D.I.T.C. – New Album ‘Sessions’ Out Now & Big L (R.I.P.)


At Brainstain, we have a close ear affinity to Hip-Hop, since a young age and also in making visual content for artists’, so we have the license to write about it. What’s very exciting in Hip-Hop, recently? The release of D.I.T.C. ‘Sessions’ album (buy here) in 2016, “yes”, Hip-Hop fans worldwide will be glad to see this crew back in full effect. Of course, minus Big L (R.I.P.) but he features throughout in spirit, Diggin’ in the Crates (D.I.T.C.), the Bronx crew formed by Lord Finesse (buy here), Diamond D (buy here), O.C. (buy here), Fat Joe (buy here), Buckwild, Showbiz, A.G and joined by Lamont Coleman aka ‘Big L’, who was signed to Columbia Records in 1993, then launching his first promotional single with “Devil Son”. Then “Hip-Hop Magic” ensued with these microphone slayers together over Lord Finesse’s legendary beat productions’, such as on head-nod tracks like “5 Fingers of Death” & on “Dignified Soldiers”.

Lord Finesse would go on to produce the majority of Big L’s critically acclaimed 1995 debut album, ‘Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous’ (buy here) which received “5 Mic” status from ‘The Source’ magazine. Thus, firmly engraving ‘Big L’ as one of Hip-Hop’s greatest MC’s forever, for future reference. Not many have achieved that “5 Mic” status until today. With hits off the album, like “M.V.P. (Most Valuable Poet), “All Black”, “Put It On” & “Street Struck”, this collaboration of talent earned them fans worldwide, from New York City to Stockholm, becoming internationally known for that real “Hip-Hop”.

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Back to the ‘D.I.T.C’ crew and watch their new single from the album, ‘Sessions’ right here, with Hip-Hop kingpin ‘Fat Joe’ leading the line on “Rock Shyt” to the tune of an electric guitar riff. “Rock Star ish”! Hip-Hop fans worldwide will welcome the news that ‘Sessions’ is out now on Spotify, in stores and on digital download from reputable sources.   Check the track listing out here:


D.I.T.C. ‘Sessions’ Track list

  1. “Not For Nothing” Featuring O.C. & A.G.
  2. “Rock Shyt Too” Featuring Fat Joe, Lord Finesse & Diamond D
  3. “Its Cold Outside” Featuring Fat Joe, A.G. & O.C.
  4. “A. Barnes” Featuring A.G.
  5. “Granted” Featuring O.C.
  6. “Fat Joe Speaks” Featuring Fat Joe
  7. “New Wave” Featuring Fat Joe, A.G. & O.C.
  8. “Everytime I Touch the Mic” f/ O.C., A.G., A. Bless & Frank V
  9. “Make ‘Em Proud” Featuring Fat Joe, Diamond D & A.G.
  10. “Connect 3” Featuring Diamond D, O.C. & A.G.
  11. “Diggin’ Number” Featuring Fat Joe, O.C. & A.G.
  12. “Rock Shyt” Featuring Fat Joe, Lord Finesse & Diamond D


Apart from “Rock Shyt”, produced by Supa Ugly, other tracks that are well worth a mention are “New Wave”, with its murky electronic production, to the haunting  beat on “Connect 3”, to the macabre strings on “Everytime I Touch the Mic”. This album will surely have Hip-Hop fans spitting fire through the cold winter months. Lord Finesse said about the album “We are still following the iconic blueprint. A mixture of good music and the message. We don’t just talk; we represent it.” So, go and buy your copy of ‘Sessions’ here.


Brainstain over and out!

 R.I.P. – Big L

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