October 31st, 2016, Football Tips – Today’s Accumulator


At Brainstain we are collecting momentum in our sport’s tips,  for now, it’s only Football or Soccer based. Soon you can freely sign-up and join our preferred Bookie,  with our exclusive joiners bonus.  News coming very soon.

It’s fun to have a flutter and take home some free money sometimes.  Who doesn’t enjoy free money and football (soccer)? Well, if not, you’ve clicked in the wrong section, my friend.  Last night, we were flipping from a 20GBP profit upwards, until we decided to place our mostly virtual stake on Seattle Sounders to win in their playoff match against , FC Dallas. It was some time well vested.

A little flutter Sunday morning.


Today we recommend the following accumulator, which is simply placing your stake in a filed, corresponding to how many outcomes you have placed, sort of like a multi-bonus multiplier for your football knowledge.  Today we have decided to invest 10GBP of last nights winning’s, as follows, this is called a “4 Fold” bet in our books.  This one is quite a safe one, take a look and perhaps join in on the fun. You can also follow the tips and some of our results on Instagram @brainstainnews

Today's Play Safe Accumulator.

Today’s Play Safe Accumulator.


Let’s hope this one comes flying in for our utilities! : D


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