VEVO Review: The Weeknd – “Starboy”. Also, Bruno Mars?

So, once upon a time someone told us that ‘The Weeknd’ was a top recording artist, hence, post-overhearing his music everywhere and with only ever really listening to it with ears way closed, we finally decided to give his breakthrough hit song, “Can’t Feel My Face” a chance, whilst wearing our very own ‘Pop Cans’.  No doubt, in analysis you hear the influence of Michael Jackson in the beginning with off-set breathing and “ah’s” there within, yet he also has a smooth voice, a little on the high-pitched feminine side, however, have you ever heard us sing? No! Exactly, so just shut up.

Only kidding, but this boy can really sing and with a real catchy chorus and a bouncy 80’s influenced style beat, he sings, “I can’t feel my face when I’m with you, but I love it”, which we will continually attribute to too much cocaine use, in under, let’s say “thirty minutes” or due to a localized anesthetic in the dentists’ chair. That will do it to ya’! How’s your face feeling now? Yes, this song is sure to be have been a hit in the dentists’ office too, but, we don’t recommend listening to it in the other way either. However, with 685,340,846 views on VEVO vision for the song, we know it has been listened to in all sorts of situations, but it still trails Bruno Mars & Mark Ronson’s hit “Uptown Funk”, (watch here) by roughly 800million listens.  This could be due to the musical mileage of uploads, only time will tell.

However, surely still ‘The Weeknd’s” success then paved the way for his latest and much anticipated hit song, “Star Boy” (buy here) featuring Daft Punk, released on September 28th in 2016.   Which in no doubt, references that he has become a ‘Star Boy’, (watch here) with the first organ keys of the song, sounding very similar to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” intro to the beat.

'The Weeknd' with so many awards, no wonder, he's the star boy. But, you ever heard of a 'Supernova'? Just saying.

‘The Weeknd’ with so many awards, no wonder, he’s the “Star Boy”. But, you ever heard of a ‘Supernova’?

In the video, it sees him, ‘The Weeknd’ being tied up and having a plastic bag put over his head, by an apparent alter-ego of his, perhaps, let’s call him ‘Star Boy’ himself.  Then the alter-ego leaves the famous haircut and artist of ‘The Weeknd’ just laying there dead on the floor, and so the song begins. The ‘Star Boy’ with a new haircut that we can actually completely approve of and he is carrying a pink Exodus cross in his hands. Did someone sign up to perform very blasphemous imagery in his music videos right now? Who cares? As he stabs through glass shelves, framed glass posters and also musical awards’ trophies? We’re still wondering if we care about any of this or whether it’s just better to listen to this and completely shun the music video altogether. But, most importantly is that we played this song just this past weekend for the first time and we didn’t feel that this was the “Star Boy” that we were actually looking for at all. From the “a bit campy” singing, which is okay apart from some of the content; to the perpetual silly dance moves with this pink cross, which will no doubt have the Devil himself, grinning and clapping for his latest “Star Boy”. It’s definitely a macabre vision and we hope ‘The Weeknd’ is doing okay, because obviously, he seems like a real nice guy with undoubted talents, even though, Bruno Mars on paper, surely has a strong lead, as the lead crooner in Satan’s league of male vocalists. Let’s “yam up” a piece of ‘Star Boy’s’ lyrics shall we? Here it is and do sing along if you wish to do so:


“House so empty need a centerpiece

Twenty racks a table cut from ebony

Cut that ivory into skinny pieces

Then she clean it with her face, man

I love my baby

You talking money need a hearing aid

You talking ‘bout me I don’t see the shade

Switch up my style I take any lane

       I switch up my cup I kill any pain”


Once again, we feel the cocaine reference is rife on this track, presumably referencing that he needs a center-piece girl, his main squeeze, yes? But, he sounds very lonely here, as “she” snorts up the “Ivory”, then seemingly talks about money to him, he then sees her shade thrown at him and he then turns to his cup of presumable “gin” raising it up to his chin, for a depressing taste of what this song is really offering. Meanwhile, Bruno Mars, who is clearly out of the closet a long time ago, comes out with “24k Magic”(buy here)  released on October 6th 2016, with a video shot in Las Vegas, with a contemporary disco boogie vibe with major elements of “fun”, with a latent Motown and James Brown type funky feel in it’s vocal prowess. We’d watch this video any day with Bruno’s tons’ of sexy and slender female models, that he couldn’t ever care less about, but we will (watch here), as he brings it back to the things that get people up off their chairs to dance to ultimately funky sounds.

Mars has finally found the right type of sound. Thankfully, no more "Grenade" ever, please!

Mars has finally found the right type of sound. Thankfully, no more “Grenade” ever, please!

Unlike, listening to this “Star Boy” song, which was very much hyped up in the build up, but we thought the song would be a little cooler than just being about some character boasting on about his self-promotional ego, while at the same time, it’s a sad medley confession to loneliness and cocaine use. This is what this ‘Star Boy’ song is really all about, a depressed powder boosted confidence of a high which is hell bent on world domination, whilst some floozy sits on your living room carpet, leaning over some glass table, “Then she clean it with her face, man”, keeping you up with the post-nonsensical “shit-chat”, because she’s probably from the Mid-West, that’s now out to make it in the big city of LA? It does sounds like ‘The Weeknd’ has been working too hard and that he needs a vacation to get away from all this negative energy. Or just take a note out from Bruno Mars’s vibes and have some fun, instead of us having to hear about depressed millionaires and their “loose” women. That might be the difference in the 800million views on that other video too?

We never really thought we would endorse or decipher any of these artists, but it was a fun look at what the kids are listening to today. ‘The Weeknd‘ looks so healthy too, he’s never touched the stuff, so we are a bit baffled by the references in his music and we can’t help but hope that in his next song, we will hear something a little more genuine and all around, more light hearted.

In doing this honest song dissection, let us know if you enjoyed this brutally spot-on analysis, all be it brief, of ‘Star Boy’. Do share your views in the comments section below with us and come back for more music and entertainment digest.


Brainstain, over and out.

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Feature Photo Credit: Geralt (Pixabay)

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