Friday the 13th The Game (Preview)

At Brainstain, we love ourselves an original video game and especially a crowd funded game like the Friday The 13th: The Game, which shows it’s true desire from the people to become a reality. Perhaps, we are a bit late to jump on the over excited bandwagon of this forthcoming game, but after watching the Friday the 13th film franchise as a kid, from Pt. I (buy), to II (buy), to III (buy), to ‘IV:The Final Chapter’ (buy) starring Corey Feldman, but it didn’t end there, did it? Then there was ‘V: A New Beginning’ (buy), to Part VI (buy), to New Blood VII (buy), to ‘Jason Takes Manhattan’ (buy), we thought it would truly stop there, but it didn’t, it just kept on going and going. So, nothing could ever stop Jason Voorhees and his thirst for blood and the same goes today, since he’s coming back for more, but now in an excruciatingly exciting online video game where you either play as Jason himself, or as any number of Camp Crystal Lake counsellors that have to hide away from him, in order to spare their necks. If this isn’t gonna’ frighten you, then nothing ever will! Have just a glimpse of this epic game preview right here from Gun Media and it immediately brings back all that nostalgia, narrated by none other than, Mrs. Voorhees herself.

What’s even more amazing than the fact that you will be running around in an open world Camp Crystal Lake as an online player, being Jason or hiding away from him with your online chums, is that it was all funded by the fans, on ‘Kickstarter’, watch it here.

What a bunch of geniuses they are to capitalize on this hole in the gaming market, right? We remember having to wind up our old tape player on the Commodore 64, for the cracked version of Friday The 13th’s first ever computer game. Where you had to swing an axe three times the size of yourself, to reveal the hidden Jason Voorhees, who would then turn black upon being axed.

Friday The 13th's first ever game on Commodore 64.

Friday The 13th’s first ever game on Commodore 64.

It was endless amounts of scary fun, but now this new game is going to blow that one “out of the water” or “out of the lake”, should we say? Exciting stuff and as you can see all the motion capture elements for the game has been done by one of the original motion picture ‘Jason’s’ himself, ‘Kane Hodder’, so you know that each killing will be just perfectly and exquisitely captured in motion graphics.  The game also features the original score composed by Harry Manfredini, so you’ll surely be sweating onto your PS4 or Xbox One controller, when this game is finally released in early 2017. We haven’t been this excited about any game, since never! Here you can enjoy the main theme song of the franchise, listen here.

And, just in case you’re not yet convinced, check out this horrific gameplay demo, right here, but be warned, “bring them to mommy”, this is surely going to be some very disturbing stuff.

We sincerely hope that the age rating will be suffice and that unless you’re over the age of 25+, at least, then maybe you shouldn’t be playing this game at all, unless accompanied by someone in their thirties, perhaps? But, we definitely will be playing this. “That’s my boy, hunt them down and make them pay!”

Yes, in playing video games over the years, nothing has quite seemed as original and groundbreaking as this online game, well at least, not on this scale of nostalgic quality in our own eyes, as it even boasts some in-game songs from the 1980s to boot. The initial release will only be online, but provided that they receive even more donations for the making of this game, a one-player version of the game will be available in the summer. However, with online gaming being the preferred platform these days, nobody will mind, as long as you have a strong Wi-Fi signal.

This game will make the scary factor of the ‘Resident Evil’ (buy) game franchise seem like a dinky ‘Fisher Price’ toy in comparison to Friday The 13th: The Game.  We will be in store or on our PS4 on the release date, to buy and or download this absolute gem in gaming history in the flesh. The release date couldn’t come any sooner, that is for damn sure.

Brainstain, over and out!

Oh, to get you in the mood, why not buy yourself the mask, as well.

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