UFC: A War of Words, Between Two Legends


If you haven’t noticed by now, not only can Conor McGregor (buy here) talk the talk, but he most certainly can walk the walk. The Irish fighting machine knocked Eddie Alvarez (buy hoodie) the hell out and now can lay claim to both the featherweight and lightweight championship belts.  Yes, UFC 205 was a memorable card and we’re secretly kicking ourselves for not putting our house on the line in the form of a bet for McGregor to have won this fight, beforehand. How can anyone ever doubt a man that speaks with such conviction?

You can see it in his strut, his swagger and in his stance, that yes, McGregor came to open up a can of “whoop ass” again, this time on Alvarez right from the get-go.  And, not to disappoint, this is exactly what the nifty little  Irishman did, rocking and stocking Alvarez, all over the Octagon.  It was truly a sight to behold.



As much as McGregor is famous for his bouts in the octagon, his words out of it hold their own captivating force, drawing viewers to him in an “all eyez on me” type (buy here) way.

Before his fight with Alvarez he turned up to the weigh-in, a little tardy. “Sorry I’m late, but I just don’t give a f**k.”

It got a jovial bit of applause, but all in all, it wasn’t one of his more memorable quotes. A 2.5/10 at best.

“Hang on a second” you might be thinking, “a fighter who talks himself up to the point of no return and can actually back it up, haven’t I seen this play out before.” Well, the answer would be a resounding “yes”.

The most famous of all would have to be the late, great Muhammad Ali (buy here). So, instead of trying to compare different fighters in different sports, from different eras, let’s leave this fight on an even battleground.

In other words, how does McGregor shape up with Ali in a war of words?

“My thoughts” on Dennis Siver are he’s a midget, German steroid head.” said McGregor back in 2014.  Now Siver was previously busted for human growth hormones, which, if you hadn’t guessed, is a big “no-no”.

So, McGregor gets points for telling it like it is…..Kind of. Steroid head? Yep, German? That and Russian, so we’ll give it to McGregor. Whether any actual research has been done to determine if Siver is in fact a midget is however, yet still unknown.


It’s a celebration. King of UFC.

As for the quote itself, it feels a little basic, the UFC equivalent of “you’re a smelly butt-head.” Points off for that. But, when the pair did eventually square off, it was McGregor who came out on top, so big points for that. Good for an overall score of 5 out of 10.

“Ali’s got a left, Ali’s got a right – when he knocks you down, you’ll sleep for the night; and when you lie on the floor and the ref counts to ten, hope and pray that you never meet me again.” – Ali said about himself.

Right off the bat, a pearler from Ali.  Notice the difference between the two. One you could imagine being said by any given 10-year-old on the recess playground. The other could have come right out of a Shakespearean play (Collection Here).

Ali had a knack for talking about himself in the third person, something generally seen as cocky, but when you’re the heavy weight champion on the world, I think you can get away with it. And besides, cocky is exactly what these two wordsmiths excelled at.  Overall, a pretty fine showing from the great man himself. A solid 7 out of 10. Sidenote: If we wanted to throw Shakespeare into the mix here, he would leave this pair in his dust.  “Your virginity breeds mites, much like a cheese.” – A line from ‘All’s well that Ends well’. (buy here)



But, I digress. “Cub Swanson looks like a 95 year old man, I’ll knock him out in one round, He doesn’t deserve to fight me, he should retire. Look at his face, he’s like a shrivelled raisin.” – Conor McGregor.

You don’t have to fight the Irishman to feel his wrath apparently. What kind of person appreciates being compared to dried fruit? Probably not one with any high self-esteem. And, how do you come back from an insult like that? “I know you are, but what am I?” (Simpson’s buy here) – Somebody, probably.

And, let’s be honest, McGregor wasn’t too far off the money, Swanson does have a few, wrinkly qualities about him. Overall good for a score of 8 out of 10, but after Swanson recently came out and said this of McGregor, “I can’t stand him and I’d love to knock his ass out. I know I’d beat him. Simple.” The score would get boosted to an 8.7, were the pair to fight (not likely) and for McGregor to win (infinitely more likely).

“If you even dream of beating me, you’d better wake up and apologise.”- Muhammed Ali.

The date is March 15, 1983, nearly a year and a half after Ali’s last professional fight. The camera pans in on a boy’s room, no older than 16, the walls covered with pictures of Frazier, Liston and most notably, Ali (buy movie). The boy has dreamt of emulating his heroes and one day earning the title of “champion” for himself.

One night, the boy awoke from his sleep in a cold sweat. He’d just fought and beaten Ali in his dream. He’d finally gotten a glimpse of what it would feel like to take down the champ. At this point his heart was racing from sheer excitement, so he goes downstairs to make himself a snack. Suddenly, he hears a knock at the door. He looks at the clock, it’s ‘3am’.

Thinking nothing of it, he opens the door and who does he see standing there? All 6 foot 3 inches of the punching machine himself; Ali.  That’s what I envision when I hear that quote. That and another idea for a ‘Rocky’ (buy box set) sequel.



A solid 8.9/10 for the quote.

“The ship was sailing smoothly. My coach came into my room at 1 pm, I was sleeping, and he told me that Mendes was replacing Aldo. I opened one eye, said “it makes no difference” then went back to sleep.” – McGregor on hearing he would fight Mendes and not Aldo.

What makes this one stand out in my mind isn’t a clever little quip (although it’s there) or the detail into his life (he opens one eye instead of two, who would’ve guessed?). Instead, it’s the decisiveness with which he says it. it’s the conviction in his tone.

Whilst, subtlety has not been one of McGregor’s finer qualities, that’s not what he’s ever tried to be. Can you say somebody has failed a task if they have not yet even attempted to master it?

This quote perfectly sums up what McGregor’s persona is when he fights, when he holds a press conference, and apparently even when he sleeps.

A solid 9.4/10.  In saying that though, there is still only one king of the quote and that is Muhammed Ali.



“I always bring out the best in the men I fight, but Joe Frazier, I’ll tell the world right now, brings out the best in me. I’m gonna tell ya’, that’s one helluva’ man, and God bless him.”

A man quick with a joke and quicker with a punch, I could have chosen a dozen or more quotes to fill this list, all with their own quirk and their own cocky charm.

I could’ve mentioned the time he “murdered a rock” but why settle for a squabble when you’re so good that you can acknowledge others’ greatness, without taking a step back?

The world lost a great man this year in Ali, and along with it lost a great wordsmith or two, still yet to be said.

A solid 10/10.  At the end of Mcgregor’s fight at the weekend, after his win he stood next to Joe Rogan and said the following, please enjoy here.  Legend! “I’d like to take this chance to apologise to absolutely nobody”.  Nice fighting words, as well!



<Story by Riley “Caveman” Krause>

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