The Fight of the Century? I don’t think so…

As you may have heard by now, Conor McGregor – the UFC fighter – thinks that he can go “toe to toe” or “glove to glove” with a boxer who has yet to lose a professional fight in Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather.

Well, it’s official, the world is one step closer to seeing a fight that would only last as long as Mayweather would want it to. That’s right, McGregor was issued a boxing license in California, because, well, he can fight a bit.



Is this merely a publicity stunt from McGregor to hype up his own brand? Probably. Would the UFC allow a match between the two combatants to even happen? It’s highly doubtful. Would McGregor stand a chance of downing ‘Money’? Absolutely not.

As it does so frequently, the Rocky movies teach us the valuable things in life. Like how everyday activities such as punching meat in a warehouse are made that much more invigorating when you have your own theme song (buy music).  Or how when big Russian dudes’ (buy here) are stepping on your turf, sometimes the smart option is to just  go home instead of standing up to fight them (I’m looking at you Apollo).



If this fight between two men with more money than any sense, were ever to happen then we would all be treated to a case of déjà vu featuring Rocky. Which moment of the 23 Rocky movies, do I speak of? You might ask.

Why, ‘Rocky V’ of course. You know the one where Rocky beats out his would-be/former/wanna-be student Tommy Gunn in the street fight to end all street fights? ‘Rocky V’ (buy) taught us that in an all-out-no-holds-bar fight, the scrapper would come out on top, not the prize fighter that relies on rules and structure to end his opponents’ hopes and dreams.

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Unfortunately for McGregor, Mayweather (buy book) isn’t a dumb, blonde boxer with a bad haircut to boot and he wouldn’t be caught dead fighting McGregor outside a boxing ring or even in one.  Mayweather has danced and jabbed his way to more money than you or I could ever dream of owning and he’s done so by going about things his in his own way. McGregor would have to give up a big part of his game (because you can’t kick and strangle your opponents in boxing), so when he steps into a boxing ring, it’s unlikely that he would ever win. That’s probably why this is nothing more than another publicity stunt from the Irish UFC star.

Mayweather’s camp has already shot down any thought of this fight happening and I for one am very happy about that. When Mayweather fought Pacquiao, I had high hopes of a great fight and I don’t think I’ve ever had my expectations dashed so thoroughly. If somehow McGregor manages to take hostage all of Mayweather’s money and the only way for him to get it back was if he fought McGregor, than it would be a completely different story.

That would be the only way for this fight to ever happen in all reality . So, my expectations for this fight are at an all time low and I still think I would be disappointed, if it ever went ahead. As I see Mayweather, dancing rings around McGregor and then completely wearing him out with successive quick jabs to the face.

I rest my case.

<Story by Riley “Caveman” Krause>

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