Here at Brainstain we like games, all sorts of games, especially the one’s that push the limits of real life in juxtaposition to a virtual reality, readily available through the wonders of modern day gaming today. ‘Watch Dogs 2’ (buy here) does that and is due to be released on November 15th 2016, on PS4 and Xbox One. The game is set in the tech boom-town of San Francisco & even on the greener pastures of Silicon Valley in this tech era. So, expect to find everything from your Facebook blacked out transportation bus that’s blocking traffic in the city, to your happy hippie on hippie hill, juggling a hacky sack with some dank reefer blowing in the breeze.

Yes indeed, upon first look this game will have you in San Franicsco, without even needing to physically go there. First word is that ‘Watch Dogs 2’ is ten times better than its dreary and underdeveloped predecessor of ‘Watch Dogs’, with improved playability and an even more engaging storyline. You are ‘Marcus Holloway’, a hacker, motivated by his need to be free whilst caught up in this tech age of hack-able information at your very fingertips.

Cyber Age - Photo Credit Typographyimages. Pixabay

Cyber Age – Photo Credit Typographyimages. Pixabay

It seems with this release, some of us won’t have to wait for ‘Red Dead Redemption’ from Rockstar next year, as ‘Watch Dogs 2’ (Xbox Game) promises to be more smooth running and less stale than ‘Watch Dogs’, closer to a ‘Grand Theft Auto V’. Let’s hope ‘Watch Dogs 2’ have tried to emulate the playability of GTA V (buy here) even more so, than before, this time let’s have some bicycles and even ride able motorbikes, where you can actually fall off and hit your face into a brick wall, shall we? Yes, the ‘Open World’ genre have a latest competitor in ‘Watch Dogs 2’, which should keep you totally entertained through the winter months.  Most importantly, you are no longer just one sad loner in Aiden Pearce, that unlikeable “ass****” from ‘Watch Dogs’, but you are Marcus and his team of buddies, ‘Deadset’, a hacking group that you can inter-relate with and play along with into internet warrior domination. Yes, the online gameplay has also been revamped and improved upon.  UbiSoft seem to have finally fixed the biggest problems of it’s first release, forgetting the dreary Chicago setting in favour of the vibrant colors of everyone’s favorite ‘biggest little city’ in the world, San Francisco (buy here).

Dark, but colorful. Photo Credit Xusenru. Pixabay.

Dark, but colorful. Photo Credit Xusenru. Pixabay.

So, whether you fancy a stroll down Castro Street’s rainbow colored walk-ways, to stopping for an authentic Mexican burrito in the Mission or even running through the Palace of Fine Arts, only to scare Japanese tourists, it’s totally up to you. Or simply try to swim to and from Alcatraz, without drowning, we do hope Marcus can swim in this one; otherwise, he’ll need a raft like those prisoners in ‘Escape from Alcatraz’ (buy here). Perhaps, you want to stop and take a photo with your camera phone of the ‘Painted Ladies’ in Alamo Square, hoping to capture ‘Joey Gladstone’ or ‘D.J. Tanner’ through one of the windows (Full House). Yes, you can totally do that, however, you won’t find Michelle Tanner in there, apparently, she had forsaken her family a long time ago. Or simply, hide behind the famous fog, ‘Karl The Fog’ or just go hang out with the ‘street people’ of Upper Haight Street and get yourself a Tattoo, perhaps? Can you do this? We’re not sure, but surely the people will be there with a guitar and a dog.

Yes, ‘Watch Dogs 2” is bigger and infinitely better than just ‘Watch Dogs’, don’t believe us, just watch the trailer here.  And, find out even more here, just watch here.

We know where we will be spending our Christmas this year, yes, you guessed it, undoubtedly, we will be running around San Francisco, hacking stuff, being a freedom fighter in this modern age of technology, like Julian Assange, except you’ll actually be free to roam. Free Assange?! Pre-order your copy here.


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