Dalai Lama has ‘No Worries’ About Trump

Whilst, the fake news of the mass media have continued on in their mission to try and steer attention onto complete lies and fabrications about President Donald Trump, the Dalai Lama has really just been relaxing and chilling out to the max. Yes, the wise man has truly been undeterred by all the fake news and said that he has, “No worries” about Donald Trump. And, if people would take a look around, as he has done, they would have noticed that stock market surged up to its highest ever level, just yesterday. Also, they will have noticed the possibility of a burgeoning relationship with the U.K. and with Russia on the horizon, which would indeed improve the economy, whilst with Russia, we have avoided a nuclear war by the election of Donald Trump.

Things in reality are looking good. But on the fake news, it looks like sour grapes all around. Ha!

Things in reality are looking good. But on the fake news, it looks like sour grapes all around. Ha!

So, the world is looking very good these days in all reality, but on the news, the mass media, the unreality is whatever they are trying to say, because they are freaking out about how wrong they are and about how they look like complete idiots now. Nobody believes in their fear mongering any longer, as the reality is that they are upset to see everything going so well for once.

This will no doubt be making Barack Obama shake in his boots, as with Donald’s presidency it will finally prove to be the final nail in the coffin for socialism as people realise it’s well and truly, dead forever.  A tough one to swallow for all the closet communists’ that are disguised under far left socialistic views, which has already seen the destruction of many kind European countries.  So, we are on the brink of a new prosperous future, which includes everyone, that’s the key here.

So, the mass media have started to claim that they are the only newsworthy news source and thus started talking about fake news. Ha-ha! We’re laughing aloud at you here in our office! Oh, my days! They have claimed that Breitbart are a right-wing nationalist and racists’ news source. What a joke! They’re basically trying to pin anything that will stick on any news source which actually tells the truth, whilst sources like CNN have been since been blown out of the water, with mass media news networks’ ratings dropping like dead flies.

The Dalai Lama spoke after a four-day visit to Mongolia, regarding the US election, “I feel during the election, the candidate has more freedom to express. Now once they are elected, having the responsibility, then they have to carry their cooperation, their work, according to reality, so I have no worries”.

The Dalai Lama knows a good person when he sees one. Photo Credit: Johnhaine Pixabay

The Dalai Lama knows a good person when he sees one. Photo Credit: Johnhaine Pixabay

The 81-Year-old Noble Peace Price Winner and all around Zen master has said that he hoped to meet Donald Trump after his inauguration on January 20th and added that he has always seen the US as the leader of the free world. So, we’d have to agree that it’s great to see that Hillary isn’t leading the free world, as then we would be in store for some very dark times, possibly even the end of the world.

So, if you don’t want to listen to reality, at least listen to the Dalai Lama. Or perhaps you think Wolf Blitzer and Megyn Kelly are more trustworthy?! We think that the Dalai Lama knows what he is talking about, don’t you? We have known what we’re talking about for a while, as well.  So, for all you brainwashed viewers of mainstream news, protesting along with fabricated lies on mass media news networks, please don’t be such a sheep (baaahhh!) and go out and feel good, get a job and wait for that 30% tax break and then contribute to the world instead of rioting like a bunch of washed up-cry babies, that didn’t earn their golden sticker in the classroom. This President is for all. Brainstain over and out!


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Feature Photo Credit Janeb13 Pixabay

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