CASE OF THE MONDAY’S: Narrator’s Quote’s (Part III)

Once again it’s Monday, but the good news is that it is only twenty days until Christmas, the time of year in which you have to put up with your family for extended periods of time and also present them with the correct Xmas gifts. Sounds like fun, right? Well, it is when you’ve already organized all the presents. So, to kick off another Monday, we carry on with our ‘Case of The Monday’s Quotes’, to get you into the mood for another work week and to drop some knowledge to ultimately engage with yourself, just a little bit.



“The people that say things, don’t do them, the people that do things, don’t say them.” – The Narrator

Yes, the philosophy of the day has begun, reminding everyone that the best things you do, you don’t talk about or ever share, because you’re going to do them anyway. Less talk, more action as they say, although at times it does feel good to consult somebody. But, do they really care about what you just said or do they understand your plight? Probably not, so when you consult somebody else on something that doesn’t concern them, you are inviting energies into your realm that don’t need to be there. So, stop checking for re-assurances, they may just be listening for their own turn to respond about something completely different, anyway.

Have you ever been feeling like you’re drained of energy or you’re constantly feeling like someone is nagging you? Has somebody or someone been irritating you at home or at work? No matter where we live or how limited our “alone” time is, it is always important to try and achieve “peace of mind”, no matter how hard it may seem. You need to remember to re-connect with yourself at least once daily (if possible). Whether that’s through meditation or just buying yourself a drink, so that you can think? Remember yourself, because sometimes it’s going to be too late.

“Restored sanctity and peace of mind. The pieces are re-aligned, the creative mind is no longer blind” – The Narrator

Yes, nothing beats having time and space for your own thoughts. Anybody who hinders that, you need to take a time-out from them, every once in a while. Otherwise, resentment might be on the rise and we know that that’s not good. Maybe, you need your own private space or you just need to let that other person know that this is now the “quiet time”. Allocate some alone time for some sanity. Lock yourself in a room and then re-assess, if you have a spare room to think within and especially do so, if you need to be creative. There is a constant struggle in relationships for lets say novelists’ or authors’ unless there is a definite line of quiet time.  It’s very important to have this time on your own. Or let’s say if you have a family and kids, it’s not wrong to every once in a while to take that weekend break to go somewhere alone or even just book yourself into a hotel room, so that you can finally get some peace. If you can no longer hear your own mind, then it’s about time to think things through, don’t you think?

On that note, we stress the importance of not forgetting yourself, many people jump into relationships and soon enough, they don’t even know who they are anymore. It’s almost like becoming someone else over time because you neglect yourself. The best relationships have all the right balance in all the right places, but in all honesty, good luck finding one of those perfect relationships. As you may already know, so it’s good to keep in touch with yourself, your real self, at least once a week. Sometimes you may need a break from other people in order to re-align yourself and to be the only cause of your own energy and nobody else’s. Some people’s vibrations kill or drain your energy. This is not good.

“Do you mind? If my best friend is my mind, if not, then we will all get along fine” – The Narrator

As with any relationship or even friendship, if you can’t be yourself, then neither the friendship or relationship will last longer than the very early stage, without building up a ton of repressed resentment over time, because ultimately you have to be able to be best friends with yourself first, before you donate your whole being to somebody else. Or let’s say in a friendship, where you feel the energy is off, then perhaps, this person isn’t your real friend in the first place.



So, don’t forget yourself this week and hopefully this will help some people out there to think a little bit, after being caught up in between their jobs and their home lives, their cell phones, to their time pressed weekends with the TV on. When you suddenly stop and re-connect with yourself, put down that cell phone and re-adjust every once in a while, before it’s really going to cause a bigger problem. Trust us, your mind will definitely thank you later on.  Brainstain, over and out.


<Story by The Narrator>

Feature Photo Credit: Johny_deff  – Pixabay

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