Justin Bieber: Singer or Punch Swinger?

Singing sensation Justin Bieber has had the best few years of his life. His ‘Purpose ‘ album, released in 2015, marked his sixth album to debut at the number one spot (buy here). Selling an estimated 100 million records thus far, Bieber is the best-selling male Canadian artist and one of the best-selling music artists worldwide. Thank them Beliebers!

He also won eighteen MTV Europe Music Awards, the most MTV awards received by any solo artist.

He even broke a record last Christmas. His songs ‘What Do You Mean’ (buy here), ‘Sorry’ (here) and ‘Love Yourself’ (here) took the top 1, 2 and 3 spots in the UK charts, taking over Elvis’s previous record.

You would think after all his success he would be grateful to his fans? But no, to thank his fans, he yells at them to stop screaming and storms off the stage usually.  We understand that Bieber wants his fans to hear his music, but you would think he would be somewhat thankful for the endless support from his fans. Those screaming girls don’t lose their voices at concerts for nothing, you know?  Watch his rage here,  if you dare!

More recently, Bieber has reportedly punched a man before his concert in Barcelona. The man is also a fan! Doesn’t he just spoil them rotten!

Justin Bieber, using a Janet Jackson type get-up here.

Justin Bieber, using a Janet Jackson type get-up here.

The ‘Sorry’ singer was in a car on his way to the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona for his ‘Purpose World Tour’ (buy here), with his car window open, a fan was prompted to reach in to just touch him.  Bieber’s response to this was to hit him in the mouth causing him to bleed from his teeth.

Yeah, sure he would retaliate if someone was a threat, but there’s no excuse to punch a fan? Or is there? The singer has not got a great previous record either. We cannot forget his fight with a 6ft5 fan in Ohio, last June. Or the Orlando Bloom altercation back in 2014, after Bloom had reportedly had a sex fling with Selena Gomez.

And, what about that time that he lunged at a photographer back in 2013. Or the time he pissed in a cleaning bucket backstage.

After rehab, you would think Bieber is in a better mind-set. What do they give them in rehab, anyway? He said himself that he “quits the drink and drugs” and apologised for his behaviour.  Even, releasing the song “Sorry”.

The singer also apologised for his “awkward” live lounge cover for BBC radio 1, where he completely forget his words. As fans slated him, he later blamed his poor performance on nerves, because a studio is much scarier than performing at the Wembley Arena or live on The Ellen Show!  You can watch his Cold Water live lounge video, watch here.  But, you might regret it but his voice does sound quite good, doesn’t it?

Former girlfriend, Selena Gomez, has also checked herself into rehab in 2014. She said this was due to her feeling “broken inside”.  She cancelled her world tour as she struggled with “anxiety, panic attacks and depression”.

However, the 24-year-old singer made a comeback appearance at the American Music Awards last Sunday 20th November 2016. Winning the favourite female pop/rock artist of the year award, prompted Gomez to talk about health issues in her thankyou speech.

Unlike Bieber, Gomez shows much appreciation to her fans. She says: “You guys are so damn loyal and I don’t know what I did to deserve you.” You can watch her emotional speech here.

While Gomez was in rehab, Bieber was reportedly visiting her, speculating fans to believe the couple are rekindling their romance.  Watch out Selena! What’s next for the paparazzi prone star?

On reflection, maybe Bieber just needs a girlfriend or a just a hug, even? This young Barcelona teen, might sue him, but he also might learn not to grab people by the neck area in a moving car. Nice jab!


<Story by Henna Sharma>

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