A TRIBE CALLED QUEST: We Got It From Here….Thank You 4 Your Service (Review)

‘A Tribe Called Quest’ just dropped their latest and presumably last album this week, entitled ‘We Got It From Here….Thank You 4 Your Service’. Watch this guy here, a former NFL player, getting more than hyped up when listening to ‘We The People’ (buy here).  The album, comes a whole decade since their last official album release in 2006, with ‘The Lost Tribes’, followed by ‘The Best of A Tribe Called Quest‘ in 2008 and ‘The Lost Demos‘.



This is the song, which truly sticks out on the album. With it’s timely production pauses with the legendary vocal prowess of Q-Tip (buy here) entering at all the right moments. But, the chorus goes,

“All you black folks, you must go. All you Mexicans, you must go. Muslims and gays, boy, we hate your ways. So all you bad folks, you must go.”

The album dropped on the cusp of the USA election results and “We The People” touches upon what many people truly fear most. A divided nation! One thing that is for sure is that the album is divided into 16 tracks, featuring the late Phife Dog (R.I.P.), Elton John, Jack White, Busta Rhymes, Kendrick Lamar and also Andre 3000.  Check out the track listing here.


  1. “The Space Program”
  2. “We the People….”
  3. “Whateva Will Be”
  4. “Solid Wall of Sound”
  5. “Dis Generation”
  6. “Kids…”
  7. “Melatonin”
  8. “Enough”
  9. “Mobius”
  10. “Black Spasmodic”
  11. “The Killing Season”
  12. “Lost Somebody”
  13. “Movin Backwards”
  14. “Conrad Tokoyo”
  15. “Ego”
  16. “The Donald”

With notable tracks like, “The Space Program”, “Whateva Will Be” & “Ego”, this should have all “Tribe” fans, head nodding for quite some time to come.   They’ve been famous for their eclectic sound since 1990 and this album is proving to be one of those albums that will surely only grow on you, over time.

Our favorite song is definitely, “We The People”, because the production is off the chain and because Q-Tip is spreading some current awareness, although this isn’t all necessarily true, is it? Especially within the chorus, but it is using words which resonate with people today. We definitely hope that this isn’t true and for sure it isn’t 100% correct on presidential policy whatsoever, but anyway, a great song nonetheless! Nowhere, has anyone said that anyone must go from the USA (vacate), even though, it is felt amongst the public consciousness that this is the worst fear of the future Republican presidents’ agenda.  To screen Muslims from countries that are somewhat synonymous with extremist terrorism, to Trump’s promise of deporting illegal immigrants with criminal records, such as gang members and convicted felons, this could be beneficial to the USA’s safety in this unsure future.



But, this sound will surely strike a chord with many listeners and this is the “Tribe” that people want to hear right now! It’s clever, poignant and a surefire hit for Tribe’s final return.  It’s great to have them back and our only wish is that Phife Dog was still alive.  Watch them here performing the single, “We The People” live on Saturday Night Live (SNL), you go on and tell ‘em Tip!


Go and buy your copy right here.

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