in outer space. Although, this does sound entirely implausible, this very may well be our future, so this is in effect a post-apocalyptic chaotic environment, which sounds so familiar by now. Doesn’t it? Reportedly, Jacob Minkhoff and Taylor Kurosak, have said that although it’s very sci-fi based, the one player campaign mode is drawing inspiration from movies like ‘Saving Private Ryan’ with Tom Hanks. So, expect a story in there too.

A Futuristic Soldier. Photo Credit CristianIS Pixbay. No relation to COD game.

A Futuristic Soldier. Photo Credit CristianIS Pixbay. No relation to COD game.

So, not only will you be some futuristic gun totting villain, holding the rest of the Online gaming community at your mercy, unless you’re as crap at these types of games as we are, then you’ll be dead in T-minus ten seconds (like we are), then only to re-up again and suffer a grander beating by some 7-Year-Old kid from Omaha, Nebraska. But, you’ll also get to sort of pretend to be Tom Hanks in the future, with a space gun, saving somebody that’s lagging behind. As if that really happens in war, or maybe it does? We’d like to think that it does, whilst we enjoy the gaming experience from the comforts of our lazy-boy.

But, what we forgot to tell you is that the game is also a futuristic homage to “Top Gun”, where you can actually take control of a spacecraft called a “Jackal” and indulge in some good old fashioned “Space Age – Laser Cannon Warfare” a la ‘Star Wars’ (Spielberg would be proud). So, it isn’t all just boots on the ground combat, where you sneak up on someone and knock them out with the butt of your ray-gun, no, there’s definitely more to this than previous COD game versions, which promises 5 Maps to start, with the usual extension packs available after purchase from the Online store. We guess, by late January or so. In addition, you have the game modes of ‘Team Deathmatch’, ‘Kill Confirmed’, ‘Gun Game’, ‘Search and Rescue’, Search and Destroy’, ‘Infected’, ‘Uplink’ and ‘Grind’, don’t worry, not ‘Grindr’.

You will also be able to unlock new weapons by simply climbing the ranks, like a true ‘Cyborg’ soldier. But, the best news about this release is that they will include a ‘Black Ops’ style ‘Zombie’ game mode, which in itself is a game within itself and has been since the release of the first ‘Black Ops’ series. Many nights did we sit with our best friend, who refused to play anything online, or anything but ‘Zombies’, trailing him like a lost child, reminiscent of the movie ‘Aliens’ with Sigourney Weaver. Yes, but it was all good fun. So, for the first time ever, the hugely popular ‘Zombies’ will be available in a game apart from ‘Black Ops’. We applaud you ‘Infinity Ward’ for this inclusion in the game and we bet our best friend will be very excited about it, if he could just get away from his wife, for maybe just fifteen minutes so he could give it a go.

Yes, so it’s safe to say, that this is the all-inclusive game in the COD series that we have all been waiting for, buy and pre-order your copy here. We know we will embark on our journey of carnage and fiery warfare on the 4th of November, 2016. Remember, remember, the 4th of November because it’s ‘Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’, baby! Keep up to date with all hot game releases here at Brainstain. Roger that! “10-4, over and out”.


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Watch the game Trailer here.

Feature Photo Credit WikiLImages – Pixbay – no relation to any in-Game Graphics.

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