On Monday’s, most of us are all coming back from a brief rest bite of some sort of; so-called weekend. Did you enjoy it?   Either way, maybe you stayed in, or you went out, or you had a hangover or you didn’t, but the dread of Monday has already arrived for many, right?   Now, you couldn’t even hide from that Sunday (our favorite day), could you? You knew it was coming to this. So on Monday’s, to get everyone back on track , we have a no-nonsense series’ coming at you, once weekly, to make you think just a tiny bit. From the ‘Brain Stained’ diaries of the backroom ‘Sketch Pads’, we unleash some quotes and say some things in this age of information. We hope you enjoy, with commonly unsaid material and notoriously un-provoked thought patterns to help you put things in a little bit of perspective. Come we go!



Most humans have forgotten how to channel, instead they switch channels, not remote control, it’s total control. – The Narrator


We hope you enjoyed watching the brainwash box or just staring at your cell phone this weekend, as much as we have. After all, we were tired from a long week and so we couldn’t resist it. Wrong channel! Wrong information! All garbage!


Some people make up stories (we call them liars), others create stories through written assimilation of letters, that when combined create emotions, reactions and take people on a journey of discovery which is based on truth and facts, and that’s that (we call them writers).” – The Narrator


It’s a fine line. Did you hear someone talking absolute “ish” this weekend or even try to put you down? Well, it’s Monday again, so we’re starting a fresh again and the question is, will you ever give them a clean slate for that next time?


They say write what you know” I say: “Write what you feel”. “How are you going to know something; if you can’t feel it? Life is energy, what you think you might know, could be mistaught, but what you feel is right there, down at your core. ” – The Narrator


Most people are warped by false information that they hear and repeat, but they never thought about ever sensing it. Is it true that people don’t sense things anymore? They’d rather bask in the provided easy view at face value, without feeling any vibration of truth. It’s easier that way, right? Repeat and regurgitate? Try to pretend that you’ve actually thought about it instead of actually doing so. No, change that frequency and steadily be vigilant on information, for you are the only “one” creator of your own thoughts. Once we lose the power of thought, then we become nothing.  Lastly for today, until next Monday:


Nothing beats peace & quiet, tell me what it is, then you can go and buy it.” – The Narrator


Have a good week, work hard and soon enough, it will be Friday again. Watch here. Come back every Monday for some insight within our new series, ‘Case of The Mondays’.   Buy ‘Office Space’ here.

Watch some classic snippets from that film, here.

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Feature Photo Credit: Johny_deff  – Pixabay




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