Comedy Profiles: BUK LAU (Best Moments)

Here at Brainstain, we like to laugh every day and we want our readers to do the same. So, in today’s Comedy Profiles’ we decide to visit one of our favorite all time prank call comedians’, in character, of course it’s none other than the world famous Buk Lau. If you’re new to this “Eastern”genius, then please enjoy the full smorgasbord of prank calls and animations made by ‘Ownage Pranks’. If not, then we’re sure you’ll still love to re-visit Buk Lau’s best bits, as he tries to circumnavigate day to day problems via a simple phone call. So, without further a due, let’s start a list of some of his best moments. Starting from oldest to newest.


Buk Lau – Classic Chinese Food Delivery – First off, we start off with the “classic” one, an animated prank call which shot him into worldwide infamy over the Internet, trying to make a large stock order for food before the cut-off. Watch here.


Buk Lau Satellite Dish Issue – Buk Lau like the rest of us, also likes to watch some satellite TV (old school), so when he’s having a technical difficulty in getting his preferred channels to work, he has to consult his new neighbor. Watch here.


Crazy Indian Restaurant Rage Prank – We have all had the dissatisfaction of below par food experiences, especially with home delivery services. Buk Lau is no different, but when is enough complaining, enough? Will it really make a difference to your next order? Watch here.


Somali Auto Shop – Car Repair – Buk Lau is having a problem with his 1982 Honda Civic. As we know, those Honda Civic’s don’t live forever, soon enough it will need a major repair or you just scrap it in the junkyard. Watch here.


After this is where it gets really interesting, Buk Lau finds his "Crush" or his "soulmate" via a Craigslisting advert for an apartment.

This is where it gets really interesting, Buk Lau finds his “soulmate” via a Craigslisting advert for an apartment to rent.

Asian Woman with the Apartment for Rent – Buk Lau is on a hunt for a new apartment and he’s intrigued by the very lovely voice of this woman. Is this the beginning of a crush or just simply a healthy infatuation? Watch here.


Asian Woman with the Apartment for Rent Pt. II – He decides to phone Betty back and enquiries about the apartment again, obviously he’s been thinking a lot about her. “Text me your name!” Watch here.


Asian Woman with the Apartment for Rent Pt. III ­ – Not perturbed “Buk Lau” decides to phone Betty back a few weeks later. If you have a crush on someone then do not ever give up. Just try being direct and then invite them out on a date. Watch here.


Asia Woman with the Apartment for Rent Pt. IV (Love Song) – Even when your attempts fall on deaf ears, the next best thing is to write your “crush” a love song with Auto tune to iron out those horrendous vocals. Watch here.


Buk Lau Calls A Psychic to Help with his Love Life – Sometimes you just need to consult a psychic to work some “magic” in order to bring back the love & spark in your failing relationship. Buk Lau is no different. Watch here.


Buk Lau in Rap Battle – When all else fails, you can always try your hand at a music career, latching onto a rap battle opportunity to showcase your rhyme skills. Who knew “Buk Lau” had these battle raps all inside him?  Here you can watch him face off against the mighty ‘Tyrone’ in Part I.  With all his other qualities, he’s truly an original guy and catch him facing off again against ‘Tyrone’ in Part II, Right Here.


Yes, we hope you enjoyed our breakdown of some of “Buk Lau’s” best moments, since he’s truly breaking down stereotypes with his hilarious character interactions. Go follow ‘Ownage Pranks’ on Youtube and keep coming back to Brainstain for a daily dose of fun. Have a wonderful Friday everyone and remember that laughter is always the best medicine.


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 Featured Photo Credit: Ownage Pranks – YouTube.

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