ICONA POP: “Iconic Pop” the New wave “ABBA”?

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Here at Brainstain, we like to keep our ears peeled for new music, fresh artists’ and basically highlight those that might just take over the world, before they actually do. Call it a “premonition”, call us “culture vultures” and or call us out for “being somewhat in the know”. Or just call it out because Icona Pop has a breakthrough song, “I Love It” (buy here), which has 110,945,030 million views on Youtube, since August 2012. So yes, apart from their first hit single, we do feel that this incredibly humble and fun loving Swedish “duo” from Stockholm, might just take over the music scene completely and very soon.

Sure, we had heard their “I Love It” song before someplace, probably whilst sitting at one of those token men’s seats’ inside some fancy retail clothing shop, watching our previous girlfriend shopping away with our thoughts of “Ugh”, when will this ever be over? So, we were first confused and we didn’t understand the appeal of this song at all, we found it repetitive, we weren’t really listening properly, until this late summer when we were inside a packed Stockholm nightclub and the song came on, and the damn roof of the whole nightclub nearly blew off! With gorgeous women everywhere, singing out loud to every single word of the song, thus we were thoroughly outnumbered and we “didn’t care, we loved it”. Let’s just say we caught the vibe and admittedly a bit late too, mind you. But, as the saying goes, “better late than never”, right? Then we did a little research and learned that the duo of Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo of ‘Icona Pop’ were raised in Stockholm, a place close to our hearts and that they are no doubt super talented. The success of “I Love It”, saw them move from Stockholm to Los Angeles and also New York City, where they now reside in the two very epicenters’ of popular music creation. The home of the best songwriters, artists’, producers, to even director’s, screenwriter’s and entertainer “aficionados” in the whole world. Apart from Stockholm City, of course. Many come from there, just ask around in Hollywood to even around Manhattan, the Swedes have this creative stuff on lockdown in many different industries.

Icona Pop at the recent red carpet LA premiere of "Trolls". Looking dashing as always ladies ;)

Icona Pop at the recent red carpet LA premiere of “Trolls”. Looking dashing as always ladies 😉

We couldn’t help but think that ‘Icona Pop’ are the “millennial” half version of the legendary Swedish pop legends ‘Abba’, minus the bearded men with those lovely 1970s hair do’s. Yes, this is what the youngsters of today might call their ‘Abba’, from their very own generation. Yes, at Brainstain we are making that comparison, because we know what we are talking about generally, don’t you think?

The gruesome twosome have just dropped their latest single, last week, called “Brightside” which already has a healthy 85,000 views on Youtube after six days, which will come off of their new album. But, buy the new single right here. That new album, we have no idea when it will come out, but for now, enjoy the albums of ‘Icona Pop’ & ‘This is…Icona Pop’, which were released in 2012 and 2013, respectively. They have already paid their dues and opened up for artists like Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus, so we feel that their time is “nigh”. One thing, we have come to realize is that the young kids dictate what sells well, it’s that Youtube generation, you know? Also, we realized that ‘Icona Pop’ is clearly far better than your average pop act; otherwise, we wouldn’t be writing about them here at Brainstain.

In the intro to “I Love it”, in the original video (here) on Youtube, it features a brief intro with natural commentary from Aino Jawo, translated as follows:


“A horrible thing we started doing now, when you pass by somebody that looks really good, we always go, “ohhh shit, check that out!” – Aino Jawo


May we take this moment to just “holla” back at ya’ girl. Haha!  😉


Yes, we do feel strongly about the Swedish female duo, ‘Icona Pop’, who definitely have their pop music down to an “iconic” tee, to be exact, since we know they’ve been out working on some new material with the music industries best studio producers, mixing away. So, it’s safe to say there’s a new album on the way. We see you, ladies! Do it for Sweden! Represent! Brainstain, over & out!


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Here  you can sing along to “I Love It”, Karaoke Style, with AZ Lyrics.

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