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Once again Hillary Clinton (buy here) has been exposed even further today, with just two days to go until election day, after some 33,000 emails from Wikileaks have already divulged her “pay to play” deals with foreign Islamic countries, showing sales of weapons and arms, funding ISIS, intentionally going into kill Gaddafi, thus unsettling N. Africa and the Middle East, all in for these special interests’ reasons’, causing North African migrants travelling into Europe, funding ISIS into creating a war in Syria and many other Middle Eastern states, resulting in heavy migration of refugees into Europe, but these funny money shuffle deals between nations like S. Arabia, Qatar, Morocco, to the Clinton Foundation, with investors and leaders that you wouldn’t ever want involved in a Western democracy, have come to light on her email server. In these subsequent well-timed releases by Wikileaks and now with the FBI investigating further into Hillary’s emails again, with Obama still looking to block this investigation, whilst, Rudy Giuliani is saying he has many friends at the FBI. How much longer can the Hillary Clinton charade continue with only two days to go?

Even Anthony Weiner (watch here), the disgraced teen seeker pervert and serial “sexter” to a 15 year old girl, once together with close Hillary’s close aide, Huma Abedin, who also had plausible access to classified information through his relationship to Huma and he is also now facing further questioning by the FBI for various illicit scandals. This is also the grand icing on the “cake” of the Hillary Clinton campaign, which is already “crumbling”. In fact, the cake is splattered all over the floor at this point.

For just how corrupt Hillary Clinton has been during her tenure as Secretary of State is beyond shocking, way beyond shocking and one thing that is absolutely clear is that the Russian’s are not behind these leaked emails. They have no vested interest in who wins the U.S. election, apart from the right and logical candidate winning for the reason of sanity and for better international relations.   Some in Russia have even said that if Hillary wins there might be a real nuclear conflict with the U.S.A and themselves on the horizon. It is clear that many prefer Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, for international relations and in making the world a safer place for everyone on this planet in general. Hillary Clinton has even gone so far as to square up to Vladimir Putin in the presidential debates. Err, not a wise move, old lady!

She is the first and only subpoenaed Presidential candidate ever, under investigation by the FBI and she’s a war-mongering sell out for donations and corrupt money. However, now the FBI have also discovered that Hillary has even gone so far as to disclose classified documents many times over to her Filipina Housekeeper, Marina Santos, on numerous occasions. Having her regularly print out and deliver secret documents. But, all in all, it’s a shocking self leak, apart form the un-secured email server leaks, linking her to jihad, murder, money pay for play deals and so much more, much more. Hillary ordered Huma by email “Pls ask Marina to print for me in am”, as well as Monica Hanley’s email, another one of Hillary’s aides, who wrote “We can ask Marina to print this”. Yes, let’s have a cleaning lady, oversee classified documents.  Yes, you’re reading this correctly, it is not a joke.

Words are just words. Lies are always lies. Photo Credit: John Hain Pixabay.

It’s unbelievable that a Filipina housekeeper would have such a wide range of work tasks in her job description, just imagine: cleaning the house, doing the laundry, ironing, turn on the dishwasher, pick up groceries, pick up Bill Clinton’s dirty laundry, but also to handle classified U.S. documents, printing them out and being a general saviour of the day for Hillary. Clearly Marina Santos was so highly regarded by everyone to have access without any questions asked, printing off and having her eyes over classified documents, which was also shown to be known by Huma and even quite possibly, Anthony Weiner now, who would also have had access. It’s all just a comical shambles at this point of disastrous proportions for the Hillary Clinton Campaign.  The FBI are very interested in all this and surely this is the final nail in the coffin.

There have been so many leaks of interest coming out of the DNC, where even campaign manager John Podesta has been implicated in a “waterworks” style hit via email, in the killing-off of Ex-Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia in Texas, earlier this year during Obama’s reign. Concrete proof of everything is provided by Wikileaks. Please, watch this candid overview with Julian Assange (HERE) of some of Clinton’s horrific emails, which not only show that she isn’t suitable to become president, but also shows that she should be locked up after she loses this election. Obama is also coming into hot water for his knowledge of the server and Obama is now trying to patch this up before he walks off into the sunset, free from the White House.

The comedy in all this is that Hillary has always claimed no wrong doing, laughing during questioning during the Benghazi inquiry, where in fact U.S. citizens were killed, murdered, saying that her email server had absolutely no classified material on it, to relying heavily on the biased and falsifying media coverage, then paying people to instigate violence and racial hatred at Donald Trump’s rallies. Keep it classy, Hillary?! Now, it has become even more comical, she’s had her incredible trustyworthy Filipina housekeeper to have full access to that server too, basically, having her print out and deliver emails for her as well. Complete access! She’s surely seen a ton of information. Poor lady!

We hope you all wake up soon and vote right, choose to be aware, don’t be brainwashed by the corporate media that’s hoping for your Clinton vote. Don’t be swayed by Beyonce and Jay-Z. That stuff is ridiculous! Vote right if you’re tired of the establishments control, corruption and the many corporations that have money vested in and meddle in the nations’ affairs and also vote right, if you’re for freedom, equality, good business and prosperity. If you agree, then you must do the right thing and vote for Donald Trump this November 8th in 2016.

Vote Right. Maialisa Photo Credit Pixabay.

Vote Right. Maialisa Photo Credit Pixabay.

Even Comedian Dave Chappelle has also recently, endorsed Donald Trump, read here and said “Hillary is not right, everybody knows it” then also cheekily claiming that he had already voted for her. Pure classic comedy from Dave Chappelle as he knows he’d be safer to say that he voted for Hillary, even though, saying “she is not right” at the same time.  This is why everyone loves Dave Chappelle, because he has that authenticity and he is really funny with it, at the same time (buy here).

Additionally, Dr. Alveda King, Martin Luther King’s niece, has also recently and publicly endorsed Donald Trump. Read here.

Here you can watch a brilliant piece, questioning Robert De Niro’s sickly monologue on Donald Trump a few weeks ago, thus justified and explained. We can’t help but think that De Niro, who came out and slated organizations and the link between vaccines and autism in April 2016, then a day later revoked what he had said, probably because he was threatened by somebody. In turn, we feel that he had to say this about Donald Trump to make it up to the special interests’ that he had damaged or hurt with his angry comments about the vaccine and autism link. He is regurgitating obscenities as if reading lines from a script. Something that Robert De Niro does very well. Unfortunately, he has an autistic son, who was totally changed after an MMR (vaccine jab), but then he strangely revoked his clear disgust at the science showing the obvious link between Autism and Vaccines, a day later. Watch a juxtaposition of De Niro and Trump here.


We suggest that people use their brains when voting on the 8th. Over and out!


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Featured Photo Credit: Geralt Pixabay

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