Jennifer Aniston Plays “Never Have I Ever” in The Skies

Jennifer Aniston was just recently on ‘The Ellen De Generes’ Show’ and they played the standard ‘Never Have I Ever’ game, where you’re asked questions on daytime television about things that you may have never done. Staying true to her word, Jennifer Aniston expressed her “I Have” paddle to quite a few telling and amusing questions from Ellen (buy). Yes, there is no shame in this and you have to give most people’s favorite ‘Friend’ some extra points for being so honest.

Ellen asked, “Never Have I ever Joined the Mile High Club?” to which Jennifer Aniston and Ellen admittedly, both held up their signs, stating that “I Have”.

“Never Have I Ever Joined the Mile High Club in the Cockpit” to which Jennifer Aniston raised her “I Have” paddle once again. Ellen did not, obviously there were no surprises there.

“Never Have I Ever with the Pilot” to which Jennifer Aniston responded, “Oh, god!” then raised her “I Have”, yet again. Ellen had not. Not surprised.

“And the Co-Pilot?” Jennifer just kept her “I Have” paddle raised, so through to the next question.

“And the flight attendant?” where she also confirmed that she had it on with a flight attendant, as well.   Ellen had not.

“While, eating a mini-bag of peanuts?” asked Ellen, to which Jennifer Aniston, responded “What? No, that’s just disgusting” and then she lowered her paddle.

Jennifer Aniston looking radiant as always. Who knew that she loved flying so much?

Jennifer Aniston looking radiant as always. Who knew that she loved flying so much?

Here’s Jennifer on your average flight, (watch here) before waking up from a nightmare, realizing that she’s actually on an Emirates Flight in First class, in bed, then visiting the bar, flirting with the bartender and presumably later going for a shower. After her shower, she meets this kid, who then leads her to his parents, after visiting the bar for a carrot juice. Then after agreeing that the A380 is the best plane in the world, the kid takes Jennifer to meet his parents, the Father can’t believe his eyes, it’s “Jennifer Aniston”, so Jen later gives the mother in the family her seat in first class, presumably just to get rid of her.

How nice! Whilst, the Father seemed so very happy to be there with her, as did Jennifer, all now sitting in economy class. Is this how it goes down on Emirates Flights, if you are Ms. Jennifer Aniston? Take a look hereOr maybe the couple were on a break? Buy ‘Friends’ here.

Apparently, and yes what woman wouldn’t want to switch seats with Jennifer Aniston, in order to sleep so nicely in First Class? After all, it sure beats being cramped up and stuck in Economy class, but is it worth perhaps even losing your husband or risking him having a quick one with “Rachel” up at 35,000ft?

I think most women would go for that First Class bed and take that risk just for the novelty alone. I mean, to say that your husband nailed Jennifer Aniston would be a really good story at one of those cocktail parties. Additionally, because these First Class cabins on Emirates don’t come cheap and they cost well into the numerous thousands of dollars, unless you have as many air miles to take you to the moon and back, or unless you’re Jennifer Aniston, that pretty face of flying on Emirates Airlines.

We have been on numerous Emirates flights, all be it in Economy class, but unfortunately, we haven’t had quite the same fun and or luxury as Jennifer has had. That comes as no surprise, but hopefully, we will bump into her one of these days, on one of those flights, so that we could also get better acquainted, perhaps, over a glass of wine at the bar? Clearly, we’re just dreaming of a flight out of here right now with a mile high club fantasy with Jennifer Aniston. Can you blame us? It’s out there in the public consciousness now.

So, we thought we’d link these pieces up for you, so that you can day dream off into some sort of sycophantic fantasy for ‘Friends’ character ‘Rachel’ or just Jennifer Aniston herself, aboard an A380 at 35,000ft, hopping in and out of First Class cabins, joining Mile High clubs, accruing flyer miles, getting laid, breaking the record, then toasting with a glass of champagne before arriving in Dubai and not being arrested (which is what you’d expect to happen) but instead, you go shopping for “god knows what?” Yes, I think we can all agree that this fantasy will most definitely cross your mind now that you’ve read it. It does sound nice, doesn’t it?

We have lift off! Photo Credit: CpJohnson- Pixabay

We have lift off! Photo Credit: CpJohnson- Pixabay

So here, you can watch that revelatory “Never Have I Ever” game with everyone’s favorite Jennifer, sharing her experiences at 35,000 ft, and we weren’t surprised about the ‘Mile High Club’ admission at all, in fact, (we applauded it) and we weren’t too surprised about the ‘Cockpit’ admission either, so naturally, we weren’t surprised about the ‘Pilot’ admission either (those Pilots always be getting laid everywhere), but, put two and two together, we were very intrigued when the ‘Co-Pilot’ admission came into play, though. Who the f*** was flying the plane?

And, when the flight attendant admission came in, we secretly hoped that this was inevitably a hot and sexy female flight attendant, that caught them in the act, but instead of sounding off a “WARNING!” to all passengers and crew members, instead she just joined in on the ‘Mile High Foursome’ in this tiny, but totally steamy and useable cockpit! This is truly the most entertaining news of the day and we’re almost jumping onto the Emirates website as we speak and are literally booking ourselves a bloody ticket to go anywhere at this “effin’” point.

After all, if Jennifer Aniston is on the flight, whether you’re in Economy Class or you’re just “blagging” it within the confines of the First Class Bar area, you’re in with a chance, as clearly Ms. Aniston does not discriminate up in the skies, when it comes to some flying action.

So, we honestly can’t wait to fly Emirates again. It is truly a trailblazing airline with some plausible perks, if you should ever be so lucky. Brainstain, over and out! Roger that!


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