Mel B: Didn’t sleep with Robbie Williams. But, the Spice Girls did.

In amusing news, let’s rewind back to 1996, when the Spice Girls became so popular after their mixed spice rack ensemble of Scary, Sporty, Baby, Posh and Ginger spice, taking the reigns of the music industry and going number one with the song, ‘Wannabe’.  Thus, creating the Spice girl mania and girl power hysteria all over the world, whilst simultaneously Robbie Williams, had just split up with the boy band ‘Take That’ and was going solo. He was surely a busy man, but just how busy was unclear, until yesterday when Mel B sensationally let slip that she was the only Spice Girl that did not go to bed with him. Robbie Williams was riding high from a cover of George Michael’s “Freedom” in the charts and it seemed like he had the freedom to pick and try at least four of these spices. Spice Up Your Life, indeed. (buy here).

Yes, all of them, but the middle one. So says, Mel B.

Yes, all of them, but the middle one. So says, Mel B.

Which means that Robbie Williams was totally busy in between touring, recording and ultimately performing in bed with the likes of Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton, Victoria Beckham and the jury’s still out on this one, lastly, Melanie Chisholm. We wonder what David Beckham would say today? Perhaps, it’s not surprising in the least that the guy who sang “Angels” (buy here) and who had that natural swagger born in Stoke on Trent, eventually ran through them all. Apparently, so tightly knit was the celebrity scene back then, that eventually he would devour all but one of the Spice girls. As was confirmed by Mel B on the ‘Kyle and Jackie O’ radio show down under in Australia, claiming she was the only one that did not have sex with him. It’s news like this, which surely keeps us all entertained. Are you not entertained, right now? Yes, Mel B who now lives in Los Angeles and still claims to be somewhat working class, said, “I was the one, he never did.” Further explaining, “He’s a friend of mine… Yuck! He had been with my friends – I don’t want sloppy seconds.” There you have it, right from the Leeds lass’s mouth, came the revelation where she excluded herself from Robbie’s bedroom conquests of nearly all spices.   We’re not surprised in the least that this definitely happened. But, Robbie had said this calm the fire. “I told a joke a long time ago. And it sort of got out of hand. You know ‘Back For Good’ the ‘Take That’ song; I used to sing that on stage. I still do. On one particular tour before I introduced it, by saying ‘I am very fortunate to have been in ‘Take That’ and in four out of five of the ‘Spice Girls.’

The cheeky smile says it all. History is history.

That cheeky smile says it all. History is history.

Four out of five is not a bad ratio, but still Robbie has apologized to whomever he might have offended. So, it would all have been seen as a mere joke until Mel B, all but confirmed the real tales on a recent Australian radio show. Sure, this was a long time ago, but still Robbie said, “I would like to apologize to all the Spice Girls involved and their husbands and boyfriends. I know a few husbands and boyfriends weren’t too happy with the joke.”

I’m sure he wasn’t feeling too sorry at the time, as this was clearly a long time ago, when all the Spice Girls (buy here) were still single, so what gives? Clearly secrets such as these can’t be kept under the celebrity carpet forever, no matter how old you get, you just knew Robbie had his hand in many things in his heyday, including the Spice Girls. Minus Mel B, of course. Ironically, the Spice Girls are said to have been talking amongst themselves about another reunion performance or tour, but we think it’s just Mel B who is talking about it, as seemingly the rest are distancing themselves from the reoccurring idea of another ‘Girl Power’ reunion tour.

One thing is clear, that without any ‘Spice Girl’ publically denying the claims, the cat surely got the cream and there will be no more ‘Spice Girls’ reunion. We can live with that. Brainstain over and out!


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