Barack Obama is surely a charming President and he’s now in his last stretch, so he invited a further 21 guests (mostly Hollywood) to receive “medals of freedom” for those that inspired millions of other people. The one person that stuck out on this list was actor Robert De Niro. We scratched our heads for a long while and pondered whether that anti-Trump pre-election monologue by De Niro had had anything to do with it? While, it might not have got him another Oscar for his acting skills, it did get him a medal from Barack Obama. Wait, what? Here you can watch this Hollywood granddad here doing his bid to get a medal from Obama.

So, we couldn’t help but share this other video, right here, where this establishment Actor is finally put into his place, correctly. Who looks like a bozo now?

We have completely lost any and all respect for Robert De Niro and have decided to boycott all his films, but Barack Obama had surely hoped that De Niro’s propaganda monologue would swing USA working class votes for Hillary Clinton. But, guess what? It didn’t work! So, what does Robert De Niro get? He gets a medal of freedom from Barack Obama, a staunchly weak move by two defeated individuals trying to celebrate a clearly failed fete. If this isn’t embarrassing, then we do not know what is?


His face says it all. Stick to acting and reading lines from film scripts, Bob. Not political propaganda, please. Your stock has fallen, wise guy.

There’s numerous reasons why Barack Obama’s presidency has been a huge failure. There’s also clear reasons why Robert De Niro is now seen as nothing more than a buffoon. It was all his own doing, so we hope he’s happy looking so awkward in receiving this medal for his monologue. Many American people have already turned their back on Bobby De Niro. He is an elite acting “puppet”, who tried to swing voters by acting out a monologue for the scandals that were being hidden by the mainstream media of what the DNC and Democratic party were really involved with. What a joke Robert De Niro is and we don’t even think Russia would even have him at this point, if he would ever leave the USA. Although, Italy have been kind enough to offer him asylum after De Niro showed how much he was really worth? We love Italy, so while we have been impressed with De Niro’s acting throughout the years, now we just think he is a purchasable marionette doll of ridiculous proportions.

Here watch De Niro receiving his medal, (click here), but it’s funny that this medal only comes after his pawn play in trying to deflect Trump votes to Clinton votes with that deplorable monologue.  How embarrassing, Bob!


Really? They do? Noooo, you don’t say?

Basically, he whored himself out for some anti-Trump monologue and now most people think that he’s a moron. Of course, some of these Hollywood people, who are so comfortable in a world of fake news, detached with their millions in the bank from the real world, while CNN pushes a fake news agenda, encouraging pre-election votes for a murderer, a rape protector and a totally corrupt first female president candidate, which shows that they are all apart of the same Left-Wing-Satanic (kool aid) fear machine that’s hiding the real death and destruction from the eyes of their own public.

So, when we see Robert De Niro getting a medal of freedom for trying to make Americans’ vote for an un-American candidate in Hillary Clinton, which had the scandals of Benghazi, Antonin Scalia’s murder, pay for play to Arab states and the clearly outlined funding for ISIS’s warpath in the Middle East, for their very own greed as part of their very freedom model. We decide to unsubscribe to their false rhetoric on current affairs.

We think that Robert De Niro is no longer relevant and is a complete utter sell-out, so we won’t ever re-watch ‘Meet The Parents’ or ‘Goodfellas’ because of this meathead being present in those films. What a joke this medal is  and how wrong could De Niro have been? He couldn’t have fallen harder to the floor than with this absolute howler. This just shows how un-intelligent and how shortsighted he has been, not realising that an Actor’s opinion doesn’t matter in the face of politics. If you want to buy his films, click here.

We know directing here at Brainstain and unless it’s asked for, an actor’s opinion doesn’t matter on set either, unless the Director of the film feels that he wants the actor’s opinion. So, what do we think of De Niro’s opinion? Nothing at all.

We would have loved to be a fly on the wall when Trump’s presidency was announced whilst Robert De Niro was watching his television set. That would truly have been priceless. Here’s a must watch, (click here) of a probable De Niro reaction to Trump winning the US Presidency.


Medal of Freedom? Give us a break.

Keep it classy Bob! We do love Ellen, though.

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