Green Day is an American Punk rock band that’s older than many Millennial’s first pair of shoes! Yes, and they’ve been pretty irrelevant for a long time now, whilst, we remember this super annoying band from high school. One thing is clear, they’re really living up to their famous song, ‘American Idiot’ (buy here) and are solidifying themselves as nothing less than that by attempting to make a political statement at the American Music Awards on Sunday night. What we think about this publicity stunt is nothing short of absolute ‘Dookie’! (buy here), just as the name of one of their albums’. Straight translation, meaning “sh*t”! How befitting that an album name, would sum up their worth today.

These old washed up dirt bags are desperately needing some attention and trying to find some substance for any new fans, so they once again decide to dress up like some high school emos’, whilst being over 44 Years old. Can I get a slow clap, please? This isn’t really working, is it? Your time has well and truly gone, ‘Green Day’.  Act your age instead of trying to sum up more  ‘American Idiots’ to believe in your false statements, playing their “angsty” crap music in a new song called “Bang Bang,” which was apparently the lead single off of their latest album, ‘Revolution Radio’ (buy here). Last night at the AMA’s, they later broke into a chant of “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA!” A band that made their name, alongside thoughts and trends like “Anarchy” of punk music are now going to staunchly spew out lies of the Hollywood music machine for desired effect. Supporting a left wing, communist type agenda, which fits in so well with their own image of punk rock “anarchy”.   There is no relation between Trump’s Presidency and his presidential plans, to anything of what these complete and utter clowns are  shouting out  in their painstaking version or noise that they call music. In fact, it’s all garbage, just like their music is!

We are still unsure if this is actually one of them? Photo Credit: David-Karich Pixabay

We are still unsure if this is actually one of them? Is that Billie? He seems like he’d know a bunch about the world, doesn’t he? Photo Credit: David-Karich Pixabay

Absolutely ridiculous! We’d wish that Billie Joe Armstrong would hang up his mascara, once and for all, because you’re a bit passed it mate and nobody in their right mind would subscribe to these left-wing lies anymore.   Perhaps, this is the kind of America, which would fit well with Billie Joe Armstrong’s “anarchy utopia”? Watch here and see what decades of socialism and unregulated mass immigration does to a country and then educate yourself, before you listen to these “American Idiots”.

This is the kind of America that Hillary and Obama had been working towards, full of refugees and lost immigrants not integrating in a nation. Rest assured, even in America there are segregated Islamic towns. While, on the other hand what Donald Trump wants is to preserve America by controlling immigration and to ultimately bring jobs back to the American people. Also, opening up the door for good immigration of worthy citizens from anywhere in the world and thus having legal immigration.

What was Hillary Clinton’s campaign about? It was a smear campaign against Donald Trump, full of needless celebrity endorsements. Who was her target audience? As it clearly stated in her own emails from within the DNC with John Podesta, the audience were to be the “young” and the “dumb” people.  Why did she lose the election? The reason she lost is because there weren’t enough “American Idiots” that were dumb enough to vote for her.

Why else did she lose? She lost because of the sickening scandals outlined in the Wikileaks email releases’, which helped serve the world with a much-needed balance, even as far as avoiding a future nuclear war with Russia. Why didn’t people subscribe to the views of ‘Green Day’ or other celebrity endorsements for Hillary’s campaign? The reason is because there weren’t enough “American Idiots” thankfully, for this ever to happen. Donald Trump is not a racist, his campaign was not racist, but because of left-wing media, they have perpetrated false statements through the horrible lies of purchased mass media outlets, such as the Clinton News Networks, i.e. CNN.

So, what do we think of ‘Green Day’? We think their music is garbage, we think their views are a desperate call for new millennial fans and is solely based on divisive lies and we think probably they should pack up and move to Canada already. We can’t find one good word to say about their lies and their propaganda, which they brought out in their orchestra of out of tune noise, last night in their live performance at the AMA’s.

Donald Trump’s election shows the need and grown up version of how people have turned their backs on a socialistic model, which has proved to be so unsuccessful across all of Europe. It’s not about using words like “racism”, it’s about being “realistic” and being able see the ultimate results of a DNC type mentality on the future of an already suffering America, via other countries like Sweden, which hasn’t worked out there and thus American’s have chosen President, Donald Trump, because it won’t work in the USA, either.

How about America going back to taking care of their own people, before importing half a million Syrian refugees on part of Hillary and Obama’s callous actions in the Middle East? Let’s put America first, let’s work on the country at home, that is Donald Trump’s way.  That’s why people voted for him. It has nothing to do with the stupidity you see on stage with ‘Green Day’ and or the divisive lies you hear on mainstream news.

So, we crown ‘Green Day’, the true “American Idiots” for trying to use hate speech in a message in their new song, which bares no relation to the Donald Trump presidency or even to reality for that matter. We are sick of ‘Green Day’ and we don’t like their noisy music and we think it’s time for them to hang up their guitars and call it a day already. They only stood on stage for the money, so it was a ‘Green Day’ for them, whilst spewing out complete lies to the whole world.   We find it shameful and it’s a classic view of how out of touch rock bands and celebrities are, in thinking they can fool people, just like the lying news networks.  It makes us feel sick, like having a stomach bug virus.


So goodnight and goodbye Green Day.

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