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At Brainstain, we pride ourselves on being unique, so it should be no surprise to anyone that we are interested in truly unforgettable modeling talent, that’s out there. Which brings us to our first ever-modeling profile on none other, than ‘Kat David’ (@universexpander), a model and actress born and raised on the tropical island of ‘Guam’, but residing in “the city of angels” (suits you), Los Angeles, with family connections to the United Kingdom. Which sounds accurate to us, “Angels” and “Kat”, it’s a perfect match.

Photography by Michael Mel. ElegantMagazine. @universexpander on IG

Photography by Michael Mel. ElegantMagazine. @universexpander

Yes, we hadn’t been on Instagram for very long, yet we were completely inundated with thousands and thousands of prospective models to cover in our first modeling profile. We had to choose someone who encapsulated modeling by firstly being a beautiful woman, artfully and respectfully, whilst keeping in mind that we only want to cover the “best”, the “rarest” and the most “exotic” in all areas of entertainment. Even though, Kat’s amazing lip shape look’s like she’s directly related to Angelina Jolie, we have of course learned, that that’s completely false.  : )

We pride our content to be “original” in all senses of the word, whether it’s our take on breaking news or to that current model to watch out for!  This is all apart of our job in being resident “culture vultures” here at Brainstain. Instagram has become a huge part of modern culture and we feel that model ‘Kat David’ is slaying it at the moment with her creativity in modeling, with her unique poses and so she clearly deserves all her plaudits. So, we decided to share our fascination with this mysterious beauty and we think you will appreciate her talent, as much as we do and we aren’t the only one’s who think the same.

She has already appeared on the album artwork of Anderson.Paak’s album ‘Malibu’, (buy here) who is the next crossover artist of the moment, from Dr. Dre’s ‘Aftermath’ record label. In case, you didn’t know about him, already?

'Playboy Muse', social media campaign. Photographer: Mark Velasquez. @markvelasquez101

‘Playboy Muse’, social media campaign. Photographer: Mark Velasquez. @markvelasquez101

She has also  appeared in editorials for ‘Next Door Model Magazine’, for ‘Playboy Muse’ on Social Media and for ‘Size? – UK’ the prominent “krep” and “urban” clothes provider of London. To even appearing in numerous music videos for artists’ such as “Demi Lovato”, “Britney Spears” and “Jojo”.  Additionally, she had a small role in the latest FX program, produced by Louis CK, called “Better Things” which is already becoming very popular after only it’s first season.

So, we suspect she’s doing her thing in the cities of Los Angeles, London and wherever else, her bookings’ might take her. We envisage a busy time for her, as she will become more and more in demand across social media, editorials and in moving images such as on television and in the arts in general.

But, we also forgot to mention, she had a small role at “Ted 2” (Comicon Fest), appeared in a recent ‘MTV EMA’s’ Promo, featured in ‘Victoria Secret’s Pink College – Back to School’ (Internet campaign) as well as in VH1’s Pilot for “Grown & Sexy”. Also, she’s modelled for ‘Beats by Dre‘ – ‘Solo Colors’ campaign as well as for ‘Reebok‘ – ‘The Rigout’ in the UK.

@universexpander Instagram, presumed 'Snap Chat' filter, we had to make video still. : )

@universexpander Instagram, presumed ‘Snap Chat’ filter, we had to make video still. : )

We hope you enjoy this piece and we hope to see more of model ‘Kat David’, everywhere.  If you do too, then please follow her here on Instagram. Until then, marvel in some lovely photography and modeling at its purest and arguably most “sexy”, that we have ever seen in this new age of social media models, from just being next door, set to being breakout models.

We will keep running our sporadic model profiles’ on “only natural beauties” here at Brainstain, so, when we find someone ‘special’ to feature, you’ll be the first to know about it.

Kat David @universexpander.

Kat David @universexpander. Natural Beauty, much?

So, keep coming back if you enjoy seeing beautiful women, reading current affairs news with a twist, or love the arts, or you enjoy video games and or perhaps a tip on the sports tonight, “we got you covered” people.

Have a wonderful day and just look at the amazing photos here within and also on @universexpander. Go follow her. Hat’s off to Kat David.  Thank you for this feature.


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Feature Photo Courtesy of Skinnydiplondon.

Kat David IMDB here.

Instagram for Kat David here.

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