CASE OF THE MONDAY’S: Narrator’s Quote’s (Part II)

On Monday’s, we like to start the day with a hot shower, a cup of coffee and then release some outlandish quotes from the whimsical world of philosophy, usually written between the times of 3am – 5am before our sleep meds have really begun to kick in. Yes, such is the extensive thought pattern here that you just never know when one of our classic quotes’ will make an epic impact on somebody, whilst they’re on their way to work. So, for a second run of a ‘Case of The Mondays”, here goes:



Have you ever just been sick of city life? Sure you have! Who hasn’t? Whilst you’re on some cramped commute to some crap job that you actually hate, but you take a look around and what do you see in the city?

“Thrilling place this, pick a franchise cafe, pick a franchise restaurant, pick a bar, pick a sandwich, pick a clothes shop, pick a place to get ripped off, pick a crap night out, pick up nothing from most people, pick to go home, choose to leave” – The Narrator

Yes, sometimes we wish we lived on an Island far far away from this rat race and undeniably “sh*tty” lifestyle. Remember, you’re not a tree, so why not go against the grain, if you could? Ah, that’s why we dream at night, we suppose? That’s why we dream! Yes, you dream of a life that doesn’t suck the soul right out of you.

Onto comparing sports to life now, after all, they say, “life is a game” of sorts, perhaps even a game of sports?

“If you’re not on the ball, then you’re not on point, thus, you’re not in the game, but there’s a big cold bench, where you can sit down and ask questions, whilst the game carries on without you. This bench is located outside the court of play. You can sit there and keep the bench warm and be outside the immediate game plan of life.” – The Narrator

That doesn’t sound so bad? Do they have refreshments on this bench? Will one ever get any game time, though?

Moving onto relationships now and I’m sure we’ve all been there. Maybe, some haven’t been there, yet. You will be though and then you’ll remember this quote. You know, when an argument arises? Sometimes someone just can’t seem to shut up!  So, in order to not agree with something false or even lie to yourself by putting yourself down and placing yourself second all the time. Or, just in general avoidance of being a doormat of sorts? I met a man many years my senior at a lounge bar at the ‘Wynn’ in Las Vegas, over a decade ago, we were both couples that night, a sort of young married couple meeting the older married couple and he said that the key to a happy “marriage” is to always to agree with your spouse. I used to agree with this, until I had a bit more experience in the matter, where I found this to be just “wrong” in so many ways. Especially, if your significant other is absolutely wrong, it just doesn’t fare well to always agree with something completely false. It’s like believing mainstream media, a complete lie.  Why would you agree with that?  So, I guess this is where this one comes from…


“When a woman wants a rise out of a man, the ‘Wiseman’ takes a seat. If you don’t know that, then you don’t know much.” – The Narrator


I think this applies going the other way too, you don’t always have to agree with your man or your significant other, just because they’re insecure and can’t back down. So, do you have to lie to yourself and agree with them, just so they can be quiet and get over themselves? Or should they grow a bit, grow up a bit, develop a little, or just even a tiny bit, grow their tiny mind? We don’t know, but we are glad to share our Monday views with you all.



Come back every Monday for some insight in our continuing series, ‘Case of The Mondays’. So much more to come, we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface, yet. Buy ‘Office Space’ here.


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