Turner Prize 2016: Modern “Ass” Art

At Brainstain, sometimes we like to immerse ourselves in some modern art and what better time to do so, less than a day before the announcement of the Turner Prize winner of 2016. On Tuesday, December 6th this years’ winner will be announced. I’m sure we have all had to go to the Tate Modern at some point, whether it was your first time or because you had to show somebody else that wished to go there, perhaps a relative or a friend? Thus, crossing over the river Thames to visit this amazing or rather plain experience of the Tate Modern yet again. Apart from the building’s architecture and the lovely walk to get over there, of course, the museum is a good day out, depending on which exhibition you go to see.

I’m sure that most people will have visited the marvelous Tate Modern at some point and this year’s candidates for ‘The Turner Prize’ (buy book) are what’s really drawing in the crowds right now. But, what will they see there, if they had not already seen it?  That my friend’s is in the “eye of the beholder” like much of modern art, because many people still wonder “WTF” they’re looking at most of the time. Or what, if any relevance that it has as a work of art in the first place?

So, the candidates this year are Michael Dean, Helen Marten, Josephine Pryde and Anthea Hamilton who make up the four carefully selected nominees for the revered prize.

Tracey Emin's "messy bed". Photo Credit.

Tracey Emin’s “messy bed”. Photo Credit.

A previous entry for the prize had seen things like Tracey Emin’s ‘messy bed’ on display in 1998-1999, complete with used condoms, jizz tissues, Bic shaving razor, Duracell batteries box and an empty cigarette pack underneath a messy mattress with dirty sheets (see here).

This famous modern artwork was brought back to the Tate Modern in 2015 and later sold for 2.54 million pounds.

And, then there was Damien Hirst’s famous ‘Mother and Child – Divided” about the moving and sad plight of two cows split in half.

'Mother and Child - Divided" - Damien Hirst. Photo Credit

‘Mother and Child – Divided” – Damien Hirst. Photo Credit

Moving, yet disturbing, do you see the cows?

Photo Credit: Carl Court Getty Images.

“Project for a Door” by Anthea Hamilton. Photo Credit: Carl Court Getty Images via Huff Post.

This year, Anthea Hamilton is perhaps the most notable artist as she’s responsible for the most iconic and or tasteless work of art or should we say “fart” (sorry, but we couldn’t help ourselves) that you may already have had the displeasure of seeing this year.

A red brick wall. Looks close enough to some Anthea's artwork. Photo Credit: Jedom - Pixabay

A red brick wall. Looks close enough to some of Anthea’s background artwork. Photo Credit: Jedom – Pixabay

Yes, her “Project for a Door” piece is a giant display of somebody clutching his or her buttocks open, set within a red brick wall display, and is said to be inspired by a photograph by designer Gaetano Pesce of an Italian model.   Yes, this is definitely not an exhibition for the kids, as this might make for some uncomfortable questions and explanations from your visit to the Tate Modern exhibit, should you decide to go.

Upon review of the other candidates work, a general wave of nothingness comes over you, when you’re constantly caught wondering, “WTF is this? Really?” Take a look at the nominees and their wonderful work here.

We suppose that this is the appeal of modern art and the Turner Prize in general, which has often been lambasted by critics in the art world now for quite some time. If we ever had the pleasure of having our work displayed in a modern art museum, we’d like to go with the idea of “paint drying” on a wall, but we’re afraid that somebody else might have done it already. Such is the precociousness of the art form that you don’t know if it’s seemingly just some old crap that somebody else has already done before.

Given the track record of nominees and their artwork, anything could literally be considered as a work of art in these modern, modern art times. Perhaps, writing “anything” on a wall and then let the people stare at it and then just let them think “anything” about it, which may also prove to be very powerful, indeed.

If we would ever get the opportunity to create “anything” special in a modern art setting, we would run wild with some insane ideas. But, back to the Award and we would probably put our money on Anthea Hamilton in winning the prize due to the fact that she created a “giant arse”, which would probably sum up many people’s reaction to the year of 2016 as a whole, so we think this “ass” will sit well with the jury.

Who do you think will win it this year? Or like us, does anybody really care by now? In saying that, we do love us some real art from the classical era to even the comic book kind. It should be interesting to hear the news of this Turner Prize winner, though, won’t it?


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 Featured Photo by Peggy_Marco -Pixabay

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