Chapecoense AF Football team from Santa Catarina in Brazilian Serie A, were aboard a flight to Medellin, Colombia, where they were to play Atletico Nacional in the final of the Copa Sudamericana Final on Wednesday, but the plane didn’t land as expected after flying via Bolivia. There were 81 passengers aboard the Bolivian operated charter plane by Lamia, but the plane crashed at 3:15 GMT after a pilot had reported an electrical fault. Out of the passengers aboard, it is thought that only five individuals may have escaped death from the sudden impact of the crash, near Medellin, Colombia.

Chapecoense AF from the little city ‘Chapeco’ in Santa Catarina, the state with the capital city, ‘Florianopolis’, famed for its beaches and it’s popular holiday destination in the south of Brazil, where the locals were rightly very proud of their ambitious Football team, that had been promoted to Serie A in 2014, which then rose up to challenge and claim mid table status in the physically tough division ever since then. Nearing the end of the competitive season, with just one league match to go against Atletico Mineiro and the two-leg final against the Medellin side in the Copa Sudamericana, naturally, these matches have now been suspended indefinitely. Chapecoense had established themselves as a formidable force and finished 9th in the table, with some highlights of their season being their Sudamericana cup run and also in beating sides like Sao Paolo 2-0, drawing with champions Palmeiras and also drawing with the Corinthians.   Chapecoense released this statement: “May God be with our athletes, officials, journalists and other guests travelling with our delegation.”

This is truly a tragedy and it couldn’t have happened to a brighter side, that competed beyond their means in most matches and had garnered the respect and fear from many other football sides, considered to be statistically and historically superior in the game of football. For them to lose their whole team like this is unimaginable and incredibly sad.

A picturesque view of Florianopolis, the state capital, known as "Floripa". Photo Credit: CarolCaminha Pixabay

A picturesque view of Florianopolis, the state capital, known as “Floripa”. Photo Credit: CarolCaminha Pixabay

The team Vice President, Ivan Tozzo, told cable channel SporTV, “There are a lot of people crying in our city. We could never imagine this. Chapecoense is the biggest reason for joy here.”

So far, reportedly Alan Ruschel, Jackson Follman and goalkeeper Marcos Danilo have survived, but the extent of their injuries are yet still unknown. The team could be said to be the pride of the south and the reason for so much joy for football in the south Santa Catarina. Listed as the 21st most-rich club in terms of revenue Brazil, at 46m Reais, this is surely an unimaginable and devastating disaster for them, for Brazil and for football as a whole.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the passengers, the families and everyone affected by this tragic incident. This isn’t the usual thing we expect to cover here in sports and we are saddened to hear of this tragedy. Personally, we’d taken a notice of the team throughout the season, for not being one of the biggest names in Brazilian football history, but by still out performing bigger sides, so often so that when we saw them listed in a match in future, we knew that Chapecoense could beat any team, on any given day, playing way beyond their means, emphasizing what football is all about, which is a team working hard for each other. A team of players, unfortunately now, all we can do is send our prayers and respect to the football side that had caught everyone by surprise for their determination and their belief to be a successful football team. R.I.P. to those that have passed away in this tragedy.


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Here you can view their season stats and some history.

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Featured Photo Credit: Kurious Pixabay

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