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At Brainstain, we like a high dosage of inappropriate at any given moment and there’s hardly anyone doing as many inappropriate character’s, as the infamous Simon Rex. Born and raised in San Francisco, California, the former Tommy Hilfiger model used to live in New York City, until making a correct move to Los Angeles in 1998, landing him an MTV ‘VJ’ gig and even interviewing Tupac Shakur (buy here) in what would be his last interview, talking about the “One Nation” album that never came to be. Historic work, right there! There’s not many worthy modern day icons alive today, but you’d have to admit that Simon Rex is one of them, with his freakishly funny and off-the wall strains’ of comedy that are all readily available on social media.

Simon Rex aka Dirt Nasty

Simon Rex aka Dirt Nasty


Of course, that’s not all, as he’s a trained actor and a rap parody recording artist, going under the moniker of ‘Dirt Nasty’ who delivered us comedy hits like “P**** Too Hot” (watch here, 18+). As well, as “Bang Her” with the original and acclaimed filth legend, ‘Too Short’, who shows no signs of ever retiring? Yes, comedy misogyny is alive and well, within these two, so we guess that’s why they call him “Dirt Nasty”? Of course, ‘Dirt Nasty’ also featured on the highly inappropriate ‘Mickey Avalon’ song, “My Dick”, which dropped in 2006.

However, way before this, Simon Rex was widely praised and given critical acclaim for playing “George”, alongside stellar comedic performances from Charlie Sheen and Anna Faris in ‘Scary Movie 3’.

In the film, the plot is largely and perfectly parodying M. Night Shyamalayan’s ‘Signs’ (one of the worst films of all time), as well as Eminem’s ‘8 Mile’, as George, the country farmer boy, goes all hardcore in underground verbal rap battles on the mic (watch here) just like Eminem.  Priceless! Oh, by the way, the film also stars Kevin Hart and features a cameo from Hip-Hop legend, ‘Fat Joe’.



Which leads us onto his next bit part in B-Movie stardom in ‘Scary Movie 4’, onto his more leading role in ‘Scary Movie 5’, which admittedly doesn’t hit the mark, it’s a seriously un-funny film with Ashley Tisdale and even a cameo from crazy ‘Kat Williams’. Still, ‘Scary Movie 3’ is a comedy classic and as ‘George’, he basically steals the whole movie. We thoroughly recommend re-watching this parody and we think we’ll get our own copy here. His next film role, will be playing the ‘Dark Jokester’ in ‘Avengers of Justice: Farce Wars’ and we’re really looking forward to this parody of Super-hero films and also Jared Leto’s “Joker” in ‘Suicide Squad’ (buy here).

Photo Credit TMSTBCH Pixbay

Photo Credit TMSTBCH Pixbay

Also, recently he was one of a chosen few that were hand picked to close out the Season Finale of the ‘Ancient Aliens’ series, openly lambasting those that don’t believe in the possibility of life and other life forms on other planets. True! Fair play to him! Simon Rex also featured in ‘Vogue’ magazine in December 2014, so, you know those old ladies at ‘Vogue’ are down with Simon, too. We’d definitely like to see that full MTV interview with Tupac Shakur, with the ‘One Nation’ album being discussed, in order to quash the false “East vs. West” media onslaught at the time. This was all about Tupac’s disgust with Puff Daddy for that suspected and clear assassination attempt on him at Quad Studios in NYC, in 1994, (we already know this, but, you have to use your common sense, there).

In an excerpt from Vogue, Simon said about meeting Tupac, “I was completely humbled and nervous. I was and still am such a fan. It was him just talking the entire time; he was super-cool.” Shakur stated on the ‘East vs. West’ drama, as “It’s between me and a couple of people.” We personally feel like we know who these two individuals are, but as they say, that’s another story.

Simon Rex, back in the day, when he needed a tailor very badly.

Simon Rex, back in the day, when he needed a tailor, very badly.

Back to Simon Rex and to what’s really endearing about his social media characters’ and own snippet videos, that he uploads from time to time, which feature popular characters like “Burning Man Dan”, the parody of the Burning Man Festival go’er and grid-jumper-off’er, who never wishes to return to reality after participating in mind bending drug taking at ‘Burning Man’ (watch here).

Or simply as himself, going off on a poignant PSA rant to his followers, which leads us to the new character of the moment, “Tweaky Rodrigo” by use of a Snap-Chat filter, Rex expertly parodies your textbook crystal meth abuser to perfection, with hilariousness all aboard with modern cultural comedy in the right moment.   Check out ‘Tweaky Rodrigo’ here, via Facebook, before he comes over and re-arranges all your furniture with his teeth. More here, and also here, and then proceed to laugh as much as we do.

Yep, we felt it necessary to highlight Simon Rex aka Dirt Nasty’s contribution to parodies all around, from in his music, to in his acting roles, to even his social media characters. If you’re not already following, follow the dude on Facebook right here.

Brainstain over and out!

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Get to know the real ‘Simon Rex’ here.

Feature Photo Credit Unsplash Pixabay.

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