Cristiano Ronaldo: Comes Out After On Pitch Bust-Up?

Following the thrashing of Atletico Madrid by none other than Cristiano Ronaldo for Real Madrid this weekend, scoring a hat-trick in the local derby to win away from home and also win all 3 points, but that wasn’t what stole the show that night! Also, it was not his dive for that penalty which stole the show, it wasn’t even his goals, but it was Ronaldo’s on pitch bust-up with Ateltico Madrid’s midfielder Koke, which ultimately stole the headlines. Apparently, Koke called Ronaldo a “faggot” (“maricon”) on the pitch, perhaps, because he was a poor loser or perhaps it was that slick Ronaldo dive for that penalty kick? Or perhaps, it was in relation to Ronaldo’s suspected secret sexual orientation, that old rumor mill which has truly been spinning for years and years.

A Spanish radio station called ‘COPE’; reportedly overheard Ronaldo’s post-match conversation with a teammate in the changing rooms, and this is reportedly what was said,

“Koke called me a faggot,” said Ronaldo. “What?” his team-mate replied. “You are a faggot” he said to Ronaldo. “If we meet in Madrid, you’ll see what I’ll do” Ronaldo said. “What are you going to do?” asked his teammate. “Nothing, what am I going to do?” said Cristiano. “Who said that?” asked another teammate. “Koke, he called me a faggot. I said yes, yes, a faggot. But a very rich one, shithead.”

Photo Credit: Gunthersimmermacher Pixabay

Ronaldo lifted the Euro Championship trophy this summer with Portugal. Photo Credit: Gunthersimmermacher Pixabay

It’s truly a bad word, but on the football pitch anything can be said between competing players in the heat of the moment. It’s interesting to see what will happen now. We are expecting a long radio silence from Cristiano Roanldo’s (buy here) camp and from Koke’s camp, there’ll be an even longer silence.  With neither FIFA, nor Ronaldo or anyone really wishing to comment on this incident. So, we decided to write about it.

In the Spanish language, the word “maricon” is not a rare one, especially not on the football pitch as we have come to experience by even playing football on a beach there. To be honest, the word “maricon” probably equates for every other word ever heard on the football pitch in Spain. So, did Ronaldo really come out of the closet in the Madrid derby?

Nobody is quite sure, but what can be confirmed is that Ronaldo scored from a deflected Free Kick for his first goal. Lucky goal mate! Then, he climbed over the boots of an already sliding defender and simulated a dive, which won them a penalty kick. Ronaldo dispatched the kick into the bottom right corner. 2-0! Thirdly, Gareth Bale played in Ronaldo for his hat-trick at the far post, causing embarrassment for the whole Ateltico team in their home stadium of the Vicente Calderon. So, it’s no surprise that things got heated and words were exchanged at some point.

Another thing that’s for sure is that Cristiano Ronaldo (buy here) is a magnificent footballer and a great father, who is also tremendously rich. He also does his fair share of charity work and is generally loved by so many around the world and is touted as a modern day legend. As he should be!

As for Koke, not the same can be said for this guy, with a name that rhymes with a class-A drug and in almost exposing Ronaldo’s big secret, we don’t feel he has as many fans across the world anymore.

So, to all those that correctly predicted Ronaldo’s sexual orientation, you can now collect your winnings from your local bookie or sports betting site. However, word is that the odds were really quite low on this bet and so nobody would ever retire off of this win. So all in all, an anti-climax to an already foregone conclusion, don’t you think?

We will keep you updated on this breaking story, revealed by COPE radios’ audio recording. We wonder if this sound bite in Spanish will ever be released to the public. When you’re as rich as Cristiano Ronaldo, you could probably just buy the radio station and then bankrupt it, immediately.

Personally, we love how Ronaldo plays the game, as long as he’s not doing any diving or any dramatic theatre. Apart from that, you can’t really fault this guy.  Buy his inspiring feature film,’Ronaldo’ here.


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