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Following on from popular business apps like AirBnB and Uber, where neither of the companies own either the homes, nor the cars, anyone can just sign up and rent it out or just use their car and become an Uber taxi driver. No matter how unqualified you are, as we see in London whilst sitting in an Uber car. Or as we see on Airbnb, where you might get caught up in thinking you’re renting an entire flat, but later, realize you have only rented a bedroom, underneath somebody’s staircase or utility closet for a really-really good price. So, in today’s news Swedish company ‘Electrolux’ are developing a smart washing machine, that will enable your neighbor’s or anyone to rent it out, should you wish to do so. Yes, by turning your personal washing machine into a communal non-stop laundry service, you can earn a few extra coins to your bank balance. It seems like this renting out culture has gone into overdrive. What’s next? Rent out your toothbrush? Rent our your toaster or your wife? Or just rent out that space above your wardrobes, where you keep your suitcases? You can remove those and somebody could sleep up there, you know? We’re all truly losing some serious money and some serious opportunity here.

Electrolux think it’s an ingenious idea, suggesting a new Uber style idea for people wishing to do their laundry. Yes, rent it out. Anyone off the street, can just book a slot in your washing machine. It could be anyone showing up with their dirty socks, dirty underwear or used bed sheets, conveniently passing by and using your washer, while you count the financial contributions. The arrival of so-called smart kitchen appliances that connect to the web, can be controlled from you smart phone or tablet and are already revolutionizing household chores apparently. Let’s say if you had a mop and you think somebody else didn’t have one, why not just rent it out? And, make some money from it right away, right? You don’t want to buy a coffee on the street, come to my place, I’ll brew you a cheaper and better cup of coffee from my place or you can just make it yourself, be my guest! I’m renting out my coffee machine this week! What’s next? Somebody’s gonna’ list their bathroom in city services, so that people can just come through and use your toilet, too?

The toilet app, huh?! It’s a great idea! We think it might even be more useful than Electrolux’s smart washing machines, don’t you? Why not also have some smart toilets? Anyone desperately needing a number 1 or 2, can just open their phone, then swing by your place for a small fee and use your toilet. It’s not a shitty idea! It’s a great idea!

Rent it out! Photo credit: OpenClipartVectors - Pixabay

Rent it out! Photo credit: OpenClipartVectors – Pixabay

This phenomenon of renting everything out hasn’t gone unnoticed as can be seen (watch here) on Portlandia. We also see the possibility of “rent-a-spouse” with the slogan, “borrow and bring back tomorrow” because it’s not prostitution when there’s a cute website to go with it, as Portlandia (buy here) also lightly touched upon.

Anyway, Electrolux went as far as saying, that not only could you make money renting out your washing machine, but also added, “Obviously, this would come with a charge and the family might then offer additional ironing services at a fee”.

Obviously (eye roll), exactly what we were thinking too. Additional services, for sure, of course, the ironing (facepalm), we forgot about that one, (smile, wink, wink). We could really use somebody to come over right now to do our dishes, could we possibly find somebody from some app somewhere, that’s willing to do this dirty job? Rent out your dishwashing gloves, perhaps? Where there’s a need, there’s a chance of renting it out, right?

Why would anyone worry about some psycho coming over to use your washing machine? Who wouldn’t want some complete stranger sleeping on your rent-a-couch for $15-$20 a night? There seems to be no limit to the amount of things that you can rent out for some extra cash these days. Take a look around your place, see the possibilities around you and rent it out. Rent out suitcases, shoes and microwaves, just rent it all out. Got a spare mattress? Then rent it out and save up some money for that utility bill. Got a plunger or a toilet brush? You know what to do. Rent it out!

Be resourceful, god dammit! Move with the times! Rent out your phone for some spare calls and put some change in your pocket! Yes, do it!

So, are all these new smart products and their uses, actually secretly stupid products? We think that this may be the case, but with enough impressionable people out there in the world, nothing surprises us these days. So, if you have something that you think should be rented out, just give it a go and just rent it out already! Brainstain over and out!

 Find out more on that Smart Washing machine here. 

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