Alex Williamson aka Loose Aussie: Post-Election Blues Cure, for Sure


At Brainstain, we’re always on the look out for comedians that can lift up your day, especially those with a penchant for satire, with a “Bogan” rhetoric rolled into a plausible premonition. That is comedy that’s way ahead of it’s time.  Like some Sort of Nostradamus, but  more funny than that bearded mystic, with that lone feather rising from his ink stick. So, post U.S.A election “blues and all”, after seeing so many sad Emoji faces & outcries on FB status’s today; we felt the need to even the playing field by trying to lighten up the mood.


He’s truly a “s**k c**t”, as they say down under, meaning he’s  “got skills”.

Without further a due, Alex Williamson was born in Adelaide in 1988 and he’s a comedian known for his YouTube and Facebook videos, first finding social media notoriety after commentating over old soccer (football) video clips in his Adelaide Aussie accent. Simply by analysing goals and action with the most inappropriate analogies, such as only a “Bogan” could, like this absolutely absurd comparison for a goal by Jordan Henderson of Liverpool, as follows, “Sturridge, pretty sick pass! Oh, here’s Henderson. Whow! What happened there? With a goal about as conventional as gay-interracial-anal sex in the 1920s”. (Watch here)  Surely though, his in game commentary beats the doldrums of Thierry Henry’s post match commentary at Sky Sports.

I guess this is why he is known as the ‘Loose Aussie’ aka ‘Shooter Williamson’ or the “Bogan Aussie”.

Onto another one, “Jamie Vardy, oh, there it is! He’s broken Nude Van-Fista-Boy’s long standing record here tonight”, in hilarious reference to Jamie Vardy scoring in his 11 consecutive game in the Premier League to beat Ruud van Nistelrooy’s previous consecutive goal scoring record for Manchester United.  Admittedly, Williamson is in such fine form (HERE) that it would undoubtedly make even John Motson blush.

Photo Credit

Photo Credit Nostradamus

Now back to the topic of the moment, post U.S. election “blues” today, but on May 26th 2016, Williamson produced and acted in his own Nostradamus like vision of Americans’ fleeing the U.S.A. in the event of Donald Trump actually becoming President. The video fiction is set in 2018 and you can enjoy this exquisite piece of satire here. (Watch here)

What’s poignant is that it fits in with this apparent panic of Donald Trump being elected president and also to those celebrities, who promised to leave the U.S.A. after Donald was elected this morning, such as Miley Cyrus, Amy Schumer, Chelsea Handler and Samuel L. Jackson. Williamson had this vision on May 26th, 2016, however, his vision of 2018 and refugee boats full of Americans’ heading to new lands is ironically funny and hopefully it’s not too soon, but you might just be able to catch a glimpse of Jon Stewart in a dingy boat. Have a look, that be quite the sight to behold.

As comedy is not reality, you can be sure to see America prosper in totally new ways with Donald Trump, rather than Killary, so for now, relax and enjoy the genius Nostradamus-esque short video from Alex Williamson. A true one of a kind comedian, full of Aussie browski-humor and some of the worst foul-mouthed language you’ll ever hopefully hear. We aren’t endorsing the video, but we are endorsing his Midas touch of comedic character portrayals.  We are not the only one’s to have praised him, but also, Sacha Baron Cohen (Ali G, Borat) who invited him for an informal chat/interview here.

Additionally, if you’ve ever had to sit through an episode of ‘The Antiques Road Show” then this video here, will surely bring back that comforting and nostalgic peaceful feeling that you get from the original TV Series, but with a modern twist. Yes, Williamson did appear on his own version of the show and (here) you can watch this gem of a re-creation, down to a tee.We look forward to see more of his videos, whenever they’re released; since you get a notification from his Facebook page when he posts one, so why not follow him here on FB.

Photo Credit: OpenClipArtVectors Pixabay.

Photo Credit: OpenClipArtVectors Pixabay.

If you love some inappropriate Aussie humor, then this is the guy for you. Enjoy and remember not to take life too seriously, all the time. “If you can’t be silly, then you cannot be serious”.  As Obama just said this morning, paraphrased as, “the sun will still rise tomorrow and America is still the greatest nation in the world”.

Very true and thankfully Obama will appease panic with such noble comments. There has never been a more charming President.  So, enjoy our favorite Aussie ‘Bogan” comedian Alex Williamson, whilst the reality of a better future is soon to be set upon us.  Brainstain, over and out. Sleep tight!


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Feature Photo Credit: PeterLinforth Pixabay

P.S. do you like Pokemon. Here’s (watch) his take on the new App sensation.


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