Comedy Profiles: Happy Birthday (Halloween) to John Candy

Here at Brainstain, we praise and commend “trail-blazers” in all forms and there is no one more “apt” for such a term today, than the comedy genius of John Candy. Also, we love ourselves a huge slice of “Nostalgia” any day of the week, especially when it comes to comedy films. But, today is Halloween, but more importantly, it’s John Candy’s birthday, so let’s try and remember that every year from now on. John Franklin Candy was born on October 31st 1950, in Toronto, Canada and sadly he passed away too soon, on March 4th 1994, from a heart attack, whilst filming the western parody, “Wagon’s East” in Mexico. He was an actor that lit up the screen in every role that he ever played and which is why he is so revered by film fans’ and fellow filmmaker’s alike, around the world till today.


Candy as master salesman, ‘Del Griffith’s’ in ‘Trains, Planes & Automobiles’


Nobody has or will ever have the same “comedic magic” that John Candy possessed, being memorable in all roles, from “Freddie Bauer” in ‘Splash’ to “John Chester” in ‘Summer Rental’, to “Chet Ripley” in ‘The Great Outdoors’, to “Barf” in ‘Space Balls’, to ‘Crumb’ in ‘Who’s Harry Crumb?’, to that memorable cameo role in ‘Home Alone’, to the Olympic Jamaican ‘Bobsled’ coach “Irv” in Disney’s ‘Cool Running’s’, to “Del Griffith’s” in ‘Planes, Trains & Automobiles’, the shower curtain ring salesman’ that’s trying to get home for the Thanksgiving holiday’s, just like ‘Neil Page’ who’s played by Steve Martin. All these roles, leading us ultimately to two of his most memorable roles, as “Uncle Buck” in the movie by the same name, starring alongside a young ‘Macauley Culkin’, to even playing fiction soap writer, “Jack Gable” in the hilarious comedy “Delirious”, in the year of 1991.


John Candy in ‘Home Alone’.


Yes, well and truly the list goes on and on, so if you’re not familiar with John Candy’s work, now is the time to familiarize yourself because if not, you’ve totally missed the boat. They don’t make them like this anymore, a larger than life persona and a genius at his craft who was almost apart of that SNL academy of comics, but turned it down, however, just watch him here, in ‘Uncle Buck’ – “what’s that, dirty dancing?”

Here watch everyone’s favorite Uncle, knock out a clown in the true spirit of Halloween in 2016, here.


You don’t mess with Uncle Buck.


And, here he’s confronting lower school Principle, ‘Anita Horgarth”. As, “Buck Melanoma, moley Russell’s wart.” John Hughes’ is behind this genius, “who else?” We would be proud to be “Uncle Buck” or even to come near his righteousness.

Or find out how to deal with unruly teenagers’ here, in ‘Uncle Buck’ again.

To the magic airplane encounters and moments one can have at 35,000ft, when ‘Neil Page’ first meets ‘Del Griffith’s’ in ‘Planes, Trains & Automobiles’, it’s well and truly, comedy genius. “My dog’s are barking today” here.


Del Griffith’s is everyone’s favourite shower ring salesman’.


Or here on the road with Steve Martin, in ‘Planes, Trains & Automobiles’ as ‘Del Griffith’s’.

Or here sharing a room with Steve Martin, in ‘Planes, Trains & Automobiles’, checked into some crappy mid-western travellers’ motel. Classic!



Or here as author, ‘Jack Gable’ waking up in his own soapy fiction that he writes, as ‘Jack Gates’, “LOL, what a nightmare!”

To the nearly romantic and action packed horse-riding scene, in ‘Delirious’ alongside Mariel Hemmingway, watch here.

To top it off, in the almost forgotten film, ‘Volunteers (1985)’ John Candy stars alongside Tom Hanks, where they suddenly have to impersonate Swedish Doctors’ with hilarious results, watch it here. “Ja, Ja” (referencing Swedish porn Films in 1985) you can’t help but marvel in this comedy. HA! Even though, the Swedish is generally off, it’s funny; we’ve checked ‘phonics’ on Google Translate. : D

We can’t post enough John Candy movie moments, so we will stop right there and encourage you to laugh on Halloween, on October 31st, rather than just trying to frighten each other, since there’s still a place for great comedy, even though, it is rarely seen nowadays. Perhaps, people aren’t funny anymore, well, not as funny as John Candy, anyhow! So, remember when it’s candy you’re after on Halloween, don’t forget John Candy.



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Happy birthday John Candy! We salute you and propose a toast to you from down here. Cheers!


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