Steve Martin Caught Up in Toon Twitter Tirade!

Yesterday evening, Hollywood comedy legend and everyone’s film favorite Steve Martin, must’ve felt like he was inside some sort of Twitter “Twilight Zone” as he started receiving angry messages from across the pond. Yes, unbeknownst to him, far-far away in Nottingham, England, Championship League leaders Newcastle were playing away to Nottingham Forest in the Friday Night football.

The match was full of drama and for Steve Martin it was full of live angry inbox Tweets, in a case of mistaken identity and hurled abuse from the Newcastle faithful. Yes, the match had started normal enough until the 33rd minute when Jonjo Shelvey got caught up in a scrap inside the penalty box, involving some flaying legs, which gave Nottingham Forest a penalty kick and Shelvey an immediate red card.  This no doubt had the Toon fans very upset, as this should never have been a penalty kick, let alone a red card, but they we’re happy to see Nicklas Bendtner’s penalty kick be saved by keeper Karl Darlow. Instant karma!


Sadness to temporary joy. This was Newcastle fans Last night. But, here’s Steve Martin in ‘Dirty Rotten Scoundrels’. A true comedy Master class, buy here.

And, just 9 minutes later, with only 10-men on the pitch, Matt Richie scored a lovely shot into the top corner to put Newcastle into the lead. So, at this point Steve Martin’s Twitter was still very quiet, presumably until the second half, when in the 49th minute Nottingham were given a second penalty kick. This time in even-stranger circumstances, Nottingham striker Lansbury dived or seemingly fell over himself as Paul Dummet was nearby, giving Newcastle their second red card of the night and second penalty against them . Although, it was instant karma again, as Lansbury had his penalty saved to keep the score at 0-1 to Newcastle.

But, it was at this point that the “Toon Army” of Newcastle had had enough and they took out their smart phones and proceeded to lambash Hollywood actor Steve Martin for his terrible refereeing performance via Twitter. Yes, this referee by the same name, had a howler of a game and Steve Martin’s Twitter inbox was blowing up. Here are some of the tamer one’s that he received.

twitter pic

Twitter pic

‘@SteveMartinToGo absolute shocker of a performance. Reffing in the championship is not for you NUFC’, to ‘@SteveMartinToGo has been a horrendous ref tonight, how long you been a NFFC fan.’

twitter pic

Twitter pic

Yep, it did seem like referee Steve Martin did give every decision to Nottingham Forest, so, in the 52th   minute everyone’s favorite Lord, Lord Bendtner managed to scrap an equalizer to make it 1-1, not surprising, considering Newcastle only had 9 players left on the pitch. Steve Martin then kept feeling the anger from the Toon fans as they were clearly on the back foot for the rest of the game, being two men down but they kept hanging until the 86th minute. When suddenly, another scrappy goal mouth scramble, led to Lascelles putting the ball into the back of his net. 2-1 to Nottingham.   Such was the fortune and helping hand that referee Steve Martin had given to Nottingham all evening.

Steve Martin's Twitter response

Steve Martin’s Twitter response, up above.

A truly real chance at beating Newcastle with two red cards and two Chrismas gift penalties. However, Steve Martin in the United States responded to these Twitter messages in a comedic fashion, clearly amused by this occurrence of mistaken identity. The Parenthood star would most definitely have been laughing about this random occurrence linking him to refereeing this Championship match.

What’s more funny to us here at Brainstain is how the Newcastle fans thought that a football referee would have  8.1million followers on Twitter?

Steve Martin Smile. Photo Credit: FunnyorDie

That Steve Martin Smile.

Shaking our heads at the fans, but Steve Martin received thousands of abusive and negative reviews for his performance on the pitch and knowing what we know of Steve Martin, he wouldn’t have bat an eye-lid, instead he would have given one of those classic Steve Martin smiles, throughout this whole ordeal.

Who would have thought that a really drama filled evening of football with a shocking referee’s performance would somehow involve Steve Martin.  We couldn’t quite believe it ourselves, so we felt the need to make a record of this, as Steve Martin is clearly one of our favorite funny men of all time.  After starring in films, like ‘Trains, Planes and Automobiles‘, ‘L.A. Story‘, ‘Parenthood‘ and ‘Father of The Bride‘, to name only a few.  Let’s just hope the rest of his weekend will be a little more quiet than yesteday.

Newcastle fans (eye roll) and (face palm), it was a terrible performance from the ref, but in all fairness do check your goddamn Twitter out before just sending out Tweets to the wrong person altogether. “Stupid is, as stupid does” as Forrest Gump once said.

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Featured Photo by David Shankbone (we just meme’d it)

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