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At Brainstain, we don’t love politics, but we do love the preserved sanity of the people, the masses, so it’s fair to say that if you have been watching CNN for the past 12 months, unaware that they’ve been spinning extreme left wing propaganda, then you might have gone insane already. Can you recall CNN in the late Nineties, it was a reputable and dominating news provider, but much has evolved or regressed in the world since then, has it not? As well, as having news at your fingertips, on TV, phones, on kindles, in your headphones, yes, we are in the information age.

Over the years, in Obama’s presidency we were surprised to see the standard news reporting, being changed to everyone’s favorite Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) information regurgitation in the form of Anderson Cooper, talking in circles, 360 degrees of mostly “BS”, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. So, that people could sit at home and agree with this rhetoric, completely shunning what news should really be about, which is gathering information from different sides to lend knowledge to the viewer. Not to be a propaganda machine to the highest donor. We saw through you CNN and Anderson Cooper, we did all along.

Meme-Tastic Truths

Meme-Tastic Truths. A look at Anderson Cooper.

Sadly, now CNN’s “s***” is widely documented in the public consciousness, as being the Clinton News Network, so we felt it was only right to delve into this corrupt news channel, in hope for their own self-respect of which they have none, so let’s forget about that completely. They failed to cover any of the DNC scandals, let’s not go into them now, but instead they perpetuated lies and more lies to swing viewers into their false narrative. Here Milo Yiannopoulos, journalist and news writer pays a visit to the aftermath of the mass media’s post election result rooms and we had to agree that it was satisfying to see such a gratuitous and honest shakedown of the mass media image as whole.

Yes, if you hadn’t noticed CNN has been lying to you, surely, a reason to go out and protest in the street?! The same narrative they have pushed since November 2015, runs in tandem throughout the whole election process, in attempting to bash and put smear campaign upon smear campaign on Donald Trump. However, it did not work. In keeping with the Wikileaks emails of the DNC, which had Hillary Cinton and John Podesta confirm that their target audience in voters, were the “stupid” people, the demographic of 18-30 mostly, just Google the Wikileaks. The easily impressionable, the easily brainwashed, those that would perhaps cast a vote on the back of seeing Beyonce, Jay-Z, J.Lo, Katy Perry and Bruce Springsteen (click, to support the sell outs), hold hands with Killary Clinton. No, we didn’t misspell it, but thankfully, the DNC plan along with CNN of targeting “stupid people” did not work as they had expected, as their fake polls and smear campaigns fell apart with the intelligence of the American people solidifying a win for new President, Donald Trump by seeing through their propaganda & bullsh*t. He ran Republican, but you can be sure that he was the more democratic choice. While, Hillary and John Podesta, with their “spirit cooking” links to Satanism (watch here), would have naturally been a vote for the end of the world and the continuing end of humanity. Here you can watch the play-by-play of how Dave Chappelle called the election, showing your typical brainwashed CNN viewers reaction in character to that famous election night. Hilarious!

Meme-tastic. A look at Wolf Blitzer, looking blitzed!

Meme-tastic. A look at Wolf Blitzer, looking blitzed!

Well done CNN, you have lost the respect of people across the world and we would be happy to see the back of all the liars that populate this TV station. Seeing Wolf Blitzer’s face upon results of the election was priceless, as Trump won more states, he kept saying, what about if Hillary gets this state or that state? Pure fantasy! What an embarrassment and what a joke! Now CNN are claiming that they still reported on the whole election coverage over 12 months, in a fair and just manner. Give us a break! I think if we could vote to get rid of CNN, this would catch major traction amongst the people still left with half a brain.

Not only CNN, but this lying rhetoric to pollute the brains of viewers, has also been seen on many other news networks. We are at the dawn of a new age, the “Age of Aquarius” and this is truly the most interesting time to be alive, as more and more people finally wake up. What is interesting is that George Soros, one of the biggest Hillary supporters, donated huge sums of money to her campaign. He has more importantly been implicated in paying out of state citizens, to engage in violence to create racial tensions across America for over 12 months. Thankfully, he is now reportedly being sued to the tune of $550million. Which in retrospect is peanuts compared to the psychological damage he has done, to the poor unsuspecting public in all the states, where he has bred this fake chaos through even recruiting people via CraigsList adverts, paying them $15-$17 an hour, and even more so for the ring leaders and main instigators of violence. Basically, paying criminality! Lock this vile man in a dungeon, without food, water or toilet and let him rot in there, throw away that key. This would be the right punishment for this old divisive sack of sh*t. But perhaps, something more painful should be in store. Please, weigh in on what you think should happen to him on our comments section. He should be in jail, period! That would be the lesser of his punishments.

Throw CNN into the TRASH can. OpenClipArtVectors. Pixabay.

Throw CNN into the TRASH can.
OpenClipArtVectors. Pixabay.

Here you can watch Don Lemon of CNN as seen, even exposing a field reportage team of the channel, at these supposed Donald Trump protests. This truly is embarrassing! What a joke!

So, are we at the dawn of a new “news” era, hmm? What we project happening is that CNN will try and change their tune and be more objective for a month or so, then they will return yet again, to more lies, divisiveness and fear mongering, which is their expertise. We truly believe that CNN needs an enema, so they can wash out and clean up their deplorable news network of left wing hacks and the news anchor lie weavers. We for one, will only tune in to see the latest lies and propaganda, that they will spin next in order to honour their fear machine, with the inter-relation of evil being so evident, all across the board of their network. Personally it makes us sick! And, you should feel the same because you have been bamboozled if you ever subscribed to their lies. Your time’s up CNN!


Brainstain, over and out!

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Listen to Tool here. “Bullshit, Freak ring >> Circus Sideshow”.

“Wash it all away!”

Featured Photo OpenClipArtVectors. Pixabay.



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